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Chapter 384: Godly Emperors’ Schemes!

Chapter 384: Godly Emperors’ Schemes!

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“It seems like I was right. You did it!” exclaimed Godly Emperor Blood. Blood-red lights flashed and the short old man stood up next to Lin Feng. He hadn’t left, he had just been hiding. If the unknown creatures had attacked Lin Feng, he would have helped him.

He had sensed Lin Feng’s inner energies move, so he had guessed Lin Feng was going to attack.

“Master, thank you for your honesty and pieces of advice. Without you, I might have taken the wrong direction,” said Lin Feng. His black robe was fluttering in the wind, his eyes twinkled as he smiled. Lin Feng’s Qi had changed, he had progressed and taken a big step forward.

Now, Lin Feng was surrounded by a protective white aura. He was officially a Half-Godly Emperor!

“Hehe, no problem! Even if you had used the godly emperor seed Huang Teng Hua, it would have been fine. It would have been dirty, though. Hehe!” snickered Godly Emperor Blood, shaking his head and smiling teasingly.

Lin Feng didn’t understand, and asked, “Why do you say that, Master?”

“Because that little girl IS the seed Huang Teng Hua. You could have obtained the seed by getting married to her, but you refused, so I had to help.”

“Ah?! How is that possible?” asked Lin Feng. He was stupefied. The seed was… Huang Nü’s chastity?

Huang Teng Hua?

Lin Feng finally understood something: Huang Nü’s body, her chastity, was Huang Teng Hua the godly emperor seed. No wonder she didn’t accept easily.

Lin Feng blushed. If he had known, he wouldn’t have asked her like that.

“Hehe, little boy, what’s wrong? Do you regret?” asked Godly Emperor Blood, laughing at him.

Lin Feng glanced at him and said angrily, “Mind your own business, will you, old thing!”

“Hehe, little boy, you usually call me Master, bad temper, eh?” said Godly Emperor Blood merrily, shaking his head.

The battlefield had become completely chaotic. He looked at the lights in the Yin Territory. There were millions of unknown creatures, like the first time Lin Feng had been here.

“Master, I’m going to fight,” said Lin Feng, jumping forwards.

“Hey, you have to take me with you!” said Godly Emperor Blood. He turned into a blood-red light and went back into Lin Feng’s spirit world.

Lin Feng took out his Buddha Sword and started fighting next to Tie Xuan.

Tie Xuan was under pressure. There were hundreds of thousands of tentacles around him. His left arm was rotting, but he didn’t flinch, ignoring the pain.

When Lin Feng arrived, Tie Xuan wasn’t under as much pressure. He glanced at him and suddenly his expression changed drastically.

“Mo Feng, you…?” Tie Xuan was astonished. He couldn’t believe his eyes.

“I’ll tell you about it later. Let’s kill our enemies for now,” said Lin Feng with a smile. He started making cutting motions with his sword, his eyes filled with killing intent. Instantly, the number of unknown creatures around him decreased greatly.

Tie Xuan looked at both Lin Feng and Zi Xuan, amazed. “They are both so strong!”

Zi Xuan looked at Lin Feng, but Lin Feng ignored him because he was fighting against the millions of creatures and was extremely focused. It was impossible to see Lin Feng’s aura at that moment because he was surrounded by poisonous green Qi. Zi Xuan smiled icily.

“He’s trying to bring about his own destruction! Hehe!” Zi Xuan smiled mockingly. He raised his spear and continued fighting.

Very quickly, the few hundreds of strong cultivators saw three big clusters in the distance on the battlefield: one around Zi Xuan, one around Lin Feng, and one around Tie Xuan.

The three cultivators were in a killing frenzy. Everybody wondered when those unknown creatures had become so powerful.

The three cultivators didn’t care though. On the contrary, they felt even more excited to fight. Why would they be afraid with the strength of a Half-Godly Emperor, or the top of the ninth Holy Spirit Emperor layer? Their attacks pierced through their enemies like knives through butter.

Godly Emperor Huang and Godly Emperor Jiu were standing at the top of the city wall. They were stupefied. If anything wrong happened they would get involved, but at that moment, there were no extremely strong creatures, and nothing dangerous was happening.

Back in the days, unknown creatures with the strength of the Godly Emperor layer used to appear. The man Godly Emperor Huang had replaced had been poisoned by such an unknown creature and died.

“Father, I’ll go and fight.”

Godly Emperor Jiu sensed some wind flow past, and was surprised. He saw a woman in golden armor holding a spear, looking free and elegant.

“Master Godly Emperor Huang, is that your daughter?” asked Godly Emperor Jiu. His expression was strange.

Godly Emperor Huang was worried about his daughter, but then he remembered how strong she was; she was also a Half-Godly Emperor, so he kept calm.

When Godly Emperor Huang heard Godly Emperor Jiu, he looked at him and nodded, “Indeed, that is my daughter.”

“Princess Huang used to be so noble and elegant, but now…” said Godly Emperor Jiu, sighing and shaking his head. He smiled mockingly. He was making fun of Huang Nü.

“You…” Godly Emperor Huang’s expression suddenly changed drastically. But Godly Emperor Jiu looked over the battlefield as if nothing had happened.

Godly Emperor Huang was furious, but he couldn’t do much, so he controlled himself. If Godly Emperor Huang and Godly Emperor Jiu started fighting there, it might draw the attention of some unknown creatures of the Godly Emperor layer.

“That little boy is quite strong,” said Godly Emperor Jiu neutrally. Godly Emperor Huang looked at Lin Feng, and was startled.

“He’s the town’s future great leader,” said Godly Emperor Huang confidently.

Godly Emperor Jiu just smiled thinly. “Zi Xuan is an outstanding and talented cultivator of Tian Di the Celestial Emperor’s lineage. We’ll see who is strong enough to become the town’s great leader. Let facts talk, not emotions,” said Godly Emperor Jiu, smiling and pointing at Zi Xuan.

“An outstanding and talented cultivator of Tian Di the Celestial Emperor’s lineage? So what? And some people like Mo Mian a hundred thousand years ago, or Xue Ran fifty thousand years ago, or Xue Xuan twenty-thousand years ago, they didn’t belong to Tian Di the Celestial Emperor’s lineage, right?” said Godly Emperor Huang.

Godly Emperor Jiu pulled a long face. Those were facts, too. Mo Mian, Xue Ran, Xue Xuan and the others were outstanding and talented, and they had killed many people who belonged to Tian Di the Celestial Emperor’s lineage back then.

“Hmph! So what? You think that criminal could be as successful?” said Godly Emperor Jiu, grinding his teeth, his face stiffening.

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