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Chapter 1007: Negotiating…


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“Lin Feng, how did you know I was here?” asked Yi Ren Lei, laying in Lin Feng’s arms. They were laying down in the forest and looking at the bright stars in the sky. The moonlight illuminated their faces. Yi Ren Lei felt shy and embarrassed, but Lin Feng was used to spending such moments with women.

“Don’t call me Lin Feng,” Lin Feng said, glancing at her unhappily and shaking his head.

Yi Ren Lei blushed and whispered in a trembling voice, “Husband…”

“What did you say? Louder. I didn’t hear anything,” Lin Feng frowned, pretending he hadn’t heard her.

Yi Ren Lei hammered his shoulder gently with her small fist and shouted, “Husband, husband, husband! Are you satisfied?!”

“Hehe, yes! Very satisfied! Very!” Lin Feng smiled. He was now relieved. Yi Ren Lei wasn’t going to leave him ever again. She didn’t want to be separated from him ever again.

“Husband, how did you know I was here?” asked Yi Ren Lei again. She didn’t understand. She and the Ancient Demon King were the only ones who knew.

But the Ancient Demon King’s soul was inside her, so he couldn’t have had the opportunity to tell Lin Feng about her. She was at a loss.

She didn’t feel like talking about sad things, but this was important.

Lin Feng looked at her. She looked bewitching. Her eyes twinkled like stars.

Lin Feng didn’t know whether he should tell her or not. Should he wait for the most crucial moment to tell her? He didn’t want her to feel nervous and worried all the time. The best thing was to tell her only a part of the story…

Thinking about that, Lin Feng said, “The soul in your body is a broken soul. It is not the Ancient Demon King’s entire soul.

“I met the Ancient Demon King. He isn’t dead, and he is extremely strong. He said that soon, his broken soul would leave your body, so I tried to find you as quickly as possible to get rid of that broken soul. Luckily, I arrived in time, and you still have his broken soul under control. I will stay with you until I can feel his broken soul is going to burst out, then I’ll just destroy it.”

Lin Feng didn’t tell her she was in danger. It wouldn’t help her, and it would just make her worried.

When Yi Ren Lei heard that, her expression changed drastically. Back in the days, she had bravely sealed the Ancient Demon King’s broken soul into herself. The broken soul had tormented her many times, but she had always ground her teeth and endured the pain for Lin Feng.

She felt stupid now that Lin Feng had told her that. A broken soul…? She was much weaker than Lin Feng, so that broken soul could never have hurt Lin Feng, since it couldn’t hurt her. She had suffered to seal the broken soul in her body to protect Lin Feng…

But she didn’t regret it. She had done it for him. Now it was paying off. No matter what had happened between her and Lin Feng, she could also blame herself for that. She had acted in a way that had made him think she was only concerned about sex.

Now he knew it was not the case and she accepted Lin Feng. They were on good terms again.

“I have the feeling I can’t control him anymore. If you hadn’t come to find me, I’m not sure what I could have done, to be honest,” admitted Yi Ren Lei, blushing and lowering her head. What if she had been in danger and alone? She would have died!

Lin Feng looked at her angrily, “If you had talked to me earlier, everything would have been fine. Why didn’t you trust me? You thought I couldn’t defeat a mere broken soul?!”

“Hehe, I know. I was a silly girl. I have an almighty husband now, though. You’ll take care of him. I know that,” replied Yi Ren Lei, smiling sweetly.

Lin Feng shook his head helplessly. She was teasing him. Lin Feng found her funny, and was happy they were on good terms again. She had done so much for him.

Women were used to being spoiled. Lin Feng knew that. It had been like that ever since the ancient times.

“I will remove it from your body right now for your safety,” Lin Feng said seriously. The longer the Ancient Demon King’s broken soul was in her body, the more dangerous it got, so he decided to remove it as soon as possible.

Yi Ren Lei nodded. She drew away and stood up. Lin Feng sat down and raised his left hand. His Jia Yan’s Eye appeared. It was fiery red, and a beam of light emerged from it.

The temperature increased instantly tens of thousands of degrees. Yi Ren Lei was covered in cold sweat, but she clenched her jaw resolutely. No matter what, she had to get rid of the Ancient Demon King’s broken soul. They had to act quickly!

Yi Ren Lei suffered from the scorching heat, but she had to be strong. They had to make the Ancient Demon King’s broken soul come out and a scorching heat was a good way of forcing him to do so.

At the beginning, Yi Ren Lei’s skin was extremely white, but it gradually darkened with demon Qi. She coughed Qi. Lin Feng frowned as he sensed the Ancient Demon King’s demon Qi.

In the end, a shadow appeared above Yi Ren Lei’s head. It was the Ancient Demon King’s broken soul. Lin Feng looked at it grimly, his eyes filled with murder.

“Hey, Lin Feng, I hadn’t thought I’d bump into you here. It seems like you found your girlfriend. Hehe,” said the Ancient Demon King’s broken soul smiled mockingly. He wasn’t afraid at all, as if Lin Feng couldn’t withstand a single attack from him.

However, the broken soul only had the strength of the Half-Great Supreme God layer. He wasn’t even a real Great Supreme God, so he couldn’t pose a threat to Lin Feng at all.

This time, Lin Feng would destroy that broken soul so that it couldn’t escape.

Lin Feng remained silent, frowning and thrusting out a palm. His pure Genesis Spiritual strength surrounded Yi Ren Lei. She sensed a pure strength in her body. She clenched her fists and felt herself becoming stronger.

Lin Feng slapped the broken soul. It was instantly severely injured. It wanted to escape from Yi Ren Lei’s body, but Yi Ren Lei had turned into pure strength and it couldn’t escape.

The Ancient Demon King’s broken soul was stuck!

The Ancient Demon King’s broken soul looked glum and angry. If Lin Feng hadn’t shown up, he would have gotten rid of Yi Ren Lei sooner or later. It would have been easy and at the same time he could have killed Yi Ren Lei, which would have been great.

But Lin Feng was there, and the Ancient Demon King’s broken soul knew what it meant; it wasn’t going to leave alive. Lin Feng was going to use his full strength to destroy it!

So the Ancient Demon King got ready to take a risk. If he won, he could leave; if he lost, he would die!

“Hehe, Lin Feng, use your full strength. Come on! Yi Ren Lei and I share a body. Let’s see how you intend to defeat me. Come on! Hahahaha!” shouted the Ancient Demon King’s broken soul frantically. He kicked Yi Ren Lei’s soul out of her own body and occupied her entire body alone. She fainted.

Lin Feng’s expression hardened. The broken soul now controlled her body completely. It was extremely dangerous. If Lin Feng made a single mistake, she could lose her memories and she might never be able to retrieve them.

“Hehe! Come on! Let’s perish together!” shouted the broken soul, laughing madly. He used Yi Ren Lei’s hands to grab her own throat, and pressed with brute force.

Lin Feng’s expression fell, and he shouted hastily, “Stop! If you dare do anything funny, I’ll kill you!”

“Hehe, you’re afraid and sad?” Yi Ren Lei giggled. Lin Feng knew that the broken soul was speaking using her body.

“What do you want?! Speak!” Lin Feng snarled, taking a deep breath. He knew that he couldn’t attack recklessly anymore. Otherwise, he would injure Yi Ren Lei’s physical body and soul.

“Let’s negotiate!”

Negotiate! The Ancient Demon King’s broken soul had conditions!

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