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Chapter 1011: I Destroyed Yuan Hall, so What?


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After that punch, an old man in golden clothes appeared. It was Yuan Tian. Back when Lin Feng and Yuan Tian had met, it was at the Great Competition; Yuan Tian was a distinguished guest and Lin Feng had participated in the Great Competition as a fighter.

A long time had passed, and Lin Feng had become as strong as Yuan Tian. Lin Feng had the strength of the second Great Supreme God layer while Yuan Tian only had the strength of the third. Since Lin Feng could defeat cultivators who were stronger than him by one or two cultivation layers, defeating Yuan Tian wasn’t an issue.

“Lin Feng, you can’t cause trouble in Yuan Hall. You better behave!” warned Yuan Tian pointing coldly at Lin Feng.

Lin Feng scratched his nose and frowned. Initially, he wasn’t furious to the point of killing someone, but now he had an idea; maybe it was time to destroy Yuan Hall?

“I should destroy Yuan Hall,” replied Lin Feng, shaking his head. Initially, he wanted to give Jing Wu Hen face, but Yuan Hall had already gotten rid of Jing Wu Hen, so letting them off wasn’t necessary.

Lin Feng was often cruel and violent. Now that he had decided to destroy Yuan Hall, he was definitely going to do it!

When Yuan Tian heard that, his expression plummeted, staring at Lin Feng in disbelief. Then he smiled scornfully, “Are you joking? Lin Feng, what makes you think you have the power to destroy Yuan Hall?”

“What makes me think I can do it? What do you think?” Lin Feng grinned. He raised his hand and seventy-five demon corpses appeared behind him. The five other demon corpses who were done getting rid of the others joined them, too.

Eighty Half-Great Supreme Gods stood behind Lin Feng. When Yuan Tian saw that, he paled and was suddenly covered in cold sweat.

Qi emerged from their bodies with a hum. Yuan Tian didn’t look anywhere near as confident and conceited as before. He had never felt so desperate in his life. He now knew they were going to be destroyed. There was no hope at all.

“That’s what makes me feel confident I can destroy you!” Lin Feng smiled icily, pointing to his demon corpse army. The demon corpse army had destroyed so many ancient sects and clans in the past. It was their greatest skill.

Yuan Hall was extremely pale. His lips were shaking, and he didn’t know what to say or do. He knew there was nothing he could do to protect Yuan Hall.

“You… You really want to do that? If you do that, everybody will be furious at you!” Yuan Tian tried to say. Threatening Lin Feng was the last thing he could do.

What a joke!, thought Lin Feng.

“Release Jing Wu Hen,” Lin Feng said nonchalantly, wiggling his forefinger. The situation was in his hands. Yuan Tian had no choice but to release Jing Wu Hen.

Yuan Tian smiled badly. Since Lin Feng had arrived, Yuan Tian knew it was for Jing Wu Hen, but at the beginning, he thought he would be able to defeat Lin Feng easily. In the end, Lin Feng had trump cards.

He realized he had been stupid, and regretted everything. Why had he chosen Yuan Feng? Why had he abandoned Jing Wu Hen? Jing Wu Hen was younger than Yuan Feng and more talented.

Well, it was obviously because Yuan Feng was a disciple of Yuan Hall, while Jing Wu Hen wasn’t a real one. He felt closer to Yuan Feng, but it had been a mistake. Because of that mistake, Yuan Hall was going to be annihilated.

“I can release Jing Wu Hen, but promise you will not annihilate Yuan Hall,” answered Yuan Tian, trying one last time, hoping to use Jing Wu Hen to save Yuan Hall.

What a bad joke, thought Lin Feng. Putting pressure on him didn’t work.

“You think you are still qualified to negotiate? You think you are qualified to put pressure on me?

“I asked you to release Jing Wu Hen. It was an opportunity. I thought that if you did it without causing trouble, I would spare the lives of the ordinary disciples of Yuan Hall, but now you’re using this opportunity to put pressure on me?

“You think you are qualified to do that, Yuan Tian?!” shouted Lin Feng. His deadly energies rolled in waves in the sky of Ze Country. Even though people outside didn’t know what was going on, they understood something incredible was happening… but nobody dared come and watch.

Yuan Tian was furious and desperate. He knew he couldn’t put pressure on Lin Feng. If Lin Feng wanted to save Jing Wu Hen, he could also destroy Yuan Hall first and then save Jing Wu Hen!

Lin Feng was going to destroy Yuan Hall. It was unthinkable, but it was a fact. Yuan Hall was going to be wiped off the continent, just like the Ancient Demonic Clan. More sects and clans were being destroyed by Lin Feng!

“She Shan, release Jing Tian Ao!” shouted Yuan Tian.

The old man was extremely pale, but he couldn’t do anything either. He could just listen to Yuan Tian and release Jing Wu Hen and his father, Jing Tian Ao.

Jing Wu Hen and Jing Tian Ao quickly came out. Jing Tian Ao’s legs and arms were tied up with very special chains which ordinary people couldn’t break.

Jing Wu Hen was in an even more miserable state because the chains in which he was tied up had pierced through his spinal cord, and he was soaked in blood. His white robe had become red, but Jing Wu Hen remained stoic.

When Lin Feng saw that, he was extremely angry. Jing Wu Hen was his best friend in the Country of Eternity and Yuan Hall had tortured him. How infuriating!

Long Lan Er was hiding in the darkness. When she saw that, she was infuriated and flashed towards Yuan Tian. She wanted to kill him!

“ARRRGGHHHHH! I’ll kill you!” shouted Long Lan Er furiously. She only had the strength of the first Great Supreme God layer, so she couldn’t defeat Yuan Tian. He slapped out and pushed her away easily.

She coughed blood. When Jing Wu Hen saw that, his expression changed drastically. He was furious. He looked at Lin Feng and shouted furiously, “Lin Feng, come and destroy Yuan Hall! Destroy Yuan Hall!”

When Lin Feng saw that, he took a deep breath and got ready to do what Jing Wu Hen had just said. “Destroy Yuan Hall!” Lin Feng shouted at the demon corpses.

People started screaming in pain. Lin Feng remained calm and serene. He didn’t feel guilty at all.

Yuan Tian’s corpse had already disappeared somewhere in the middle of all the other corpses. Nobody could escape. Eighty cultivators of the Half-Great Supreme God layer could easily compete with a cultivator of the fourth Great Supreme God layer, they were terrifyingly strong.

Lin Feng walked over to Jing Wu Hen. Jing Wu Hen took Long Lan Er in his arms. She was severely injured. Jing Wu Hen was worried.

“Silly girl! Silly girl!” shouted Jing Wu Hen, holding her in his arms. He was in pain himself, but it didn’t matter, all that mattered was the woman he loved.

At the same time, Lin Feng was moved. At the same time, he was happy that Yuan Hall was being destroyed. Yuan Feng had betrayed him, Jing Wu Hen had been imprisoned. Yuan Hall just went whichever way the wind blew, so they deserved to be destroyed.

The whole continent might be shaken by the destruction of Yuan Hall, but Lin Feng didn’t care. They had imprisoned his brother and tortured him.

He had destroyed Yuan Hall, so what? His brother had suffered so much because of them!

He destroyed Yuan Hall, so what? Jing Wu Hen had been kind to them. He had hoped their cooperation would be fruitful and in the end, they had instead invaded Ze Country. They deserved to be destroyed.

“I destroyed Yuan Hall, so what?!” whispered Lin Feng, smiling without a care.

Hundreds of disciples of Yuan Hall had been killed. Yuan Tian’s corpse was already gone. Apart from Yuan Feng, who had escaped from Ju Valley, all the members of Yuan Hall had been killed.

“Lin Feng, I feel ashamed. You came to save us and I..,” said Jing Tian Ao, kneeling down in front of Lin Feng. He felt so guilty. Back then when Lin Feng was in danger, he had prevented Jing Wu Hen from saving Lin Feng. He had even locked him up to prevent him from going over.

Now Ze Country had been in danger and Lin Feng had rushed over to save them. He had even destroyed Yuan Hall for his friend.

He felt mean and ungrateful.

Lin Feng’s expression changed when he saw Jing Tian Ao kneel down. Lin Feng was indeed angry at Jing Tian Ao about what he had done, but Jing Wu Hen was a good guy and Lin Feng was ready to compromise for him.

Jing Wu Hen was like a brother to him. The rest didn’t matter.

“Uncle, stand up. You didn’t do anything wrong. You did this for Wu Hen. I would have done the same,” Lin Feng said sighing patiently.

Jing Tian Ao was very relieved when he heard Lin Feng.

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