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Chapter 1655 – Accidental Miracles

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With a sneer, Lin Feng retorted, “Your pill has an abnormal fragrance, but it’s just a semi-finished product. It can’t even keep the Qi medicine fragrance for too long. Although there’s nothing strange in the appearance of my medicine, the core is far more wonderful.”

Lin Feng pinched the pill, and white light burst out between Lin Feng’s fingers. The light turned into countless strands of flowing fluorescence, and flew about the stage!

It was really strange and fragrant. In an instant, it suppressed the old man’s medicinal fragrance to nothing!

When the first thread floated through the first row of cultivators, several cultivators suddenly broke through!

“Ah, I have broken through the realm of half-immortal Daluo!” someone exclaimed.

“I have broken through the realm of Immortal Da Luo! God, this Dragon Blood Treasure Pill is amazing. The great pill can’t compare with the Dragon Blood Pill!” someone screamed!

This flow of fluorescent mist floated to the back, and many people cheered, the sound of breakthroughs was endless!

Then some people soon found some exception. Thepeople who broke through were not the cultivators from the Lung Hu clan. The cultivators of the Lung Hu clan tried to inhale the fragrance, but they didn’t feel any improvement! 

The cultivators of Lung Hu clan immediately shouted, “Why is this medicine invalid for our Lung Hu clan? I think this medicine has no universal effect! It can only be regarded as different from person to person!”

That was possible. After all, there was a big difference between people’s physiques. If medicine only worked for a certain kind of people, it would not play a role in revitalizing the whole Huaxian cultivation world!

The old man’s face had already shed cold sweat, and Li Kechang’s face sank. When he heard the man’s cry, he immediately called out, “Close your mouths!. Lin Feng’s medicine may be as harmful as Sanlu pill several decades ago!”

When he called out, the people who had just broken through were shocked. The Sanlu pill was very popular in those days. Although it was not as magical as Lin Feng’s pill, as it could not let people improve their realm in minutes and seconds, the effect was almost the same; it could forcefully improve people’s accomplishments in a short time. But the final result was that the cultivators dried up their dantian because of excessive cultivation. Some people even lost their lives from the crash!

The following people began to complain again, as if Lin Feng had harmed them. They wanted to rush up to tear Lin Feng to pieces!

Lin Feng couldn’t help shaking his head; his pill was pure; they absorbed little, which was equivalent to practice for nearly twenty years. It was sad that they were so easily encouraged to doubt his intentions!

Lin Feng merely said, “Don’t panic. This medicine is my family’s magic pill. Look at my level; I’ve only been promoted within the last year. Do you think I’m uncomfortable? We have taken this pill for generations, but it has never had any adverse effects!”

There was another commotion under the stage. Lin Feng said that he was the cultivation of immortal Da Luo, and he improved his accomplishments in one year. This medicine was too magical. The former Sanlu treasure pill had no such lasting effect. It could only promote one’s accomplishments for three months. Once three months passed, one’s accomplishments would drop dramatically!

Seeing that the following people were so excited, Lin Feng turned to the old man and said, “Are you curious as why your cultivators have not been promoted?” 

The old man was afraid. He nodded reflexively, and Li Kechang asked directly, “Why didn’t our cultivators break through?”

Lin Feng said with a smile, “I have to ask… I think your Lung Hu clan must have taken the great pill of Fu Sang before?”

“How did you know?” Li Kechang forgot to hide anymore and asked directly. This was equivalent to colluding with the country of Fu Sang!

There was a gap between Fu Sang and Huaxia since ancient times; how could Huaxia use the treasure of Fu Sang? But the people of Lung Hu clan alone had this special treatment. The matter was self-evident!

People were all excited, and no one cared about these details and shouted, “Lin Feng, why couldn’t we break through after eating the great pill?”

Lin Feng put the remaining pill in the bottle again, and said, “The great pill is the same as the Sanlu pill, but the toxic effect of the great pill has been hidden for a long time. The Dragon Blood Pill will not work for the ones who took the great pill!”

This was a speech made up by Lin Feng in a hurry. However, Lin Feng was right. Although the great pill had no adverse effects, it hindered the absorption and utilization of vitality. Therefore, these cultivators of the Lung Hu clan could only smell his pill’s fragrance and rarely get its effect!

Li Kechang was nervous. If they didn’t leave this topic, the situation would soon be out of his control.

“Please be quiet. Today is the martial arts competition between the two countries. Let’s talk about the pills later. Now we will start the competition. Is anyone going to challenge?” Li Kechang cried out without the demeanor of the chief clan.

As soon as his words were finished, a cultivator of the country of Fu Sang jumped onto the platform and said to Lin Feng, “Lin Feng, I want to challenge you!”

Lin Feng looked at him and knew his level. He shook his head contemptuously and said, “You want to challenge me? It’s a pity that you are not qualified for your cultivation. I will only accept the challenge of cultivators at the peak of the Da Luo!”

After Lin Feng finished speaking, he deliberately made a resolved expression and made the cultivator of Fu Sang shout in frustration. The old man of Fu Sang said, “I can quickly improve his level. Now I will show you!”

After that, he gave the cultivator one pill. The man ate it directly. As soon as he ate it, there was a light golden light all over him; he reached the advanced level of immortal Da Luo!

Although the high-level realm was not the peak realm, it was almost the same. The excited cultivator challenged Lin Feng again! “Lin Feng, don’t be too arrogant. Your level can’t prove everything. I can defeat you with my high-level realm of immortal Da Luo!” 

This was a little reasonable. The competition was not only about level. If they were at the same level, it depended on experience and fighting skills! 

The people around were divided into two groups. One party wanted Lin Feng to fight. Most of them were from the Lung Hu clan. They wanted Li Feng to die on the spot. Then they could kill him and take his treasures!

According to the rules, if a cultivator was killed on the spot, the things he brought would become ownerless and would be given to the winning side. If Lin Feng’s medicine was secured by the Fu Sang cultivators, they could work out the formula, and would have a chance to eat it!

There were some people who wanted Lin Feng to defeat the Fu Sang people. 

Most of the people were against it. These people were worried about Lin Feng’s safety. They didn’t think Lin Feng would win; if Lin Feng failed, the other party would get the medicine, they wouldn’t get the medicine in Huaxia. It was not good for the individual or the Huaxian cultivation world!

When Lin Feng saw that this cultivator was so aggressive, he was interested. It would be better to play a trick on the Fu Sang cultivators!

Since Lin Feng came to the Earth, he had not fought all out. Today, they were the ones who would practice with him, and he didn’t need to be responsible for the result. It was a good opportunity!

Lin Feng smiled and said, “OK, I’ll fight with you, but let’s call it up. Don’t hurt yourself.”

Lin Feng said that he was very introverted and gave people a feeling of being a little timid, deliberately luring the other side. As expected, the Fu Sang cultivator immediately said, “Hum, since we are fighting, we should try our best. If you dare not fight, you should immediately admit defeat!”

He thought Lin Feng would not admit defeat on the spot. After all, Lin Feng was very popular now. As a mythical legend, he couldn’t give such a public admission!

Lin Feng pretended to be embarrassed and nodded. Both of them stepped back and finally started!

The golden light of the Fu Sang cultivator was becoming more intense, and he was approaching the peak state of immortal Da Luo. The effect of the great pill was very significant. Lin Feng was as relaxed as strolling the vegetable market, serene and composed, and there was no golden light on him!

“Volley!” the Fu Sang cultivator shouted, and clapped out a string of lightning. The crackling electric light tore the air and turned it into a forking bolt. At the same time, a faint light rose at his feet! 

This were two levels of thunder and lightning. If both lights hit, the whole person would immediately explode! 

Lin Feng pretended that he didn’t dodge in time, to everyone’s exclamation, and these two thunderbolts directly hit him!

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