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Chapter 1003: Going Back to the Fa Lan Empire!


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Lin Feng flew north to the Fa Lan Empire. His chances of finding Yi Ren Lei would be higher in the Fa Lan Empire, but Lin Feng had no way of contacting her. He didn’t have any of Yi Ren Lei’s threads of Qi to find her. It wouldn’t be easy, like looking for a needle in a haystack.

But Lin Feng had to find her in less than a month, or she might die. The Ancient Demon King’s broken soul was sealed in her body. Having his broken soul inside her was like carrying a time bomb.

Yi Ren Lei couldn’t keep it under control indefinitely. As the Ancient Demon King grew stronger, his broken soul did also, and it thus became more and more complicated to keep it under control.

Silly girl, why didn’t you tell me how you felt? I feel so sorry for you!, Lin Feng thought guiltily. Why had she done that? Why had she imprisoned the Ancient Demon King’s broken soul? Why hadn’t she told him about it? They could have solved the issue sooner if she had told him!

Silly girl. Why had she decided to suffer because of him? Now her life was in danger! Wasn’t she afraid of death?

Lin Feng was in a rush, and flew faster and faster. The Ri Guang Empire was gigantic, tens of millions of li wide. From Ju Valley to the Fa Lan Empire, he needed seven eight hours. When Lin Feng arrived at the border with the Fa Lan Empire, it was already late at night.


The sky was dark. There were no stars in the sky. It didn’t help Lin Feng feel any better.

Lin Feng didn’t intend to rest. Time was precious, and he couldn’t waste a single second. The sooner he found Yi Ren Lei, the higher the chances of saving her were. If he didn’t find her in a timely manner, the Ancient Demon King’s broken soul would burst out of her body, and she would die.

Lin Feng flew back and forth over thousands of li at the border with the Fa Lan Empire to look for her. He looked for her in every valley and cave. He used his godly awareness to inspect the area, but he didn’t find anything. In the end, he had the eighty or so demon corpses come out of his spirit world.

They all had the strength of the Half-Great Supreme God layer. Such a huge group of strong cultivators could terrify many people. Even though it was late at night, many people were not asleep. When those people saw Lin Feng and his huge group of red-eyed purple-skinned demon corpses, they were terrified.

Lin Feng didn’t care. He had the demon corpses help him look for her in the Fa Lan Empire. After an hour, Lin Feng arrived in the capital city of the Fa Lan Empire. When he arrived in Fa Lan City, he flew straight towards the Imperial City.

The Imperial City was protected by a dozen elders, much more than back in the days. Of course, it wasn’t enough to stop someone like Lin Feng.

When Lin Feng appeared at the Imperial City gate with around eighty demon corpses, the elders were terrified.

“It’s… It’s… It’s Lin Feng! Hurry up, go and inform the leader!” ordered the leader of the elders. He had the impression his soul was going to burst. Lin Feng had killed the leader of the Fa Lan Empire, so everybody knew him. Their new leader, Fa Chun, was Lin Feng’s puppet. Everybody knew he had to listen to Lin Feng’s orders.

The leader of the elders was very anxious, and all the other elders paled. They all knew what Lin Feng was capable of. They obviously recognized him and his mysterious army.

After a short time, Fa Chun, Elder Fa Duo, and Fa He all came out to welcome Lin Feng.

“Welcome back, Lin Feng,” said Fa Chun, trembling with fear. He hadn’t seen Lin Feng for a very long time, but Lin Feng had become even stronger. The difference between Fa Chun and Lin Feng kept increasing.

Fa Chun knew he was Lin Feng’s puppet, so as long as Lin Feng needed him, Fa Chun knew he was safe… but he was still scared.

Fa Chun was one hundred percent sure Lin Feng wouldn’t kill him, which was the most important thing… his life was safe!

“Fa Chun, come here. I need to ask you something,” Lin Feng said gravely.

When Fa Chun saw that, his expression faltered, but he still walked towards Lin Feng quickly.

Lin Feng looked at Fa Chun and said to him telepathically, “Can you find Yan Ran Xue?”

“Find Yan Ran Xue? What for?” asked Fa Chun. He was stunned. He didn’t know what to say. Lin Feng had saved Yan Ran Xue and since she had left, nobody knew her whereabouts!

Fa Chun just shook his head. He didn’t really know what kind of relationship Lin Feng and Yan Ran Xue had, but his intuition made him think she used to be Lin Feng’s girlfriend.

Fa Chun had hoped he would get married with Yan Ran Xue, but it had all failed.

But now that Lin Feng was asking him about Yan Ran Xue, Fa Chun was worried. He had to be cautious because if Lin Feng became angry, it would be dangerous…

Fa Duo didn’t dare say anything. Elder Fa Chun didn’t say anything either. What did his Master what? Fa Duo didn’t know so he just waited.

Lin Feng looked glum when Fa Chun told him he didn’t know where Yan Ran Xue was. Lin Feng had set high hopes on Fa Chun.

“Fa Chun, where did you see Yan Ran Xue for the first time?” Lin Feng frowned. Fa Chun’s heart twitched when he heard that. What did Lin Feng mean?

Fa Chun didn’t dare reply. He just remained silent.

When Lin Feng saw that, he frowned again. Lin Feng knew Fa Chun didn’t dare reply because he was afraid.

“Tell me. I won’t get angry,” Lin Feng promised. When Fa Chun heard that, he sighed with relief. He was less worried, but he still remained cautious; if he said anything wrong, Lin Feng might kill him!

“In the Fa Lan Sect. When I saw her, it was love at first sight. That’s when I decided I want to get married to her,” said Fa Chun. He didn’t dare lie or make up anything.

When Lin Feng heard that, he looked grim. Lin Feng had never really paid attention to the Fa Lan Sect, which was a big sect in the Fa Lan Empire.

Yan Ran Xue and Fu Su Rong were in the Fa Lan Sect at the beginning, but then she had drawn Fa Chun’s attention and he had decided he wanted to get married to her. If Fu Su Rong hadn’t escaped, Fa Chun would have killed him.

Fu Su Rong was dead, he would never come back to life. But where was Yan Ran Xue? If the Ancient Demon King succeeded in his evil scheme, Yan Ran Xue would die!

“Where is the Fa Lan Sect? Bring me there,” Lin Feng said. He grabbed Fa Chun’s sleeve and rose up in the air, and Fa Chun led the way to the Fa Lan Sect.

Fa Chun was scared, but nobody dared stop Lin Feng. They had no choice but to wait for Fa Chun to come back.

Fa Chun was like Lin Feng’s subject. He told him where the Fa Lan Sect was and didn’t get involved in his affairs. He didn’t know what Lin Feng wanted to do, so he just led the way.

Half an hour later, they arrived in the northeast of the Fa Lan Empire. The buildings were high and luxurious. Lin Feng saw a gigantic sign displaying FA LAN SECT in blue-green letters on it.

“This is the Fa Lan Sect,” Fa Chun said respectfully, indicating the cyan sign and buildings.

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