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Chapter 1006: On Good Terms Again!


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“Lin Feng, were you really not there?” whispered Qing Xin Yue from her bed. After Qing Ling Xuan left, she took off her dress. In her lace underwear, she looked extremely sexy, but depressed.

Why do I have the feeling that my fellow disciple always hides things from me?, thought Qing Xin Yue. She didn’t believe that Lin Feng hadn’t contributed to saving her. The sect had definitely contacted him, especially since some people who had nothing to do with the Tai Qing Sect, like Zi Jing Xiao, had been invited and agreed to help.

How could Lin Feng not help? It was unthinkable. Had he refused?

With all those thoughts, Qing Xin Yue couldn’t rest. She sat up and put on clean clothes. Then she put on blue crystal shoes and walked out of her room, heading straight to her teacher’s room.

She had to understand what had happened, or she wouldn’t be able to fall asleep. She needed to know whether Lin Feng had helped or not.


At that moment, Lin Feng was doing his best to find Yi Ren Lei.

Two days later, at noon, Lin Feng arrived in the borderland village. It reminded him of so many things, including Xiao Qing, his little sister. After Ma Gu had rescued her, they had probably moved, and were probably living in seclusion.

Lin Feng hoped that Xiao Qing was safe and sound. She was also one of San Zun’s heirs, so she could have a peaceful life in San City.

Lin Feng stood at the top of the high stage of the borderland village. Things remained the same, but the people had changed. Even though the high stage was still there, Borderland Village was almost unpopulated. Most people had either gathered in the center of San City or moved to other villages. Back then, Borderland Village was the village which had suffered the most from Jin Lun City’s attacks.

Finding Yi Ren Lei in an unpopulated area would be easier, provided that she was here, of course.

Lin Feng inspected every house and building. The buildings were still there, but inside them were layers of dust. The dust on the tables was already half a centimeter thick. Nobody lived here anymore.

Lin Feng unconsciously arrived in front of the courtyard of the wooden house where Xiao Qing used to live. He opened the door and noticed there was no dust at all inside. His heart twitched. He also detected some familiar Qi. It wasn’t Xiao Qing’s Qi, though.

Yi Ren Lei’s Qi was in Xiao Qing’s house? Was it fate? Could she be in this place which meant so much to Lin Feng?

Lin Feng entered the courtyard. There was the same old wheelbarrow. There was still an axe to cut wood there. So many memories. Gradually, his memories about Xiao Qing vanished and were replaced by his memories with Yi Ren Lei.

Lin Feng walked to the door of the wooden house. He raised his hand. He wanted to knock at the door, but he just stared at it for a long time because he was afraid to be disappointed.

After a long time, Lin Feng took a deep breath and knocked. He had come to find Yi Ren Lei, after all. Since it was that way, he couldn’t hesitate. He couldn’t afford to waste time either, because she was in danger. He didn’t want anything to happen to her. He had to get rid of the Ancient Demon King’s broken soul as quickly as possible.

Lin Feng knocked at the door. His heart beat at the same pace. Knock, knock, knock. Boom, boom, boom. However, nobody answered. Was the house empty?

Lin Feng opened the door with a creak. The house was empty.

The bed was made, though, and the house was tidy. Someone cleaned up regularly, obviously. The Qi inside the house definitely belonged to Yi Ren Lei, but she wasn’t inside.

The house was there, but nobody was inside!

Where was Yi Ren Lei? The Qi was quite strong; even if Yi Ren Lei had left, she hadn’t left very long before. Where was she? She couldn’t possibly have gone to San City…

Lin Feng was lost in thought trying to think of different possibilities. Was she in the mountains in the back of Borderland Village? Maybe.

Thinking about that, Lin Feng flew towards the mountain as quickly as he could. He didn’t want to miss her this time.

There were only a few hundreds of li between the house and the mountain. Lin Feng didn’t need too long to get to the forests at the foot of the mountain. It was dark in there because of the trees, so the air was much fresher too. It felt cool and pleasant.

Lin Feng walked to the mountain. He knew Yi Ren Lei was at the top of the mountain for sure with his senses.

He walked up the winding trail. When he arrived at the top, he saw a simple pavilion in the distance. It could accommodate at most three people, and had been built in case of rain.

It was supported by three thick trunks and the roof was made of thatch. But at that moment, Lin Feng wasn’t interested in the materials used to build that pavilion. He was moved because Yi Ren Lei was seated in the pavilion.

She wasn’t wearing the blue skirt she used to like. Her hair wasn’t tied in a bun like back in the days with a beautiful jade hairpin. She had used a small tree branch to tie her hair. Her dress was extremely simple. She didn’t look like Yi Ren Lei anymore.

But Lin Feng recognized her Qi so he recognized her easily, even from behind.

Lin Feng’s eyes suddenly became wet. He was shaken. Tears of guilt and remorse started flowing down his cheeks. He wanted to call her, but the words didn’t come out. His shout was as silent as if he had a big frog in the throat. He stretched out his hand but it was shaking violently, then his arm fell back and hung along his body.

He turned around and walked back to the beginning of the winding trail and sat down, his back to Yi Ren Lei. He sat there and remained silent. He didn’t talk to Yi Ren Lei because he didn’t know what to say. How was he supposed to talk to the woman he had hurt so much? How could he face the woman who had sacrificed so many things for him?

Time passed slowly, and the sun started setting. The sky was rosy and half of the sun had already disappeared below the horizon.

Yi Ren Lei stood up slowly and left the pavilion expressionlessly, but when she did so, she saw a man in black clothes seated at the top of the trail. His back was turned to her, but what a familiar silhouette.

A tear appeared in her eye and fell on her simple dress. Everything she had done before was worth it. She didn’t regret anything.

Lin Feng felt Yi Ren Lei was already standing. He slowly stood up and turned around.

At that moment, they didn’t say anything. They just stared at each other. Lin Feng and Yi Ren Lei looked at each other and cried.

Yi Ren Lei was even more astonished, because Lin Feng never cried. He was a man and he cried, which made her smile. She was even more convinced she had done the right thing.

She wiped the tears off her eyes with her sleeve, swallowing and running towards him. Lin Feng opened his arms and hugged her tightly. He hugged even tighter thinking he never wanted her to leave again.

Yi Ren Lei almost suffocated when Lin Feng held her in his arms so tight, but it felt good too to be in his arms. After that, she tried to move away, but Lin Feng continued holding her.

This time, he hoped they would never be separated again. If he lost her once again, it would be forever…

“Don’t leave, don’t leave. Stay here,” Lin Feng begged. He sounded like a child and held her firmly.

Yi Ren Lei smiled. Even though she was crying her eyes out, she was still happy. Lin Feng wasn’t a bad guy. He had traveled the world to find her, so it was all worth it.

“I’m not leaving,” promised Yi Ren Lei, crying even more. Then she put her arms around Lin Feng as well. It felt warm. He smelled good. There was nothing sexual. Both just felt tenderness and affection.

That hug was a symbol of their feelings. They would stay together from now on. Lin Feng would never have doubts about her. She would also stop being obsessive and contradictory. She would never think of asking Lin Feng to be exclusive.

Lin Feng was outstanding, and one woman wasn’t enough for him. Yi Ren Lei was now willing to share him with other women. Having him for herself would be too exhausting. She would never be his main wife, but she was willing to compromise.

Time passed slowly. It became dark outside. The moon rose up in the sky. Being in the forest felt peaceful. Apart from cicadas, there was no other sound.

“I can’t breathe,” Yi Ren Lei blushed. Lin Feng looked at her face; she smelled so good, she looked so beautiful now.

“No. I have to make up for all the bad things I’ve done and said,” Lin Feng said, shaking his head stubbornly. He looked like a young boy.

Yi Ren Lei smiled happily. Nobody else but women Lin Feng had feelings for would see him like that.

“It’s alright. We’ll have many other opportunities to hug from now on. If you continue hugging me like this, you’ll end up being turned on, and then what do we do?” said Yi Ren Lei smiling teasingly.

Lin Feng looked at her beautiful red lips and his heartbeat accelerated. She was bewitching. In the end, he closed his eyes.

Under the moonlight, in the mountainous forest, they chatted and laughed happily.

They were on good terms again!

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