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Chapter 1010: Going in By Force!


“Lin Feng, you already know about Jing Wu Hen?” asked Long Lan Er. She cried even more and laid down. It was the first time she had cried in front of a man. She was so worried about Jing Wu Hen!

Lin Feng nodded. He wanted to go straight to Ze Country to save Jing Wu Hen, but then he had thought that Long Lan Er might be worried. He also knew she might do something reckless, so he decided to come and talk to her first to cheer her up.

“I will save Jing Wu Hen. Leave it to me. Don’t worry. Just be patient,” Lin Feng promised, smiling confidently. He turned around and got ready to leave.

“I’m coming with you,” said Long Lan Er, chasing after him resolutely. She had the strength of the first Great Supreme God layer, so she wouldn’t be a burden for him.

Lin Feng looked at her, remained silent for a few seconds and then nodded. Why not, after all?

“Let’s go. I’ll lead the way. Let’s go save Jing Wu Hen,” Lin Feng said nodded. They both flew towards Ze Country at top speed.


Only a million li separated Ze Country and San City so with their strength, they only needed half an hour to get there. When they arrived in Ze Country, they flew straight to the Imperial City.

When they arrived, Lin Feng didn’t land. He looked around from the sky. Seen from outside, everything seemed normal, but Lin Feng could feel the atmosphere in the Imperial Palace was oppressive.

Lin Feng had Long Lan Er land on the ground and wait for the opportune moment to go into action. He didn’t want the people of the Yuan Hall to notice anything. Long Lan Er obeyed and looked for a place to hide.

Lin Feng stayed in the sky and his terrifying Qi of the second Great Supreme God surrounded the Imperial Palace. Lin Feng knew that someone would come out shortly.

As expected, a few old men in red clothes soon came out. The leader of the group knew Lin Feng.

“Who’s acting recklessly here?” shouted She Shan icily, but when he saw Lin Feng, he was astonished, and his expression changed drastically. He started trembling.

“Lin… Lin Feng? What are you doing here?” asked She Shan. His lips stiffened and he paled. Why had Lin Feng come back at this precise moment? What did he want to do? Why had he come?

Lin Feng looked at She Shan. She Shan was Jing Wu Hen’s teacher, but Jing Wu Hen was imprisoned in Yuan Hall, so it meant his teacher hadn’t done anything to save him. Even worse, Lin Feng started thinking the old man may have even given up on him.

“Excuse me for my lack of manners, Master,” Lin Feng said, pretending to be surprised. He smiled at the old man calmly.

“What are you doing here?” asked She Shan vigilantly. He wasn’t sure Lin Feng was there for Jing Wu Hen. He didn’t even know whether Lin Feng knew Jing Wu Hen was imprisoned.

Lin Feng knew She Shan was being hypocritical. He immediately knew he had guessed right, She Shan had definitely given up on Jing Wu Hen. It meant that everybody in Yuan Hall had given up on him and taken over Ze Country.

The Yuan Hall was afraid other people would find out about this, so they hadn’t let any information spread out, but there was always someone who ended up knowing about other people’s secrets. Now Lin Feng definitely knew about Jing Wu Hen.

Lin Feng didn’t want to let She Shan know the purpose of his visit too soon, though.

“I’m here for Jing Wu Hen,” Lin Feng said, pretending not to know what had happened, and he even smiled affably.

When She Shan heard that, his heart twitched, but he was momentarily convinced Lin Feng didn’t know about Jing Wu Hen. But if he tried to change the subject, Lin Feng would understand there was something wrong, and that would be a problem. Yuan Hall didn’t want to be enemies with Lin Feng!

“He’s meditating in seclusion. Nobody can see him for the time being. You should leave. When he comes out, I’ll let you know,” promised She Shan smoothly.

Lin Feng smiled mockingly. She Shan was good at lying.

“Ah? He’s meditating in seclusion? Well then, no problem, I’ll go and see Master Jing Tian Ao then,” Lin Feng smiled. Ge got ready to land on the Imperial Palace, but She Shan stopped him. Lin Feng looked at him angrily.

She Shan’s expression was ugly. He knew his reaction had been over the top, but if he let Lin Feng continue, then Lin Feng would understand there was a problem.

“Why are you preventing me from passing? Are you hiding something from me?” shouted Lin Feng angrily.

She Shan shook his head hastily and said, “I wouldn’t dare! You’re thinking too much, Lin Feng! But Jing Tian Ao is not here. He’s on a trip. He’s not in the Imperial Palace,” lied She Shan. He hoped he could divert Lin Feng’s attention.

The best result would be Lin Feng leaving. Then Yuan Hall could spy on him and see if he would try anything.

Lin Feng knew what She Shan was trying to accomplish. “Jing Tian Ao isn’t here either? And Jing Wu Hen is meditating in seclusion, eh? Could it be that the Yuan Hall has invaded Ze Country and now occupies it?” shouted Lin Feng angrily. His Qi bore down on She Shan.

She Shan paled, and began to panic. Was Lin Feng going to enter the palace by force?

“Ze Country and Yuan Hall are allies, why would the Yuan Hall occupy Ze Country?” protested She Shan, trying take his courage in both hands.

“Allies? San City and Ze Country are allies too! So why can’t I go in and see?!” Lin Feng said angrily.

She Shan wasn’t stupid. Lin Feng had probably heard something, or he wouldn’t have shown up and said such things.

Thinking about that, She Shan’s expression suddenly changed. He knew he was unlucky this time.

“Yuan Hall doesn’t welcome you. Leave now!” ordered She Shan angrily. He had no choice.

However, Lin Feng didn’t care at all. He pushed She Shan aside and flew down towards the Imperial Palace. She Shan shouted angrily and threw a punch at Lin Feng’s back.

Lin Feng smiled icily. He activated his Genesis Spiritual body, and when She Shan’s punch reached him, he didn’t feel anything. He smiled mockingly, turning his head around to look at She Shan before he landed in a courtyard of the palace.

There was no sound. It felt strange. It wasn’t like this in ordinary times.

Lin Feng smiled icily and glanced at She Shan, “Yuan Hall harbors evil intentions, eh?”

“Hmph! Lin Feng, you better hurry up and leave! If you do, we will forgive you and we won’t kill you!” Many disciples and elders from Yuan Hall surrounded Lin Feng.

Lin Feng frowned coldly. These elders and disciples were weaklings. They couldn’t pose a threat to him at all.

“I have no time to play with you. Call Yuan Tian,” Lin Feng said dismissively, and walked into the Imperial Palace.

“Stop! Stop him!” shouted She Shan explosively, chasing after Lin Feng. He couldn’t let him go inside by force. He couldn’t let him ruin their plan!

The elders and disciples all followed She Shan. They brandished their weapons and chased Lin Feng.

“How annoying! If you want to fight, go and fight with them,” Lin Feng frowned. He was annoyed, so he had five demon corpses come out.

The massacre was about to start!

She Shan was terrified. Five Half-Great Supreme Gods?! How astonishing. He didn’t know what to do anymore.

He decided to protect himself while the other elders and disciples were destroyed. In the blink of an eye, there was a bloodbath.

Lin Feng didn’t stop. He walked to the big gate, then kicked the gate open. The gate collapsed.

But when he opened the gate, someone threw a punch at him. Lin Feng dodged part of it, but was still pushed back three or four steps.

“A surprise attack? How long have you been waiting for this, Yuan Tian?” Lin Feng said, putting his hand on his chest. His eyes were filled with murder.

Anyone who knew Lin Feng well would understand that Lin Feng was about to destroy some people! When Lin Feng was angry, it often ended up in a bloodbath!


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