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Chapter 1001: Meeting An “Old Friend”!


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“So that was your goal when you kidnapped Qing Xin Yue?” asked Lin Feng calmly. He had been captured by the mysterious man in black, so he had nothing to do.

Lin Feng remained calm and composed. He wasn’t worried. What could he do? Nothing but wait. If the man wanted to kill him, he could have done it right then, he wouldn’t have waited this long.

Lin Feng had gone through many hardships in life already, so he didn’t fear death anymore. He still had many things to do, but he had already done so much; he had children and he was even a grandfather, and he had wonderful wives and parents. He had done enough. If he died now, it wouldn’t matter at all.

For a once ordinary person from Earth, Lin Feng thought his life in the world of cultivation had already been an extraordinary gift!

The man was impressed when he saw Lin Feng was so composed. Anyone else, even a powerful Great Supreme God from the continent, would have been nervous.

The man in black understood why the Ancient Demon King had been killed by Lin Feng. The Ancient Demon King wasn’t as determined as Lin Feng!

“They saved Qing Xin Yue. They must have returned to the Tai Qing Sect safe and sound,” said the man indifferently. Lin Feng felt even calmer. At least, they had achieved their mission!

“How come you are so calm?” asked the man, smiling and staring at Lin Feng. His curiosity was piqued. His Qi still oppressed Lin Feng, who knew he was incredibly weak next to such a cultivator.

“I’ve gone through many hardships. I am not afraid of death anymore,” explained Lin Feng simply.

The man nodded. Indeed! People who had faced many things cherished life, but they didn’t fear death.

Many normal people didn’t even feel like reincarnating and suffering through life again!

“You killed two of my servants. It’s a huge loss for me. What should I do with you? Tell me,” said the man grimly. He was naturally angry.

At the same time, he knew they were pieces of trash. With the strength of the fourth Great Supreme God layer, they had lost against Lin Feng and died, even though the latter only had the strength of the second Great Supreme God layer. Lin Feng had trump cards, sure, but his servants also had trump cards.

How come Lin Feng had won and his servants had died? It was strange!

“You captured me because of that? I see. So you want to punish me. As you wish, Master,” Lin Feng replied, smiling indifferently. He was facing a wall, and there was nothing he could do. He wasn’t strong enough to fight back.

“Hehe, that’s admirable. Unfortunately, we are enemies, so seeing you so calm pisses me off,” answered the man, smiling icily. He waved his hand and two men in black came into the cave from outside. They bowed hand over fist respectfully and waited for the man’s order.

“Call Eight,” said the man indifferently. The two servants instantly disappeared.

Lin Feng remained silent and composed. He wasn’t nervous at all. He had resigned everything to fate already. Of course, if there was an opportunity, he wouldn’t let it slip by.


Lin Feng remained silent. The man remained silent as well. A few hours passed like that.

The two servants came back with a man in black clothes. He was wearing a cap badge, and his face was covered by a veil so Lin Feng couldn’t see it, but his Qi was incredible. When Lin Feng saw him, he understood the eighth servant was as strong as the first and second ones.

Why hadn’t this guy shown up when they were all battling? He had shown up in neither the Ju Space nor Ju Valley.

No matter what, Lin Feng found his Qi very familiar, as if they had known each other for hundreds of years. Who was he?

If the mysterious cultivator had called the eighth man, it was for a reason, and that reason was Lin Feng. If the eighth man and Lin Feng knew each other, they definitely weren’t friends. They were probably old enemies.

Lin Feng thought for a few seconds and recalled someone.

“Lin Feng, hehe, long time no see! Did you miss me?” the man chuckled. He entered the cave and walked closer to Lin Feng.

Lin Feng was now sure. He knew who it was because this enemy was much, much more terrifying than Chu Chun Qiu, and far more cruel.

The Ancient Demon King!

“Ancient Demon King! As expected, you’re not dead,” Lin Feng said. He had already had doubts in the past that the Demon King wasn’t dead. Back then, Lin Feng hadn’t really won, it was all fate.

The Demon King was still the Demon King, and his demon Qi was still terrifying. Lin Feng remembered how bloodthirsty and cruel the Demon King was, but without Chu Chun Qiu, there was something that was missing and it probably had an impact on the Demon King’s strength.

Lin Feng stood in front of the cave. His legs and arms weren’t tied up, but he was oppressed by the mysterious cultivator’s strength. He didn’t feel like fighting.

“Lin Feng, back then, you almost killed me. Unfortunately for you, in the end, I survived. So this day was definitely going to come!” exclaimed the Ancient Demon King, smiling icily. He really hated Lin Feng.

Lin Feng’s biggest enemy wasn’t Chu Chun Qiu; it was the Ancient Demon King!

Back then, the Ancient Demon King had cheated Lin Feng and pretended to be the Diviner. Lin Feng would never forgive him.

Lin Feng was a bit shaken to see him, but he cheered himself up by thinking that he had always expected this day to come, since he knew the Ancient Demon King probably hadn’t died.

The Ancient Demon King hadn’t died, so one of them had to get their revenge! The Demon King was determined!

“Alright, you can leave,” said the mysterious man, glancing at the Demon King.

The Ancient Demon King didn’t feel like leaving, but he had no choice. He turned around and got ready to leave the cave. When he walked past Lin Feng, he smiled evilly and said, “There’s a secret you don’t know.”

“What?” asked Lin Feng. What secret? What didn’t he know? The Ancient Demon King smiled mockingly when he saw Lin Feng almost looked panic-stricken.

The Ancient Demon King smiled icily, “A part of my soul is in Yi Ren Lei’s body. That stupid girl didn’t want me to hurt you and thinks she has my full soul in her body. She was afraid my soul could get out of her body, so she sealed it inside.

“Lin Feng, women have an unreasoning passion for you and do stupid things for you. I can’t measure up to you in terms of women.

“But, hehehe, wait and you’ll see! Soon, that part of my soul will come back to me!

“And, hehehehe, that stupid girl will die, poof! She will just vanish without a trace!,” declared the Ancient Demon King, walking away leisurely. However, his voice still resonated in Lin Feng’s head.

Lin Feng looked completely dispirited suddenly. He remembered everything that had happened with Yan Ran Xue.

Yi Ren Lei, Yan Ran Xue; she had kept such an incredible secret to herself. She never told me about that? She had kept it for herself... Even if she had said there was nothing between them anymore and there would never be again, it was just because she didn’t want him to suffer.

How sad.

So sad!



Lin Feng had so many mixed feelings. What sadness…

“Silly girl! You’re so silly!

“Yi Ren Lei, you’re so silly!!” shouted Lin Feng. His voice made the whole valley tremble.

The mysterious man frowned. He could see Lin Feng was losing his senses. He was extremely strong, but still, seeing someone react like that startled him.

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