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Chapter 1002: Downhearted?


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Lin Feng shouted angrily, but the Ancient Demon King had already left with the two men in black. Lin Feng watched him disappear into the distance. His eyes were filled with murder. He felt so guilty for Yi Ren Lei.

He had treated her wrongly. He had even thought of her as a woman who had no moral values at all. He even thought she deserved to be alone and sad. He hadn’t thought there was another side of the story. Lin Feng was shocked to his core.

He sat down on a stone and crossed his arms on his chest. He recalled everything he had said to or thought about her. Even though he had saved her in the end, he had remained aggressive, mean, and cold, as if he had just saved a random woman who was in danger.

Silly girl! Silly girl! Why are you so silly!? Lin Feng clenched his fists and ground his teeth. He wished he could kill himself, but it wouldn’t make Yi Ren Lei feel better. Lin Feng then tried to imagine what he would have thought if he had been Yi Ren Lei and if Lin Feng had said such things. How would he have reacted?

Overwhelmed with grief and downhearted! A grim prospect. She had lost the man she loved, how could she conceive having a happy future? Lin Feng realized he had been too absorbed by his own self. He had been too selfish.

He had to find her!

Lin Feng wanted to go and talk to her right away. He wanted to beg her for forgiveness. On top of that, she was in danger because of the Ancient Demon King. She might even die soon. Lin Feng had to find her and save her!

Lin Feng suddenly stood up and ran towards the exit of the cave. Of course, the mysterious cultivator had sealed the area and dragged him back. How could he let Lin Feng leave so easily?

Lin Feng was angry. He looked at the man ferociously. He ground his teeth and roared in a thundering rage, “Piss off! Let me go!”

“Hehe! Nobody has ever dared tell me to piss off. You’re a bold little boy,” replied the man. Lin Feng looked crazy. He had lost his senses. If anyone else had seen Lin Feng like that, they would have been scared, but the mysterious man was so strong, he was neither impressed nor scared.

At his level, nobody could scare him!

“Stop now! Let me go!” Lin Feng demanded, taking a deep breath. He tried to control himself. If the man killed him, then Lin Feng wouldn’t have a chance to save Yi Ren Lei. He had to convince the mysterious man to let him go!

The man saw that Lin Feng was motivated by fear. If he left, Lin Feng would take drastic measures. Lin Feng had lost control, so he didn’t fear anything anymore. Thinking about that, the man smiled broadly. He had found Lin Feng’s weakness!

“You can leave on one condition,” said the man with casual confidence. He was convinced Lin Feng would agree since he was so eager to leave.

Lin Feng took a deep breath. He was a weakling in front of this man. The man could kill him easily, and Yi Ren Lei was in danger. So Lin Feng had to agree to do whatever the man would ask him.


“Pfew…” Lin Feng took a deep breath, feeling downhearted. “Tell me what you want me to do.” He had no choice but to submit.

“Hehe! My request is very simple. You killed two of my servants, so become one of my servants and I’ll let you leave. I’ll even forgive you, and won’t kill you. But you have to listen to my orders, otherwise, I’ll be able to kill you anytime, including all your relatives in your spirit world!” demanded the man icily.

Lin Feng was covered in cold sweat. His heart was pounding violently and painfully. Lin Feng sat down and stared blankly.

The man in black clothes knew about his spirit world? He knew his relatives were in there? How strong was he? What kind of cultivator was he?

Lin Feng smiled wryly. He realized he was even weaker than he had thought. How sad. The difference between him and this man was gigantic. Lin Feng had initially thought he was at the top of the Country of Eternity with the strength of the Great Supreme God layer, but it wasn’t that simple.

Hehe. Everything was just an illusion. Cultivation, cultivation levels, strength… Even if Lin Feng managed to break through to the top of the Great Supreme God layer, then what? Then he would find out there were higher cultivation levels and he would still be a weakling in front of such people. How exhausting!

“Little boy, don’t be so sad. This world isn’t as simple as you think. Think about it. It will be beneficial to your cultivation,” said the man when he saw Lin Feng looked extremely depressed. The man sighed helplessly. Before, Lin Feng was high-spirited and vigorous, but now he looked so downhearted.

Lin Feng didn’t look like someone who had killed two of his servants at that moment. It wasn’t his goal when he had captured Lin Feng; otherwise, he would have let him leave with Zi Jing Xiao and the others.

He was a bit disappointed, actually. If Lin Feng felt depressed because of such a small thing, then he wasn’t worthy of his attention.

“Leave now. You have one month, then you must come back. If you don’t come back in a month, you know what will happen to you,” said the man. It was a promise. He authorized Lin Feng to leave for a month and do what he had to do.

Lin Feng raised his head. His eyes sparkled faintly. Lin Feng nodded slowly and left, looking exhausted, and flew away. After leaving Ju Valley, Lin Feng didn’t sense any Qi anymore.


The man watched Lin Feng disappear into the horizon. He sighed and shook his head. He really didn’t want to lose a genius like that.

“Master, you really let him leave?” Two men in black came out of the darkness in the cave and bowed in front of the mysterious man respectfully.

The mysterious man shook his head and said, “I’m giving him an opportunity. When he’s done with what he has to do, he probably won’t be too depressed anymore. If he still is, then I will give up on him.

“You are elite cultivators and you have been working hard for many years. Among the young geniuses of all the worlds, you represent the most powerful worlds. Lin Feng is the same. He made the Continent of the Nine Clouds dazzling again.

“But I don’t want the reputation of that world to collapse because of him,” murmured the mysterious man, shaking his head. Then he turned around and disappeared. The two servants didn’t persist and also left the cave.


Outside of Ju Valley, Lin Feng was standing at the top of a mountain. He didn’t look desperate anymore. He even grinned happily.

“I should thank the Ancient Demon King. Thanks to him, I found a way to leave!” Lin Feng smiled. The mysterious man didn’t know Lin Feng had feigned being depressed because Lin Feng had a reason to be that way. It had helped him act.

However, it wasn’t easy to make Lin Feng depressed. What had happened with Yi Ren Lei really made him feel sad and bitter, but it wasn’t enough to make him desperate and lose his senses.

Regarding cultivation and cultivation levels, Lin Feng had gotten ready a while back. He knew it wasn’t an easy path. He also knew there were probably higher cultivation levels.

The only thing Lin Feng felt worried about was the fact that the mysterious man had found out about his spirit world and his relatives. However, the man was extremely strong, so it wasn’t surprising. Lin Feng now realized some extremely strong cultivators could see such things easily.

Lin Feng couldn’t afford to be dispirited and desperate. He could be sad sometimes and he could show it in certain circumstances, like he had just done, but it had to be for a reason, like to leave the cave.

He needed to find Yi Ren Lei as quickly as possible now, and help her get rid of the Ancient Demon King’s broken soul. If he managed to help her and ensured she was safe, he would be relieved.

A month from now, he would return so that the mysterious man wouldn’t be angry.

“That old man may feel that there was something wrong. Hehe! But it’s too late!” Lin Feng burst into laughter and flew towards the Fa Lan Empire confidently and naturally.

He had saved Yi Ren Lei in the Fa Lan Empire, so she might still be there. Of course, even if she had left, she probably hadn’t gone too far…


Lin Feng’s guess was right. The man in black did noticed there was something wrong.

“Hehe, little boy, you fooled me, eh?” muttered the man coldly. He knew Lin Feng had fooled him now. How sly!

Downhearted? Dispirited? You’re a good actor!

He had done that to leave Ju Valley. He would definitely come back in a month. The man knew Lin Feng wasn’t stupid. Lin Feng knew he couldn’t compete with him, and had no choice.

They would talk about it a month from now!

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