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Chapter 1611: Zhou Chang Gui’s Plot


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 Lin Feng didn’t feel like talking about it. It was pointless, and would just be even more troublesome. Lin Feng smiled, “Wang Yuan, I can’t tell you much about it. Just trust me. There are other worlds apart from this one. Just trust me. Actually, it’s a bit like in movies, there are parallel worlds.”

“Lin Feng, are there people in the World of Battles? Are they as advanced as us in terms of civilization, science, and technology?” asked Wang Yuan.

“Of course there are other people. I’m not the only person there… But science and technology don’t exist there. I guess it’s because cultivators are so strong that science and technology are useless for us. We don’t need planes, cars or motorbikes, we fly much faster.”

When Wang Yuan heard that, he thought of science fiction movies. He couldn’t help but say, “I wish I could go there…”


Lin Feng and Wang Yuan drowsed off for a few minutes. They suddenly heard cars screeching to a halt in at the foot of the building. Wang Yuan stood up quickly and shouted, “Lin Feng, it’s the police!”

Lin Feng looked out of the window. There were a bunch of police cars and dozens of police officers, all carrying guns. Some stayed outside, some went behind the building and some entered the building.

“Lin Feng, hurry up and hide. I’ll deal with them,” Wang Yuan said quickly.

“Hehe. Since they’re here, why would I hide? They’ll find me sooner or later if I hide. Let’s go and face them,” Lin Feng replied calmly. He left the hospital room. If the police came there, the other patients would be terrified.

Lin Feng didn’t go down. He stood at the top of the flight of stairs and waited. As expected, after a few seconds, he saw several police officers with explosive weapons. When they arrived in front of Lin Feng, they seemed embarrassed. They glanced at each other, wondering which of them could confirm it was Ling Feng.

The other one nodded. One of them pointed his gun at Lin Feng. “Hands up and on your knees!”

Lin Feng just smiled lightly. “Why do you want to arrest me?”

“You injured people and damaged a hotel!”

“Hey, you sent so many elite forces to arrest me? And you all have weapons. Is that what you usually do when people have a fight?” Lin Feng replied, smiling mockingly.

“Stop wasting time and surrender. On your knees!” shouted the officer. He could feel there was something wrong about Lin Feng. Indeed, why had his superiors sent so many people for a simple fight?

But they were all elite forces. They looked menacing and aggressive. They had to obey orders. Now they had found Lin Feng, they had to arrest him.

Wang Yuan arrived next to Lin Feng and said, “Please don’t get angry, comrades! We are police officers too! There is no need to resort to weapons…”

When Wang Yuan said that, they had no choice but to be careful. “We don’t care whether you are police officers or not, we must obey orders! We have to proceed with the arrest.”

“Do you know who you want to arrest, Comrades?” Wang Yuan suddenly thought of the most important question. “I’m convinced you’ve heard of Lin Feng, the one who saved all the passengers of a plane, right? So now I hope you understand…”

The men’s eyes were suddenly wide. Even though Lin Feng’s name hadn’t been revealed officially, people talked. These people were elite forces, they had many contacts.

They couldn’t help but hesitate. They had heard that Lin Feng was a cultivator, and had achieved extraordinary things. The highest-ranking officials of the country had noticed him and attached importance to him. How awkward…

“Please wait, we’ll check everything.” The police officers finally hesitated. They called the person who had given them the order and reported in. 


A high official picked up the phone in their headquarters in the capital city. When he heard that, he frowned, then gasped in astonishment. After the police officer finished his report, the high-ranking official thought for a couple of minutes and said, “The mission is canceled! Everybody can go back!”

After hanging up the phone, the man stood up and said, “Mister Zhou, what is your son trying to do? How come he offended Lin Feng?”

“Which Lin Feng?” asked Zhou Chang Gui. He had a bad feeling.

“Eh? What? You forgot? It’s the one we talked about at lunch. He’s the one who saved all those passengers on that airline flight to China. Luckily, my grandson told me everything!” said the inspector. He was covered in cold sweat.

Zhou Chang Gui was dumbstruck. Even though he had heard about Lin Feng many times, he had always thought people exaggerated everything. Now it didn’t seem like it, and that person had bumped into his son?

Thinking about that, Zhou Chang Gui said to the inspector, “Inspector Huang, what you’re telling me is that on the sole basis that he is Lin Feng, that he should be allowed to do whatever he wishes?! My son is still in a coma!”

Zhou Chang Gui was a businessman, but one couldn’t afford to underestimate him. He had contacts in the government and in the mafia. Even Inspector Huang had to respect him. If Lin Feng hadn’t injured Zhou Chang Gui’s son, the police wouldn’t have gone after Lin Feng.

Inspector Huang didn’t know how to answer. Zhou Chang Gui sighed and said, “Inspector Huang, I don’t want to make things difficult for you. Leave it to me. I’ll solve the issue. We’ll meet again in two days.”

Inspector Huang frowned, but was satisfied. Everything was fine with Zhou Chang Gui and Lin Feng. If Zhou Chang Gui asked him something, he just had to pretend he didn’t know. 


Lin Feng and Wang Yuan went back to the hospital. When they arrived in the corridor, they saw an ocean of people. They had all been shocked and astonished by what had happened. They were all gossiping. When they saw Lin Feng hadn’t been arrested, they couldn’t help but look curious.

“Hey! Why didn’t they take him away? Was he the wrong person?” whispered an old grandma.

“Who knows? But a moment ago, I was hiding and I heard them speak. That person admitted that he had beaten up some people and damaged a hotel, but in the end, I don’t know why, they didn’t arrest him,” said a housewife. She seemed disappointed. She wanted to see someone get arrested.

“Hey, it means he is a dangerous person. He looked like a gangster…” said an old woman.

“Young people nowadays… The police squad which came to arrest him was quite impressive, which means he must be extremely strong!” sighed someone else. 

The nurses and doctors wasted an hour herding those people back to their rooms. Once everybody had dispersed, the doctors and nurses promptly gathered together and started gossiping about what had happened as well!

In the nurses’ room, a nurse looked mysterious and said, “There’s something you don’t know! That guy forced us to tell them where Qing Huang Tian was today. He was with a police officer. I didn’t think he would be involved in a fight…”

“By the way, I heard the police officers talk about a certain Lin Feng who saved hundreds of passengers on a flight from the US to China. Isn’t that the one who was on the news the last two days?” asked another nurse.

“Oh, come on! You think so? That would be such a coincidence if he were in our hospital!”…

Everybody kept gossiping.

The news had been incredible after all. Hundreds of passengers had been saved and on top of that, he had landed the plane safely. But there was no picture of Lin Feng on the news… 


Early in the morning at seven, Lin Feng and Wang Yuan stood up. Lin Feng washed himself and went to the nurses’ office to see if Qing Huang Tian had started her day already or not. They told him she had taken three days off.

Lin Feng was worried. Not seeing her for more than a day wasn’t something Lin Feng could tolerate. Who knew what Zhou Peng Bo could do to her? Every second meant a new chance for Zhou Peng Bo to sleep with her!

Lin Feng couldn’t wait idly for opportunities anymore. He had to take measures. After using their police officer status to ask for Qing Huang Tian’s address, they took his car and headed there.

Qing Huang Tian’s address was in the northeast of Beijing, far away from the city center. It was also extremely far from her workplace, nearly two hours away. They didn’t know the way, so after getting off of the highway, it took them another thirty minutes to get to Ku Qian Zhen.

There were many warehouses of different sizes in Ku Qian Zhen. The lanes were tiny; it was difficult to drive through them, so Wang Yuan left the car outside of the district.

After that, they looked for the right place for ten minutes. They asked different people and finally found the building. The apartments in those buildings were old, and had shared kitchens and toilets. Their red bricks were bare, and the walls were completely decrepit. 

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