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Chapter 345: Killing ALL OF THEM!

Chapter 345: Killing ALL OF THEM!

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If you want to remove bad weeds, you need to remove the roots too, otherwise, they can grow back, thought Lin Feng, sighing and smiling remotely. He looked at the three other guys.

The skinny man’s face was completely pale. He was on his knees when Lin Feng arrived in front of him, he put his arms around Lin Feng’s legs and begged him, “Don’t kill me, Brother Lin Feng, please, don’t kill me, Master Lin Feng.”

“Right, we received orders,” said the other kneeling down. He was panic-stricken.

“Master, master, please, spare our lives. We won’t tell anyone what happened today,” said the skinny man. Lin Feng was rejoicing. They were begging him and calling him Master, what more could he want? If Godly Emperor Tian heard that, how would he react? Haha!

“You want to live?” asked Lin Feng, unperturbed.

“Of course, who wants to die?” the skinny man nodded. His face was completely white.

“We want to live, Master!” agreed the other two men, grinding their teeth.

“Hehe, I will give you a mission, then. If you can do it, I’ll spare your lives,” said Lin Feng smiling with sudden cheer.

The three men nodded hastily. The skinny man said, “Please tell us, Master. We will do everything we can to help you.”

“Yes, same, same,” said the men consecutively. They were shaking from head to foot.

Lin Feng nodded. Then, he took out three black pills and put them in their mouths.

“AAAHHHHHH! You….?!” shouted the skinny man frantically. He put his hands on his neck and tried to spit, but nothing came out.

“Those are beheading pills. If you disobey me and try to do anything against me, your heads will fall off, and you’ll die,” said Lin Feng, his smile deadly serious.

The three cultivators’ faces went black. They didn’t dare look at Lin Feng anymore. Lin Feng was like a demon in their eyes at that moment. They were afraid of him, and they had to do what Lin Feng said to stay alive.

“Go, kill all the other members of the Celestial Gods Government, and break their plates,” said Lin Feng icily.

The three cultivators’ faces were completely pale. Suddenly, they fell back down on their knees, their whole bodies extremely painful. Lin Feng could kill them at anytime.

“Go, and don’t disobey, or you’re all dead,” said Lin Feng icily. He clapped the skinny man’s shoulder and smiled in mock cheer before disappearing.

The three cultivators slowly rose back up. They felt so sore. During the following days, they’d focus on the other disciples of the Celestial Gods Government.

During the three next days, all the disciples of the Celestial Gods Government died. They almost all exploded, and their plates were broken.


The dozen disciples of the Celestial Gods Government all died, just like that.

When the members of the Celestial Gods Government heard that, Godly Emperor Tian looked furious. He was so angry he punched a building and it collapsed. There were a hundred people inside, and they all died.

“How insolent! You dare kill people!” The female Godly Emperor looked at him icily and threw out a punch.

“Stinky bitch! You think I’m afraid of you? Fuck off! I’ll crush you!” shouted Godly Emperor Tian furiously. He raised his fists and punched out at her.

He was completely out of his mind. His dozen disciples had been killed and their plates had been destroyed. He had never felt so humiliated.

The female Godly Emperor had completely infuriated him!

But he had made a mistake. The woman was from the Gods Government and had trump cards. She destroyed all of Godly Emperor Tian’s secret attacks.

In the end, she kicked him down. Initially, he was tall and strong, but now he crashed into a building which exploded and buried him. The female Godly Emperor Tian was really furious.

That would quickly spread all around in the Gods Government, the great leader would laugh so hard!

Godly Emperor Tian was furious, he wanted to crush her but he could only suffer in silence. He couldn’t wait to break through to the second Godly Emperor layer, then he’d crush her.

The atmosphere became eerily silent. Godly Emperor Tian went back to his seat. He had lost ten disciples and had been even more humiliated in front of everybody.

The Celestial Gods Government had lost their most outstanding disciples, it was a horrible time!

Suddenly, Lin Feng’s face appeared in his thoughts, and made him shudder with. Lin Feng was probably the one who had killed all the disciples of his group, he realized suddenly.

“Lin Feng, I will crush you to mush!” shouted Godly Emperor Tian, looking at the sky.

Buildings thousands of li away cracked, but he didn’t dare vent his anger on the people around and kill them.

The crowd was surprised when they heard him. Was Lin Feng the one who had killed all the members of the Celestial Gods Government?

Jian Shi almost fainted when he heard that. Wasn’t Lin Feng afraid of the consequences?

“Haha, good little boy! I like people like that,” said Tang Zhen, smiling cheerfully. He looked happy for Lin Feng.

Jian Shi suddenly looked relieved. Sword Mountain could be quite strong too. If a Godly Emperor dared come and cause trouble, they’d do their best to teach him a good lesson!


Seven days passed.

Lin Feng had already defeated seventeen people, and he had lost once. He had been unlucky to bump into Dan Nü.

But Lin Feng wasn’t disappointed. Even though he had lost one battle, he felt even more confident. If he bumped into her again, maybe he’d be able to compete with her now that he knew her trump cards.

Lin Feng didn’t need to fear Half-Godly Emperors that much anymore. He now had the strength of the eighth Holy Spirit Emperor layer. He could compete with Half-Godly Emperors, but what would happen if reached the top of the ninth Holy Spirit Emperor layer, would he be able to kill Half-Godly Emperors?

That’s what Lin Feng was thinking!

Seven days, one week, that was half of the test already. The list reappeared in the sky.

First, Dan Nü, thirty-three battles won, none lost.

Second, Di Shu, twenty-three battles won, three lost, it was obvious against whom he had lost.

Third, Zhen Mo, twenty-two battles won, one lost, he had lost against Dan Nü too.

Fourth, Lin Feng, seventeen battles won, one battle lost.

Fifth, Pan Mei, fifty battles won, five lost.

Sixth, seventh and eighth, Zhu Deng Si, Meng Qing and Su Zi; twelve, eleven, and ten battles won respectively.

Ninth, Lei Guan from the Thunder Gods Government, ten battles won, but six battles lost, so only ninth.

Tenth, and the crowd was surprised, because it was Lin Zhe Tian, eight battles won, fifteen lost.

Many people admired Lin Zhe Tian for his courage, he had lost so many battles, but he was still healthy and he hadn’t given up.

Many people knew that it was only temporary, and that everything might change in the following seven days.

At dawn, the eighth day started.

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    Is there only one chapter??

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    hmmm evil LF, instead of killing Celestial Gods member himself, he got the members themselves to kill their own fellow members…. cruel eh?

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    Fourth, Lin Feng, seventeen battles won, one battle lost.

    Fifth, Pan Mei, fifty battles won, five lost.

    Well, it should be fifteen right? And not Fifty, its an error.

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