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Chapter 1012: Healing!


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“Lin Feng, what should we do? Wu Hen…?” Long Lan Er stopped crying after a long time. Jing Wu Hen was soaked in blood and looked miserable. It was going to be difficult to heal since his spinal cord had been damaged.

“Don’t worry. There are no problems, only solutions,” Lin Feng said firmly. He was just cheering Long Lan Er up. Jing Wu Hen’s injuries were extremely serious. The spinal cord was extremely important to cultivators. If their spinal cord was damaged, their cultivation was usually crippled.

Yuan Hall was so cruel. They had tried to cripple Jing Wu Hen’s cultivation in spite of all the good things he had done for them in the past. She Shan was truly evil.

“Little Lan, you and dad leave. I need to talk to Lin Feng,” Jing Wu Hen said in an unsteady yet resolute voice. Long Lan Er looked worried and didn’t want to go, but she nodded. She got back up and left with Jing Tian Ao.

After they left, Lin Feng sat down in front of Jing Wu Hen. They both looked calm. Jing Wu Hen forced a smile and said indifferently, “You think it’s ridiculous, eh?”

“Yes, ridiculous,” Lin Feng agreed angrily.

Jing Wu Hen knew what Lin Feng meant, but what could he do? He had suddenly been imprisoned and tortured. He’d had no way of contacting Lin Feng.

“You saved me once already. I am happy to have you as a brother,” Jing Wu Hen smiled, but his smile quickly stiffened because of the pain. More blood flowed from his back.

Lin Feng shook his head. He stretched out his hand and released Genesis Spiritual strength to stop the bleeding, but it wasn’t enough. He needed to be treated as soon as possible, or he would never been able to cultivate ever again.

“What the hell is that!?” Lin Feng shouted furiously. Jing Wu Hen was so smart, but still hadn’t seen it coming. It was simply astonishing!

Jing Wu Hen smiled wryly and recalled what had happened in the previous months.

“Yuan Feng plotted against me,” said Jing Wu Hen. Lin Feng face hardened. He hated Yuan Feng even more. Where was the bastard now?

Yuan Feng was one of the most despicable people Lin Feng had ever met. But no matter where he was, he would soon learn that Yuan Hall had been destroyed; how would he react? The problem was he might do something insane and desperate. Lin Feng was worried.

“What did he do?” asked Lin Feng. With only Yuan Feng’s strength, plotting against Jing Wu Hen wasn’t that easy. The people of Ze Country were not easy to deal with, especially Jing Tian Ao, who had the strength of the Great Supreme God layer.

Jing Wu Hen knew that Lin Feng didn’t understand so he began to speak.

“I was meditating in seclusion and my teacher, She Shan, was in charge of guarding my room so that nobody would disturb me. Then, I don’t know why, the guard changed. Yuan Feng became the guard.

“You can imagine what happened. I was meditating in seclusion and he attacked me. I nearly lost my senses, but I was strong enough to fight against him. However, at that moment, the elders of Yuan Hall intervened and he quickly gained advantage.

“Then, Yuan Feng chained me up himself and threw me in a cell. He wanted me to be stuck in that cell for eternity.

“At the same time, Yuan Tian contacted my father and lied to him, saying he was worried about me because I had lost my senses. My father rushed over, and that’s how he ended up in Yuan Feng’s hands as well.

“Then, She Shan found me but Yuan Hall had already planned to abandon me and protect Yuan Feng. They started giving him all their cultivation resources. They’re also the ones who made me meditate in seclusion. They wanted me to be vulnerable and making me meditate in seclusion was the best thing they could do.

“That’s how Yuan Hall plotted against me and how Ze Country ended up in their hands. As simple as that!” explained Jing Wu Hen.

Lin Feng was shaking with anger. He also knew he had to kill Yuan Feng as quickly as possible, or Jing Wu Hen would be in danger.

“Alright, Yuan Feng escaped. I’ll do my best to find him and then I’ll avenge you, brother!” promised Lin Feng.

Jing Wu Hen smiled indifferently. He knew that Lin Feng wasn’t just trying to cheer him up, and would really do it. But Jing Wu Hen wanted to kill Yuan Feng himself. He didn’t want Lin Feng to help.

But he didn’t say it because he didn’t know where Yuan Feng was. If they found Yuan Feng, he might ask Lin Feng if he could kill him himself.

“Lin Feng, why did you come back?” asked Jing Wu Hen curiously. Lin Feng was probably extremely busy, how come he had come back? It couldn’t be because of him, because Lin Feng couldn’t have known he was imprisoned.

The only possibility was that Lin Feng had first gone to San City, where someone had told him about him.

“Don’t worry. You need to rest and heal. I will help you,” Lin Feng replied, shaking his head. He didn’t feel like talking about all this, especially since Jing Wu Hen didn’t know Yi Ren Lei. The most important thing was to help Jing Wu Hen heal.

Jing Wu Hen nodded. He knew he was in danger. He had solely relied on his pure Qi and determination to prevent the injuries from getting worse during the previous two months. He could have died otherwise.

Jing Wu Hen sat down cross-legged and put his palms together. Pure Qi emerged and he got ready for Lin Feng to heal him.

Lin Feng got up, and stood behind Jing Wu Hen. He stretched out his hands. Sharp Qi emerged from them, growing sharper and sharper.

“I will first take the chains out of your spinal cord. It will be extremely painful,” Lin Feng said. He put his hands on the chains. Jing Wu Hen nodded and clenched his teeth.

Crack! The chain came out of Jing Wu Hen’s spine. Lin Feng’s heart twitched when he heard it jangling. Poor Jing Wu Hen. He didn’t even shout, but he was soaked in sweat.

He bled even more, and his blood was black. Lin Feng hissed. Yuan Feng had poisoned him?! He wanted Jing Wu Hen to die slowly and in terrible pain?! If Jing Wu Hen hadn’t been strong, he would have died a long time ago!

“I have an antidote in my blood, it can cure poison,” Lin Feng stated. He stretched out his hand, cut his fingers, and drops of blood fell into Jing Wu Hen’s wounds. Golden lights flashed. Lin Feng cut himself again, and more blood fell into Jing Wu Hen’s wounds.

Lin Feng paled. He wasn’t using pure blood, he was using essence blood, which was extremely scarce in a cultivator. His pure Qi grew weaker. He would need time to recover, but it didn’t matter when saving Jing Wu Hen.

Enough blood fell onto Jing Wu Hen’s wounds. As Lin Feng forced the poison out of Jing Wu Hen’s blood, it fell on Jing Wu Hen’s white robe, staining it like black ink.

After removing the poison from Jing Wu Hen, Lin Feng started absorbing life strength from his spirit world.

He did that for half an hour, and it worked well. Jing Wu Hen gradually looked much better.

Two hours after that, it was already dark at night. Jing Wu Hen had recovered. It would just take more time for his bones to heal. Otherwise, he was fine already, two-thirds of the way along the path of recovery.

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