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Chapter 451: All Eyes Tracking

Chapter 451: All Eyes Tracking

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“Lin Feng, I think you should stop, too,” Tian Fan said disdainfully. Lin Feng was only two hundred meters away from him. At that moment, Lin Feng’s forehead was covered with sweat, and his face was completely pale. He was struggling.

“Impossible!” Lin Feng ground his teeth and shouted icily. He clenched his fists and released even more brightness strength. He condensed the strength of the Eight Times Nine Celestial Skill in his dantian, then flashed again and landed on the 21,000th step. However, it wasn’t over; he flashed again and flew past Tian Fan. Tian Fan was astonished when Lin Feng landed on the 23,000th step.

Boom boom!…

An incredible strength descended from the top of the mountain and charged towards him at an incredible speed. The energy turned into a frantic beast. Lin Feng ground his teeth and clenched his fists, his muscles twitching, but he didn’t give up.

“Chiliocosm of the Great Tao, palm!” Lin Feng raised his arms and gigantic illusory hands appeared, Lin Feng made some punching motions and illusory hands bombarded the illusory beast unceasingly. The illusory hands seemed as heavy as mountains.

Lights flashed around Lin Feng. His godly aura became even more dazzling, and turned blue-green. Lin Feng had a strange sensation, as if there was no pressure anymore, as if the pure energies of nature were caressing his skin, leading the way.

Everybody was completely astonished because Lin Feng flashed again. Tian Fan’s expression changed in disbelief.

Lin Feng landed on the 24,000th step, and then on the 25,000th. It was like he was walking on flat land, it didn’t seem hard at all anymore. He was even moving faster and faster. He landed on the 26,000th, then the 27,000th.

Tian Fan had set a record which hadn’t been broken in fifty thousand years, but what about Lin Feng? He had surpassed Tian Fan by far, already five thousand steps!

Tian Fan was dumbstruck, and jealous, and envious. He wanted to kill Lin Feng on the spot, but he knew he couldn’t let emotions destabilize him, he needed to keep calm. If he lost focus, he would be struck by the strength of the earth and the sky and lose.

“Haha! You wanted to humiliate Lin Feng, and now what?” Yan Di flew back up and arrived not far from Tian Fan. His face was completely distorted because of the terrifying energies, but he still looked at Tian Fan mockingly. However, he didn’t have time to stand there steadily before he was bombarded by the terrifying energies of the earth and the sky again.

Lin Feng saw Yan Di get knocked away, but he had also set a new record, he could be proud of himself. Si Ma Yan hadn’t managed to do better than 20,000 steps. Yan Di had.

There were only three people on the mountain: Huang Nü, Tian Fan and Lin Feng. Everybody was looking at Lin Feng, though. Nobody looked at Tian Fan anymore. Tian Fan was struggling, but at that moment, it seemed so easy for Lin Feng. He was now standing on the 28,000th step.

At the same time, the crowd heard a blood-curling shriek. It was Tian Fan.

Tian Fan couldn’t take anymore. The strength of nature smashed into him and he was blown away. His eyes were bloodshot, he couldn’t believe it. He, Young Emperor Tian Fan, lost against Lin Feng, a cultivator who came from a tiny little place and had no background, how humiliating!

“Impossible! How is this possible?! How could I lose?” Tian Fan crashed onto the ground, a hundred-meter crater appearing around him. He was staring blankly at Lin Feng. His hair was messy, and his face was covered with dust and sand.

“Tian Fan, go back to Godsland, fuse together with your main body, and then go and fight against Lin Feng.”

Tian Fan heard his father’s powerful and mighty voice in his head, and looked determined again. He looked at his hands and his unstable Qi, but smiled confidently.

“I’m going back to fuse together with my main body. Hehe, Lin Feng, you’re a tiny little cultivator. I’ll let you dream for now, you’re just a small man intoxicated by success, but when I come back, or when you come to Godsland, I’ll show you how powerful I really am!” whispered Tian Fan coldly, clenching his fists.

After he crawled out of the gigantic crater, the three cultivators of the Celestial Emperors Dynasty helped him and supported him by the arm. They looked perplexed, glancing at Lin Feng at the top of the mountain and then at their Young Emperor again. He looked miserable. They couldn’t believe their eyes.

They still admired Tian Fan though, he was incredible. Besides, Tian Fan didn’t seem dispirited or depressed at all. On the contrary, he seemed amused and looked up at Lin Feng mockingly.

“Let’s go back to Godsland. I will fuse together with my original body,” Tian Fan said to the three Godly Emperors.

The three of them looked extremely happy. Their Young Emperor was finally going to fuse together with his original body. Lin Feng, Yan Di, Si Ma Yan, no matter who, who would be able to compete with him? Tian Fan would be able to kill them like dogs!

Tian Fan and the few cultivators left quickly. Many people were perplexed when they departed. They couldn’t believe that that Tian Fan had set a record which hadn’t been broken in fifty thousand years, and that Lin Feng had promptly done even better.

After that, the crowd stopped watching Tian Fan, and turned back to Lin Feng. The old man and Bai Qi were also watching with their godly awareness. It was difficult for them to remain calm.

Bai Qi looked at Lin Feng, wondering whether he could really crush Lin Feng like an ant or not.

Yan Hui, Yan Zhan and the others were all staring at Lin Feng. He kept breaking new records. 28,000, 29,000, 30,000…

“We all lost, hehe,” said Yan Hui, smiling wryly. Their eyes all twinkled as they looked at Lin Feng. Having someone like that become a pillar of the Celestial Evolution Holy Dynasty would be wonderful.

Bai Fu Nü’s face paled. She couldn’t believe her eyes. Lin Feng was standing on the 30,000th step, he was about to break a record which hadn’t been broken in a hundred thousand years. Bai Fu Nü pinched her own cheek to see if she was really awake, it hurt, and she realized she wasn’t dreaming.


The leader of the Gods Government and the Young Master of the Gods Government were all watching. They couldn’t believe it. In a palace of the Celestial Emperors Dynasty, a middle-aged man was wearing a golden robe with dragon patterns and a golden crown. In front of him were animated images depicting Lin Feng.

After a long time, the middle-aged man looked solemn. He turned around to the three old men in purple robes with dragon patterns behind him, and ordered, “Contain him!”

“Yes, Your Majesty,” said the three old men in purple robes, respectfully lowering their heads. The Qi of the sixth Godly Emperor layer rolled in waves around them, ice-cold.


In the main branch of the Celestial Evolution Holy Dynasty, a pretty and charming man in purple clothes and a middle-aged man in black clothes were using their godly awareness to watch Lin Feng. The man in purple clothes smiled, the one in black clothes was stupefied.

“Yan Duan, he’s the hope of our two branches,” said the man in purple clothes. He looked happy and amazed. He had not thought Lin Feng would be able to do such an incredible thing. It was a big surprise. At the same time, he would be the perfect argument to negotiate with the Evolution Branch’s leader.

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  1. Gray June 13, 2019 at 8:55 pm - Reply

    “Tian Fan, go back to Godsland, fuse together with your main body, and then go and fight against Lin Feng.”

    right now Tian Fan has the power of top second Godly emperor and its not his original body.
    if it was he fused with his original body, then it migh be in 3rd layer.

    what amused me is, he want to fight with Lin Feng who in early stage of 1st Godly Emperor layer.

    i mean, WTF does he even have a shame? hahaha

    • Regnaroc June 24, 2019 at 10:49 pm - Reply

      “Keep laughing Lin Feng, this isn’t even my final form” – Tian Fan

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