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Chapter 1004: Clues!


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It was the biggest sect of the Fa Lan Sect. The buildings in Tiantai in the Continent of the Gods were similar. Lin Feng even thought that Tiantai could be considered the same level as the Fa Lan Sect.

Lin Feng was willing to establish Tiantai in the Country of Eternity. That way, Tiantai would be present in the Continent of the Nine Clouds, the Continent of the Gods, and the Country of Eternity. It would be present in a low-level, a medium-level, and a high-level world!

Lin Feng followed Fa Chun into the Fa Lan Sect. People in the Fa Lan Sect respected Fa Chun, so when they arrived, many people watched them respectfully, especially when they heard he was with the legendary young genius Lin Feng. They were also nervous, of course!

The patriarch of the Fa Lan Sect was a Half-Great Supreme God, which was quite good already. His servants, the elders of the sect, were Supreme Gods. In a few hundred years, they would break through to the Great Supreme God layer and then join the Fa Lan Empire.

One of the Fa Lan Sect’s purposes was to raise cultivators for the Fa Lan Empire. Unfortunately, apart from the few princes of the Fa Lan Empire, there had been no real competition in the previous years. Even worse, there was no genius comparable to Lin Feng in the Fa Lan Empire!

Fa Chun brought Lin Feng to the patriarch, and Lin Feng was surprised when he saw that Fa Chun talked to the patriarch of the Fa Lan Sect extremely respectfully. “Fourth uncle, how is the sect doing these days?”

However, Lin Feng wasn’t surprised that the high officials of the sect and the empire were related by blood. It was absolutely normal.

“Everything is fine, Leader,” replied the patriarch, nodding respectfully. Even though Fa Chun spoke to him respectfully, the patriarch also answered him respectfully and politely.

“This is Lin Feng. He has a few questions. Please tell him everything you know,” stated Fa Chun gravely. Everybody looked solemn around them when they saw Fa Chun’s expression.

Fa Chun was the one who managed the Fa Lan Empire, after all. Nobody knew that he was just Lin Feng’s puppet, as they weren’t strong enough to know those things. However, they all knew that Lin Feng had killed Fa Kun Lun!

“Please go ahead and ask anything you want,” agreed the patriarch, smiling at Lin Feng warmly.

Lin Feng didn’t have time to waste, so he was straightforward. “Do you know anything about Yan Ran Xue?” asked Lin Feng, staring at the patriarch.

When the patriarch heard him, he was stupefied. Then he glanced at Fa Chun. Lin Feng should ask the emperor that question, right? Fa Chun probably knew better than him!

Back then, Yan Ran Xue had shown up in the Fa Lan Sect. She was beautiful and talented, but then Fa Chun had taken her away because he wanted her to become an imperial concubine. Why was Lin Feng asking the Fa Lan Sect?

Also, what kind of relationship did Lin Feng and Yan Ran Xue have? The patriarch looked pensive. His expression kept changing, but he replied honestly, “Yan Ran Xue was the most outstanding female disciple of the Fa Lan Sect.”

“Alright, good. So, has she ever come back?” pressed Lin Feng, frowning grimly.

The patriarch looked at Fa Chun as if he expected some help from him, but Fa Chun just smiled helplessly and shook his head; the patriarch had to reply honestly.

The patriarch was a cunning person, and he knew how to deal with people. He understood something, but replied honestly, “Since Yan Ran Xue left for the Imperial City, she has never come back.”

“She never came back? You mean you’ve never seen her since?” demanded Lin Feng grimly.

The patriarch paled a little. Lin Feng was oppressing him with his terrifying Qi. The patriarch’s heart raced, but he forced a smile and replied, “Indeed. I’ve never seen her since.”

“I see… so she never came back…” When Lin Feng heard that, he was disappointed, and felt even more guilty. He shouldn’t have made Yan Ran Xue leave when he had saved her, but it was too late to regret and on top of that, she hadn’t been honest with him. Because of her lack of communication, they had both suffered, and still did.

“Alright, I see. Let’s go,” Lin Feng sighed helplessly. He glanced at Fa Chun and got ready to leave.

Fa Chun nodded and had everybody disperse. He got ready to leave with Lin Feng.

“Excuse me, who is Yan Ran Xue to you?” At that moment, a kind and fragile-looking woman stepped out of the crowd. Her voice was low and gentle. She looked extremely sweet.

Lin Feng turned around and looked for the woman who had spoken. She wasn’t very beautiful, but she looked extremely cute, especially in her pink dress.

“Who are you?” asked Lin Feng. He hoped she knew Yan Ran Xue.

Everybody looked at her. The patriarch of the Fa Lan Sect frowned unhappily. He didn’t want her to say too much. He was initially relieved when Lin Feng said he was going to leave, but now he was going to stay a little longer because of her!

But Lin Feng noticed the patriarch’s face and glanced at him angrily. The man felt awkward and nervous.

“What’s wrong? Is there anything you’re not telling me?” shouted Lin Feng icily.

The man was suddenly covered in cold sweat and shaking. He shook his head hastily and said, “No, no, I wouldn’t dare!”

“Good. I’ll tell you one thing. If anyone knows anything about Yan Ran Xue’s whereabouts, I will reward them, but if you don’t speak…” Lin Feng trailed off icily. He raised his hand and suddenly, about eighty demon corpses appeared.

The patriarch was trembling. What a terrifying army! Instantly, everybody’s determination was on the verge of collapse.

Fa Chun paled, but he had to control himself, he was the emperor. He was alarmed and said to Lin Feng, “Don’t be angry. My fourth uncle won’t react like that again. The Fa Lan Sect is extremely weak, so they’re afraid, it’s quite normal.”

“Indeed, please withdraw those heroic and valiant fighters,” said the old man. His eyes were wet already. He was about to cry. What could he do against eighty cultivators who had the same cultivation level as him? If Lin Feng gave them the order to destroy the whole Fa Lan Empire, they could easily do so!

He understood why the Fa Lan Empire was so kind to Lin Feng, even though he only had the strength of the second Great Supreme God layer… he had such a terrifying army! The Fa Lan Empire had no other choice, as did Fa Chun!

“Come with me,” Lin Feng said calmly, smiling at the girl and ignoring the others.

The girl was a bit surprised, but followed him. Nobody moved to stop her.

Lin Feng grabbed the girl’s hand and they disappeared in the middle of all the demon corpses. Blue world lights flashed. Lin Feng isolated himself and the girl from the rest of the world so that people outside couldn’t hear them. His energies were so powerful that nobody would dare act recklessly.

Everybody left behind was covered in cold sweat and it felt as if their sweat was going to freeze.

Lin Feng looked at the girl and asked patiently, “Do you know Yan Ran Xue?”

“Yes, I do. She was in the same room as me in the Fa Lan Sect. I considered her a big sister. She is a great person!” said the woman, nodding happily.

Lin Feng nodded and asked anxiously, “Did she tell you anything? Have you seen her recently?”

The girl could see Lin Feng was anxious and was curious, so she asked, “Who is she to you?”

“Who is she to me?” Lin Feng was stupefied. He was at a complete loss what to say. Who was Yi Ren Lei to him? They used to be a couple, but that was before. Or more precisely, they had been lovers. So were they just friends now?

But a woman would never give her most precious thing to a friend. Lin Feng used to consider her one of his women in the past, but in the end, it had been a failure. He had been disappointed many times by her.

But now Lin Feng felt guilty because of that disappointment. Who was he to talk about her in a bad way?

That silly woman was willing to sacrifice herself for him; how could he criticize her?

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