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Chapter 1637: Trap!

Edited by RED

 The corpse platform started shaking violently, and corpses started moving. They all turned into Shi Guis and charged Lin Feng.

Even though Lin Feng could use his isolated world thanks to his body, he had just brought some Shi Gui inside to save Lin Zu.

When the corpse platform moved, Lin Zu’s ties broke, and he was free. The ropes whipped like snakes towards Lin Feng.

Lin Feng had a bad feeling. It was a trap! Someone had taken advantage of the fact that Lin Feng would do his best to save Lin Zu, so he used a fake Lin Zu. The fake Lin Zu changed, looking older and older. Now he looked like a twenty-year-old young man. He looked at the bound Lin Feng and sneered, “Oh ho, how can you escape now, Lin Feng?”

Lin Feng didn’t pay attention to the ropes. With his cultivation level, even if the ropes were made of titanium, they couldn’t stop him!

However, after he tried to break them several times using brute force his expression changed. He couldn’t break the ropes?!

They contained an extremely powerful energy. Lin Feng struggled, but nothing worked.

When Wang Yuan and the others saw Lin Feng was struggling, they were shocked. They did their best to go and save him, and started fighting against the Shi Guis. Lin Feng couldn’t do anything for the time being. He hastily released the weapons he had in his ring.

“Show yourself, Ying Hun!” shouted Lin Feng explosively. Ying Hun suddenly appeared in midair and controlled the Ying Hun Sword to protect Lin Feng.

“Winged dragon!” The winged dragon appeared and roared ferociously. It ate four people in one bite.

Ancestor Sand also showed up. Ancestor Sand was gigantic so the young man shouted icily, “Ancestor Sand! You betrayed the witches? We’re giving you one last chance to come back to us, otherwise we’ll treat you like a traitor!”

Ancestor Sand was confused, but at that moment Mamma Snake said, “Ancestor Sand, don’t listen to them. You and I don’t belong to the Witches’ Sect. They used black magic to torment our souls. We had no choice. If their plan had worked, we would have died thoroughly. Today we are free, so we don’t need to become slaves again.”

Ancestor Sand shouted explosively, “The Sand Clan was created by Nü Wa! Why would we become your slaves? Today, the Yin Yang kids and I are going to destroy you!”

The boy and the girl cheered, “Ancestor Sand is right! We’ll destroy them and save our Father!”

The three of them surrounded Lin Feng. Yin, Yang, and a formless energy appeared; the three children were extremely powerful, and their Qi was explosive!

 “Since you betrayed us, we’ll show you our power!” Dark blue energies emerged from the young man’s hand. They looked like a strange mahoraga. It flew away and collided against the children’s energies in an explosion.

Ancestor Sand was astonished. His head was hit by the explosion. His head exploded and turned into a billion sand grains. Lin Feng shouted desperately. He wanted to go and save them, but he was tied up and could only sigh helplessly and powerlessly. These evil ropes were unbreakable!

“Imperial Imprint Formula!”

Lin Feng released his Sky Destroying Imprint, and Pangu’s Compass too. When the compass appeared, the strange signs on it shone with dazzling light. The dust was thick, the golden lights kept flashing and looked like zebras in the dark.

Ancestor Sand recovered instantly in the golden lights. He touched his face and burst into laughter, “I, Ancestor Sand, am not dead! Today, we’ll see who wins!”

Electric fire moved towards that young man. The young man shouted in fear, “Five Ceiling Destroying Lightnings!” and threw an electric palm strike. His lightning contained the energy of the five elements. It moved straight towards Ancestor Sand. Ancestor Sand exploded and reformed instantly. His punch reached the young man.

Lin Feng thought that punch could probably crush that man’s body to pulp. Ancestor Sand was extremely strong, after all.

But Lin Feng was surprised when Ancestor Sand’s punch pierced through the young man’s body, but the young man was fine. He wasn’t injured at all! Lin Feng was dumbstruck… Were those people unreal?

The fires on the ground were getting bigger and bigger. The temperature was hotter and hotter. Lin Feng started having a headache.

Lin Feng needed to do his best to break free. Without even realizing it, he suddenly heard a voice inside of his head, “Yan Huang Jing, second phase the Way of the Self. Heart and body become one, for enlightenment…”

When Lin Feng heard that voice, he instantly calmed down and condensed pure Qi in his dantian. His Qi became much more powerful suddenly. Lin Feng shouted explosively, “Open!”

Blue lights appeared all around Lin Feng. They were extremely sharp, and immediately destroyed the ropes.

Lin Feng stretched. The young man’s expression changed drastically. He cried out in fear, “Lin Feng, you… You turned into Dao?”

Lin Feng was astonished. What did it mean? He had turned into Dao? In any case, Lin Feng didn’t intend to chat with him, he had to capture him first. That person had pretended to be Lin Zu, which meant he knew where Lin Zu was!

Lin Feng had come to Earth because he wanted to find Lin Zu and the others. Now he had a clue, so he couldn’t give up!

Lin Feng flew towards the young man. He reached out for him, his hands now surrounded by dazzling lights. The whole area was illuminated by those lights.

The young man was shocked and terrified. The Yin and Yang children threw punches at the same time. However, they punched nothing. Their fists crossed through the young man’s body like had happened with Lin Feng. That young man seemed invincible. Nobody could hurt him?

But Lin Feng realized there was a problem very quickly. Why didn’t that person dodge other people’s attacks? Why had he dodged LIN FENG’s attack? Was he afraid Lin Feng could defeat him?

Lin Feng attacked the young man again. As expected, the young man seemed extremely scared of Lin Feng. He wanted to escape from Lin Feng’s isolated world, but he bounced off the wall. Lin Feng had a general idea of what to do to hurt the man!

Lin Feng stopped his attack and demanded, “Who are you? Where is Lin Zu?”

The young man said icily, “Lin Feng, stop asking me who I am. I know who you are. You are not from the Earth. You are a danger to real cultivators. You came here now, so you are our public enemy Number One! As for where Lin Zu is, I’m not going to tell you, of course!”

After that, he performed some hand seals, and his body became more and more transparent. Lin Feng quickly reached out for him and grabbed him before he disappeared.

Lin Feng was now holding a broken soul by the neck. The broken soul struggled, but failed to escape.

Lin Feng ground his teeth and asked, “Hurry up and tell me where Lin Zu is!”

The young man coughed stubbornly, “Lin Feng, I told you, I will not tell you!”

“Hehe! You are really stubborn, huh? You don’t need to tell me. We’ll see how much longer you’ll act stubbornly.” He used his Jia Yan fire, but had the fire surround the man.

The man quickly couldn’t stand the pain. His shadow started bleeding! His soul was in agony. The young man finally started burning…

“Lin… Lin Feng… Kill me please…”

Lin Feng shook his head and sighed, “No. You don’t deserve it. You deserve to suffer. However, if you tell me where Lin Zu is, I may release you.”

Time ticked by and the young man finally couldn’t handle the fire anymore. He ground his teeth and said, “Your old acquaintances have him. The Feng Clan in Jiang Nan…”

When Lin Feng heard that, he asked suspiciously, “Really? Why is he in the Feng Clan?”

“I told you the truth, so if you don’t believe me, go and check for yourself. I just beg you, stop torturing me and kill me,” the young man implored him.

Lin Feng believed him and released the young man. The young man fell on the ground limply. After a long time, he asked, “What is that supposed to mean, Lin Feng? Aren’t you going to kill me?”

Lin Feng said indifferently, “I told you that if you told me where Lin Zu is, I would spare your life. You can go.”

Wang Yuan’s phone suddenly rang, and he picked up. Leader Wang asked, “Wang Yuan, how’s it going? Where is Lin Feng?”

Wang Yuan looked at Lin Feng and said, “The situation is chaotic over here. Lin Feng is next to me. Is there a problem?”

Leader Wang said quickly, “Hurry up and come back to the capital city right now!”

Lin Feng said in a low voice, “I have things to do. I can’t go back right now.”

Wang Yuan told Leader Wang what Lin Feng had just said. Leader Wang said gravely, “You tell Lin Feng to put his personal problems aside. Come back to Beijing, right now!”

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