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Chapter 1005: Hiding the Truth!


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“Hello? Did you hear my question?” asked the woman when she saw Lin Feng seemed lost in thought. Lin Feng blinked back to his senses and blushed.

“She… She’s my ex-girlfriend,” Lin Feng said resolutely. That’s all he could think of. Yi Ren Lei was his ex-girlfriend. Now, he had hurt her too much. She had suffered so much, alone.

When the girl heard that, she seemed disappointed, Lin Feng noticed.

“She told me that she loved a man, a real and valiant hero. She also said she didn’t feel like she deserved to be his Ice and Snow Goddess. She said that hero had many outstanding wives and she had the feeling she didn’t deserve to be one of them.

“But she wasn’t sad. She didn’t feel like a failure. However, she also had contradictory thoughts. She didn’t want to tell that hero how she felt. She said she was like that because she wanted to punish herself and if someday the hero learned the truth, he might feel remorseful.

“She also said that she would never be able to be his Ice and Snow Goddess, so she hoped he would remember her his entire life. She said she was stupid back then. She did too many stupid things for him, he doesn’t need to give anything back,” the girl told him, half-crying. She felt so sad for Yan Ran Xue.

Lin Feng’s eyes were tearing up too, but he didn’t cry, controlling himself. Yi Ren Lei was so foolish! However, he had never completely trusted her, either. From the beginning, he had always nursed a grievance, and he still did.

He had thought of her as a woman who had no moral values, a nymphomaniac even. Hehe. Yi Ren Lei had resorted to some extreme methods to slap him straight in the face. And it hurt!

“Did she ever tell you where she wanted to go?” asked Lin Feng, taking a deep breath. It felt like his heart was riddled with gaping wounds, as if it were bleeding.

The girl nodded. Yan Ran Xue had told her something when she was still in the Fa Lan Sect. However, had she gone to that place?

“Where?” asked Lin Feng, grabbing the girl’s hands and shaking them. The girl pushed Lin Feng’s hands away. Lin Feng blushed and smiled apologetically.

“She said she didn’t want to be too far from that hero so she could follow his adventures, but at the same time, far enough so that he wouldn’t know where to find her. That’s why she decided to live in seclusion. But a long time has passed since she told me all those things, so her plan may have changed,” said the girl, shaking her head. She didn’t know whether Yan Ran Xue had decided to stick to her plan or not.

The girl’s words kept resonating in Lin Feng’s head. Yi Ren Lei had said she wanted to live close enough to him to be able to follow his adventures and at the same time far enough so that he wouldn’t be able to find her? Where was that, though?

San City!

San City! San City was the first place he had been to in the continent. It was a perfect place to live in seclusion. It was generally peaceful and far from everything. It was also a passage to the Continent of the Gods. Lin Feng had no reason to think she lived there, so it was a perfect place to hide.

“Thank you, sister. This is a night-luminescent pearl. It’s for you,” Lin Feng said, taking out a night-luminescent pearl from his ring and giving it to the girl.

Even though it wasn’t a precious item, it contained his Qi. If she was ever in danger, she’d be able to contact him and he’d come as quickly as he could to help her.

Lin Feng recalled his world Qi. They were now back in the crowd, everybody staring at them.

Lin Feng was in a much better mood. He walked to Fa Chun and told him, pointing to the girl, “From now on, nobody is allowed to bully her. She’s like my sister now.”

“Alright, I will make a public announcement. Don’t worry,” said Fa Chun. He was a bit surprised, and when the patriarch of the Fa Lan Sect heard that, he was astounded, but he wasn’t going to contradict Lin Feng.

The girl’s social status had changed overnight. She was now protected!

“Alright, let’s go,” Lin Feng told Fa Chun with a nod. Fa Chun didn’t say anything, and just followed Lin Feng. Lin Feng recalled his eighty demon corpses and departed.

Everybody took a deep breath after he left. In their eyes, Lin Feng was like an almighty god. They were terrified of such cultivators. The patriarch was covered in cold sweat. His heart was still pounding. Lin Feng didn’t even need to treat their emperor with respect, so they all had to be careful.

The old man looked at the girl with a fatherly expression. Lin Feng had thought the girl was an ordinary disciple of the Fa Lan Sect. She was actually the patriarch’s only daughter!

“A bright future awaits you, my dear daughter,” said the patriarch, smiling knowingly. The girl blushed. She didn’t know whether what she had told Lin Feng would be useful or not, but she knew that Yan Ran Xue would never come back.

She felt a bit sad and disappointed; she hated that hero, Lin Feng!


Lin Feng and Fa Chun flew back in the direction of the Imperial City. Lin Feng didn’t go back to the Imperial City, he just had Fa Chun go back. He didn’t say anything and flew towards San City. It was a long journey.

But for Lin Feng, it was worth it. Even if he had had to go back to the Continent of the Gods, he would have done it without a second thought. Lin Feng hoped he’d be able to make up for everything he had done and said in a timely manner. However, did Yi Ren Lei still have feelings for him?

Lin Feng wasn’t confident she still did. All he could do was go back to San City and solve the issue. Otherwise, he would never feel at peace with himself again.

The distance between the Fa Lan Empire and San City represented half the length of the continent, or at least seventy million li. Lin Feng needed two days to get to the border of San City and then he might not need to fly any further.

If Yi Ren Lei had decided to live in seclusion, she probably hadn’t chosen to live in the center of San City. She had probably chosen a border village.


At the same time, far away, in the Tai Qing Sect, Ri Guang Empire…

Zi Jing Xiao and the others had saved Qing Xin Yue and brought her back to the Tai Qing Sect. Lin Feng was the only one who hadn’t come back. It was strange, because nobody dared mention his name. Qing Xin Yue didn’t even know Lin Feng had contributed to helping her since she was in a coma when they saved her. So when she woke up, she just thought Zi Jing Xiao and the others had saved her.

When Zi Jing Xiao and Zhao Ming Jun brought her back, the elders of the different sects and clans had been waiting for a long time already. When the two of them came back, their elders left with them immediately because they had to get prepared for the tournament of the four supreme sects and clans. Incredible young geniuses would participate!

Zi Jing Xiao wanted to save Lin Feng, but he had to listen to the elders’ orders. He had no good reason to go against their orders. He didn’t even have the opportunity to talk to Qing Xin Yue privately. Besides, saving Lin Feng would have been more important.

When Qing Xin Yue came back to her senses, she heard that Qing Ling Xuan was the one who had made the most efforts to save her and that he was also the one who had felt the most responsible to save her. She also heard that he had risked his life to save her. She also heard that Yuan Feng had betrayed them and tried to kill everybody.

She was very disappointed. Hadn’t Lin Feng participated? Hadn’t he heard she was in trouble?

“Brother, apart from Zi Jing Xiao, Zhao Ming Jun, Chu Chun Qiu and the others, nobody else helped?” asked Qing Xin Yue skeptically.

Qing Ling Xuan understood immediately, but he didn’t intend to tell her. He thought Lin Feng was already dead. If he told her the truth, she would be even sadder and his chances of ending up with her would decrease even more.

Therefore, Qing Ling Xuan shook his head and said, “No. Why? Are you thinking of someone in particular?”

“No. No. Thank you for your efforts, brother,” said Qing Xin Yue strangely. She felt helpless and disappointed on the inside.

Qing Ling Xuan nodded and said, “You should rest, sister. You are still very weak. You just regained consciousness. I asked some servants to prepare some soup for you. They will also bring you some pills to heal your pure Qi. I’m off now, sister,” he finished, looking at Qing Xin Yue in her bed. He didn’t feel like leaving her. She was so beautiful. He wanted to be with her. It had been one of his dreams for such a long time, but he couldn’t force her, especially since she was the matriarch of the Tai Qing Sect!

If he ever managed to marry her, then the Tai Qing Sect would be his, too. That was part of his plan. He wanted the girl and the sect; that would be the best of both worlds!

Qing Ling Xuan closed the door of Qing Xin Yue’s room, and looked at Chen Guang Yu. The latter seemed worried and hesitant. When Qing Ling Xuan saw that, he looked grim.

“Chen Guang Yu, I thought of something. The sect needs to sort out some things. Go back to Jin Lun City now,” said Qing Ling Xuan.

Chen Guang Yu was surprised, but he understood what Qing Ling Xuan was trying to do. He didn’t want him and Qing Xin Yue to see each other, otherwise, Chen Guang Yu might tell Qing Xin Yue that Lin Feng had done the biggest part of the work to save her.

Chen Guang Yu was angry. Qing Ling Xuan was acting shameless. But what could he do? Who had the highest position?

“Alright, I’m going,” Chen Guang Yu nodded, and left the Tai Qing Sect.

Chu Chun Qiu also left the Tai Qing Sect after him. Qing Xu Duan didn’t want to speak either. Everything was kept secret. That way, Qing Xin Yue wouldn’t know Lin Feng had contributed to saving her.

What about saving Lin Feng? Hehe. What a joke! Let it go… Qing Ling Xuan was in such a great mood. He hmphed and walked away.

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