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Chapter 1009: Separated Again!


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“Is that soul dead?” Yi Ren Lei asked when she smelled the strange odor.

Lin Feng turned around and looked at her. She was fine, so he was relieved.

“He’s dead. No need to worry about him anymore,” Lin Feng confirmed with a smile.

Yi Ren Lei smiled. She wasn’t worried about the soul, just about Lin Feng!

“Are you going to leave again?” asked Yi Ren Lei suddenly. Lin Feng was caught unprepared. In the end he forced a smile. He couldn’t lie to her, so he nodded.

“You know I…” Lin Feng was going to justify himself, but she put her hand on his mouth and looked at him. Then she hugged him and said, “Go. Don’t worry about me. Do what you have to do. I am not imprisoning you. I want to be like your other women, I want to support you,” said Yi Ren Lei. She didn’t want to be considered inferior to Lin Feng’s other women. In the past, Meng Qing’s existence had disturbed her. She had always had a sense of inferiority around her.

However, she now thought differently. She just wanted Lin Feng to be happy. That was the most important thing. As long as Lin Feng had a small space for her in his heart, it was enough.

“I’ll wait for you! Husband…” said Yi Ren Lei staring at Lin Feng. Her cheeks were rosy. She took her courage in both hands and kissed him.

Yi Ren Lei wanted to run away immediately, but Lin Feng caught her and held her firmly, then kissed her more leisurely on the lips. Her lips were sweet. They started feeling passion for each other again.

After a long kiss, Yi Ren Lei couldn’t breathe anymore. She pushed Lin Feng away again.

“Are you so desperate for a woman these days?” Yi Ren Lei laughed at him.

“Let me call you Little Xue,” Lin Feng smiled back at her.

Yi Ren Lei didn’t refuse. Yan Ran Xue was her other name, after all. He didn’t want to call her by her full name all the time, so Little Xue was a good option. It sounded sweet and cute.

“Husband, where are you going now?” asked Yi Ren Lei, fussing over him.

“I have to go to Ze Country to see Jing Wu Hen. I think something happened there.” replied Lin Feng. He now looked grim.

Yi Ren Lei was surprised and frowned. She knew Lin Feng couldn’t tell her everything, but he noticed her expression and asked, “What’s the matter, Little Xue?”

“I… I’m not sure I can tell you,” said Yi Ren Lei.

“Does it have something to do with Jing Wu Hen?” asked Lin Feng worriedly.

“Yes, it does,” said Yi Ren Lei, nodding honestly.

“So tell me. I’m worried,” Lin Feng said, taking a deep breath. Yi Ren Lei had spent most of her time in the borderland village these days, but she had also heard about many things, including things about Ze Country.

Yi Ren Lei nodded. She had no reason not to tell him. When she had heard about Jing Wu Hen, she didn’t know Lin Feng and Jing Wu Hen knew each other.

“Jing Wu Hen was imprisoned in the Yuan Hall, and the Yuan Hall has invaded Ze Country,” said Yi Ren Lei, frowning.

Even though she didn’t know whether Jing Wu Hen and Lin Feng were friends, when she saw his reaction, she understood. He looked angry.

“Husband, is Jing Wu Hen your friend?” asked Yi Ren Lei carefully.

Lin Feng nodded gravely and took a deep breath, “Not only a friend, we’re like brothers!”

“Like brothers? So you are even closer to him than to your fellow disciples in Tiantai?” asked Yi Ren Lei curiously.

Lin Feng shook his head and smiled wryly, “It’s completely different. I don’t compare people I consider like brothers and sisters anyway. But to put it simply, Jing Wu Hen was my first close friend in the Country of Eternity. When the Ancient Demonic Clan plotted against me and stole my Forbidden Body, he went there alone fearlessly and carried me out. I will never forget that.

“Therefore, I consider him a brother. Now, he’s in danger, so I have to go and save him,” Lin Feng said. Yi Ren Lei remained silent. She was now his wife, so she hoped he would take care of himself. She wanted him to be safe.

She supported him because he was a real man. A real man had to take care of his close friends.

Lin Feng was a real man; he was determined to go and save Jing Wu Hen!

“Husband, it’s alright, you can leave now. He was imprisoned a few months ago. I have a bad feeling too,” said Yi Ren Lei firmly.

Lin Feng was probably strong enough to save Jing Wu Hen.

Lin Feng looked at Yi Ren Lei. She had done so much for him in life. They had gone through so many hardships, but even in the worst moments, she had never stopped thinking about him.

What happiness to have such a wife!

“Alright. Don’t leave. Stay here. I will come back at some point. Or you can also go straight to Tian Dao Yuan in Lang Xie City.”

“Tian Dao Yuan?” asked Yi Ren Lei skeptically. She didn’t know about Lin Feng’s status.

“Yes. I am the leader of Tian Dao Yuan. You can trust the people there. If you don’t want to go to Tian Dao Yuan, stay here and wait for me.”

“Will you go there?” asked Yi Ren Lei.

“I’ll visit, yes. And if you’re not here, I won’t come back to San City. You know the reason. People here are too weak,” Lin Feng said.

Yi Ren Lei nodded. She would go to Tian Dao Yuan and wait for her husband. It was better to be in Tian Dao Yuan than in San City, which was far from everything.

Lin Feng was happy. He hugged Yi Ren Lei one more time and suddenly flew off towards Ze Country.

They were separated once again.

Yi Ren Lei watched Lin Feng disappear into the distance and burst into tears. They had just regained good relations, she had just officially become his woman, and now they were separated again.

It was inevitable, though. Lin Feng had so many things to do. He had ever more pressure to deal with

“I’ll do my best to back you up.” whispered Yi Ren Lei putting her hand on her heart solemnly.

This time, Lin Feng was probably not going to have fun!

Jing Wu Hen was imprisoned in Yuan Hall, and Ze Country was occupied by them. Jing Tian Ao was also imprisoned. It was like the government of Ze Country had completely disappeared, but ordinary citizens didn’t know that. They just had ordinary lives.


San City, Dragon Village…

Black Dragon Village and Azure Dragon Village had merged together to become Dragon Village, the place where the Ancient Dragon Sect was located. Long Lan Er had started to have feelings for Jing Wu Hen.

Three months before, everything had changed. Long Lan Er was extremely worried because she knew the Ancient Dragon Sect was weak. She was the only Great Supreme God in the sect. The two dragon kings now had the strength of the Half-Great Supreme God layer.

They couldn’t compete with the Yuan Hall. If she went and tried to save Jing Wu Hen, it would be extremely reckless. She couldn’t afford to gamble with the future of the Ancient Dragon Sect at stake. She had made such great efforts to get back to where they were now.

Therefore, she hoped Lin Feng would come back and save Jing Wu Hen.

However, she had been waiting for a while and she had had no news from Lin Feng, so she was disappointed.

Is there no solution? Will Jing Wu Hen be imprisoned forever?, thought Long Lan Er. She felt guilty and powerless, but she had no solution.

She was standing at the top of a high stage alone, crying.

“Wu Hen will not be imprisoned forever,” announced a familiar voice suddenly. When Long Lan Er heard that familiar voice, she rejoiced.

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