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Chapter 1008: Ancient Demon King’s Life Gate!


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“Give Yi Ren Lei her body back first and then we’ll talk. Otherwise, you’re going to suffer a tragic death,” Lin Feng said icily, eyes ready to kill. The broken soul grimaced.

He didn’t hesitate. He only had the strength of the Half-Great Supreme God layer, and he couldn’t do anything against Lin Feng, which was why he threatened Yi Ren Lei instead. However, Lin Feng made him understand that if he didn’t release Yi Ren Lei, there would be no negotiation and Lin Feng wouldn’t mind killing him.

Nobody could threaten Lin Feng’s relatives and closest ones. Nobody! The Ancient Demon King was one of Lin Feng’s oldest enemies, so he knew Lin Feng better than most people. The broken soul let Yi Ren Lei take back control over her body.

“Come out now,” Lin Feng ordered, eerily calm. The broken soul could easily leave of Yi Ren Lei’s body since she was in a coma.

Lin Feng glanced at the Ancient Demon King’s broken soul and then turned around and walked down the mountain. The broken soul glanced at Yi Ren Lei, then at Lin Feng and followed him silently.

Lin Feng stopped at the foot of the mountain. The broken soul stopped behind him. The Ancient Demon King was worried.

“You want to negotiate, no problem. First you need to be honest. Second, you need to tell me some things I don’t know, for example some secrets about your real body. Otherwise, I don’t think we can negotiate anything,” Lin Feng stated while turning around.

The broken soul frowned and pulled a long face. He was a broken soul, but he wasn’t the kind of broken soul Lin Feng imagined. He was actually a tiny little thread of the Ancient Demon King’s broken soul. He was just a tiny, tiny little part of the Ancient Demon King’s soul.

Therefore, he hadn’t left the Ancient Demon King’s real body completely yet, but he wanted to. The Ancient Demon King scraped things together to be who he was. Chu Chun Qiu had taken advantage of that to escape, but the others hadn’t been so lucky.

Back then, Lin Feng had severely injured the Ancient Demon King, and Chu Chun Qiu had escaped. But to get rid of the Ancient Demon King he had also paid the price; he had lost a big part of his soul and he didn’t know where it was yet.

The Ancient Demon King had lost a part of his primordial soul. This part hadn’t been so lucky. He had bumped into Yi Ren Lei, and Yi Ren Lei had thought it was the Ancient Demon King’s complete soul, so she had taken a huge risk and sealed it in her body for Lin Feng.

Then, Lin Feng had said horrible things to her, that he didn’t want to have anything to do with ever again. He had made her extremely sad. The Demon King’s soul had then tried to make her disturb Lin Feng, but she had resisted and hadn’t given him any opportunity.

With time, the Ancient Demon King had managed to affect her determination, and his soul had gradually started gaining control over her body and mind. His sole purpose in doing this was to get out of her body. Yi Ren Lei was worried he would hurt Lin Feng, so she had resisted.

Until now…

Before, he had hoped Lin Feng would discover him because back then Lin Feng was much, much weaker than him. That way, he would have had more power to negotiate! But then Lin Feng had become too strong; he had broken through to the second Great Supreme God layer, so the remnant had hoped he wouldn’t meet Lin Feng thereafter.

Of course, he was mostly worried about his life. He knew Lin Feng had terrifying trump cards. He was sly and cruel, too. However, he also knew Lin Feng was a man of principles, so he hoped he’d manage to convince Lin Feng with principles.

Lin Feng silently waited for him to talk. He felt confident. This broken soul was about to become an independent primordial soul, so he didn’t want to go back to the Ancient Demon King.

Once a primordial soul had a consciousness, it didn’t need its original body anymore. It was a completely normal occurrence. Back then, Lin Feng had also gone through similar things, so he knew he could trust the primordial soul in front of him.

Lin Feng had guessed right. The Ancient Demon King’s broken soul had already started developing a consciousness, so he agreed with Lin Feng.

“I’ll tell you about the Demon King’s life gate and you let me go,” the primordial soul proposed to Lin Feng. He was convinced Lin Feng wasn’t going to refuse.

Of course Lin Feng wasn’t going to refuse. Knowing about the Ancient Demon King’s life gate was something extremely useful. If he knew where the Ancient Demon King’s life gate was, he would be able to kill him easily. That way, he’d get rid of the Ancient Demon King before he would had the opportunity to kill Lin Feng first!

Lin Feng didn’t want the Ancient Demon King to become a new Di Shu. Di Shu had plotted against Lin Feng, and Lin Feng had lost his primordial soul because of him. If Ancestor Kong hadn’t been there, Lin Feng would have died forever.

Therefore, he couldn’t make the same mistake again. If he knew where the Ancient Demon King’s life gate, or gate of vitality, was, he would be able to kill him in one strike!

“Tell me. I accept,” Lin Feng promised.

When the primordial soul heard that, he was extremely happy. Finally, he was going to get rid of the Ancient Demon King. He would finally be able to have a life of his own. A free life. He would never have to worry about the Ancient Demon King again! He would become extremely strong someday, and he would surpass the Ancient Demon King, and everybody else!

At that moment, the primordial soul was lost in thought. He even thought that if he managed to kill Lin Feng in the future, he would become the best cultivator of the Continent of the Nine Clouds. Back then, the Ancient Demon King and Lin Feng had competed, so if he surpassed the Ancient Demon King and killed Lin Feng, he would be the ultimate ruler of the Continent of the Nine Clouds!

His plan seemed perfect. Of course, he still had a lot of work to do and he had to look normal so that Lin Feng wouldn’t notice anything strange about him.

The primordial soul calmed down and looked at Lin Feng before speaking. “After you severely injured the Ancient Demon King, he escaped. Then Chu Chun Qiu escaped from him, so the Ancient Demon King’s weakness is his back. He has a faint wound which hasn’t completely healed. If you ever fight against him, aim at the back. You’ll definitely reach the wound and kill him in one strike.

“Apart from the back, his gate of vitality is in his right eye. It’s already rotted because of demon worms. When you look at him, you can’t see it because that mysterious cultivator made a fake eye for him; his rotting eye and the demon worms which are devouring his eye are sealed. You can try and burst his right eye then the demon worms will be unsealed and start eating his brain and his entire body. He’ll naturally die!

“That’s all I know. Are you happy with these pieces of information?” asked the primordial soul, getting ready to leave.

He would cultivate a few more years, and then come back out and make the whole continent shake!

Nobody could stop him. Lin Feng couldn’t. The Ancient Demon King couldn’t. The mysterious cultivator couldn’t, either!

Hehe! The primordial soul’s plan seemed perfect. It would just be difficult to do…

“Are you done? Are you sure you didn’t forget anything?” asked Lin Feng indifferently.

The primordial soul came back to his senses and shook his head resolutely, “No. I’m done. You can let me leave now.”

“Alright, leave now,” Lin Feng said, nodding emotionlessly.

The primordial soul was extremely happy. His plan was working! Step by step, he was getting closer and closer to his goal!

Hmph! Hmph! Lin Feng, you’re letting me leave today, but someday I will kill you!, thought the primordial soul. Even though he was now going to be independent, his mind was still influenced by the Demon king’s thoughts, and he felt hatred for Lin Feng, just like the Ancient Demon King.

The primordial soul started flying away. Lin Feng looked at the primordial soul’s back and grinned sinisterly.

“Hehe, an independent primordial soul? Unfortunately, you’re as stupid as the Ancient Demon King. Moron! Even if you leave, you will never manage to do anything. Besides, you used Yi Ren Lei to threaten me and I hate it when people threaten me.

“Therefore, you will die.”

Lin Feng took a deep breath. Even though he had made a promise, he had no other choice.

A fiery red beam of light emerged from his Jia Yan’s Eye and drilled into the primordial soul. The primordial soul wailed painfully and burned before vanishing.

Dying in fire was a horrible death.

After a short while, everything calmed down again. Apart from the strange smell of a burned soul, everything seemed normal.

Yi Ren Lei came back to her senses and ran down the mountain. When she saw Lin Feng was safe and sound, she was relieved.

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