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Chapter 1620: A Crushing Defeat!


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 A young woman came out of the crowd. She looked to be around twenty years old. She was beautiful, but she also looked quite grave.

Leader Wang’s expression suddenly changed. He hastily pushed away the people around him and walked over to her. “Little Qing, don’t cause trouble.”

Little Qing looked at Leader Wang and said sadly, “Uncle Wang, he keeps talking boastfully and wildly. He insulted and humiliated Huaxian martial arts. Now you’re on his side?!”

Leader Wang felt awkward. He dragged Little Qing back to Lin Feng and the others. He said in a low voice, “Little Qing, you’re a young woman. How could you possibly defeat him? Even if we agree to fight against him again, the fighter should be a man.”

“I’m sick of that sexist nonsense. You regard men as superior to women, huh? Who said women were weaker than men? Even if I can’t compete with him, I’ll do my best. I can’t let anyone insult Huaxia!” Little Qing declared stubbornly.

As the two of them were arguing, someone behind Lin Feng suddenly said, “I want to challenge him!”

The man pushed away those around him and charged to the center of the kwoon. Lin Feng frowned. The man’s Qi wasn’t weak. Even though Lin Feng had just been standing there, he had sensed a thousand jin heavy thread of Qi behind him. He managed to push through so many people at once. It showed how strong he was!

The way he dressed also showed how strong he was. Lin Feng remembered he had seen that fellow in the lines when he had just arrived. Did it mean he was one of Lai Chang Xing’s disciples?

That young man stopped in front of Mayor. He bowed hand over fist and said, “Mayor, I am a disciple of the Ancient Martial Arts Sect of Huaxia. My name is Lai Peng. I challenge you!”

Mayor looked unimpressed, but warier than before. He still felt some pain from Zhang Bao’s punch just now. He didn’t dare act too arrogantly anymore.

This time, they both attacked, using cruel blows. Lai Peng was extremely fast. He threw a dozen punches in the blink of an eye. Mayor kept dodging. His strategy was more defensive this time.

Punches done, Lai Peng jumped and threw a kick at Mayor’s left side.

Mayor didn’t dodge that time. He suddenly grabbed Lai Peng’s ankle and pressed on it with his fingers. At the same time, he started spinning and threw Lai Peng away.

Lai Peng crashed to the ground. He punched the ground and stood back up instantly. According to usual competition rules, he had already lost.

He wanted to attack again, but Mayor stopped fighting and said, “No need to continue. You can’t defeat me with ancient Chinese martial arts. Oww, flower punch, yeah hey hey, cute kick… I call them cheap tricks. You’re just making fools of yourselves, nothing more.”

Lai Peng didn’t want to submit, he wanted to charge out again. At that moment, someone flashed above people’s heads, shouting harshly, “Back! Useless moron! You never listen in class. You understand now? Your kicks are really bad. Kung Fu is like a castle in the sky. It’s about how to actually deal with opponents in real fights!”

Lai Chang Yue was saying that, and he was qualified to say so, because his kicks were incredible.

“Who are you? You want to challenge me?” asked Mayor impatiently.

“Who I am doesn’t matter. You just have to know that I am Huaxian, that’s all. I will show you how strong Huaxian people can be,” Lai Chang Yue said icily.

But at that moment, a young person arrived behind Mayor. He whispered something to Mayor. Mayor said, “I’m not fighting against you. I don’t have any more time to waste. He can fight against you. But you’ll have to bear the consequences of your actions if you get severely injured or even… die.”

Lai Chang Yue nodded because he was facing a twenty-year-old something young man. Lai Chang Yue looked down on him.

Lin Feng could see that the young man’s kicking techniques were dangerous. Lin Feng could recognize the Qi emerging from his body, which showed he was extremely strong.

As expected, Lai Chang Yue and that young man exchanged dozens of attacks and Lai Chang Yue couldn’t beat him. He was covered in sweat, while the young man looked amused and perfectly relaxed.

If they continued fighting, Lai Chang Yue would suffer a crushing defeat sooner or later.

Lai Chang Yue was worried. He stuttered, “It seems like I can’t defeat you, young page. However, I have to tell you that you don’t understand how powerful ancient Huaxian martial arts can be. It’s not a mere kung fu show.”

Lai Chang Yue’s vital Qi of Yin and Yang suddenly surged forth. A strong wind started blowing. Everybody’s clothes were fluttering.

The young man was astonished, but said, “So I’ll show you the true essence of Western magic!”

He gained the advantage by striking first. He raised his hands and flames emerged, then he threw a palm strike at Lai Chang Yue. His fire energy smoldered like a soldering iron.

 Lai Chang Yue didn’t say anything. He also raised his hands and threw palm strikes. A circular disc with a pattern appeared.

There were small explosions, like fireworks. The ground started trembling.

Lai Chang Yue destroyed the flames and then used a movement technique, shifting like the wind. The two once again engaged in close combat, punching and kicking each other. Their arms and legs seemed as resistant as gold or diamond.

They exchanged another dozen attacks. Lai Chang Yue threw a kick at the young man’s waist. The young man couldn’t block and couldn’t hide.

At the most crucial moment, Mayor suddenly intervened, throwing a palm strike. Dark lights appeared in the air, containing demon strength.

When the palm strike reached Lai Chang Yue, he was violently pushed back ten steps. His expression stiffened. His face started trembling and he suddenly coughed blood!

He was shocked, but it could have been worse. Mayor saved the young man and looked uncaring and proud. He didn’t feel ashamed, even though he had just attacked by surprise. “Bastard! You dared hurt our Young Master!”

Lin Feng was furious at Mayor’s shameless actions. He really wanted to teach him a good lesson. He hadn’t thought that Lai Chang Xing would intervene first. He flew towards Lai Chang Yue and said, “Third brother, are you alright?”

He took out a small jar with three black and red pills, and gave the pills to him.

Lai Chang Xing turned his head and looked at Mayor angrily. “Mister Mayor, in battles, there are only two sides. You both agreed you would bear the consequences of your actions. Why did you get involved and attack by surprise?!”

Mayor scratched his neck and said, “What? All I know is that Chinese people are crappy fighters. Chinese kung fu is useless. Chinese history may be thousands of years old, but the worst part is that during all this time, they have never invented anything except gunpowder. Your Empress Dowager was a coward. As ancient Chinese martial arts fighters, you have rules, huh? Well, WE understand only one thing; we have only one rule, strength!”

Lai Chang Xing shouted furiously, “Cut the nonsense! I’m going to show you how powerful ancient Chinese martial arts can be!”

Lin Feng saw Lai Chang Xing was strong. The old man chanted a mantra. His whole body was surrounded by flames, and he charged.

He jumped over a zhang in the air. Tiger claw shadows appeared around his arms.

The crowd couldn’t help but look shocked. Mayor turned into a hundred shadows, who all said at the same time, “Spirit!”

Mayor didn’t dare act recklessly. He jumped several meters away to dodge. Lai Chang Xing’s gigantic claws cut closer and closer to him.

The claws left marks in the very tough floor. Lai Chang Xing turned and attacked again.

Mayor didn’t waste any time either. He was surrounded by dark lights, and a lion shadow appeared.

The gigantic beast turned around in the kwoon. The crowd was terrified. If the kwoon weren’t gigantic, everybody would have been hurt by its appearance.

But Lin Feng realized there was a dangerous spot. Mayor’s lion shadow grew much, much bigger. It had the advantage. Lai Chang Xing was being crushed!

After five attacks, Mayor’s lion tore Lai Chang Xing’s shoulder with its claws.

Lai Chang Xing’s beast became extremely weak, while Lai Chang Xing staggered. His arms were covered in wounds, and his tiger was injured.

They exchanged a few more attacks, and the tiger collapsed. The gigantic lion roared ferociously. Lai Chang Xing was blown away.

People ran away to avoid getting injured.

Lin Feng flew out without thinking. He turned into a beam of light and caught the injured Lai Chang Xing in midair. 

Initially, Lin Feng just wanted to save him, but he didn’t want to fight Mayor. Lin Feng wanted to protect Lai Chang Xing, so he had no choice now.

Lin Feng turned around and showed his back. The incoming claws ended up on his back.

Lin Feng and Lai Chang Xing were pushed to the ground. Lin Feng landed easily, and stood firmly. He hastily put Lai Chang Xing on the ground.

The lion claws’ strength was a thousand jin. Lin Feng couldn’t help but get angry.

Mayor looked like a madman as he charged again. It looked like he wanted to kill Lin Feng and Lai Chang Xing.

Lin Feng’s eyes were suddenly filled with murder. He threw a punch, which turned into a gigantic hand shadow. Bam! Lin Feng’s punch struck Mayor’s head! 

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