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Chapter 1013: Merging Groups!

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That night, Lin Feng looked at the great palace in front of him. Long Lan Er and Jing Wu Hen were up there looking at the sky. They were illuminated by the moonlight. It was a beautiful sight.

If Little Xue had been there, it would have been perfect; he could have enjoyed the pleasure of having a woman in his arms, too. Of course, Lin Feng didn’t miss her too much. They had been separated for only one day so far. Besides, wouldn’t Long Lan Er be angry if Little Xue showed up?

Long Lan Er had flirted with him and he had rejected her, so he couldn’t bring women along and be close to them in front of Long Lan Er. It was disrespectful to both Jing Wu Hen and Long Lan Er. Still, it was great that Long Lan Er and Jing Wu Hen were together. Ze Country and the Ancient Dragon Sect were now allies, and Ze Country could help the Ancient Dragon Sect rise again.


Lin Feng left silently and went back to his room. He needed to rest, as healing Jing Wu Hen had exhausted him. In the morning, he would be bursting with energy after a good rest.

The moon was bright and there were few stars. What were Jing Wu Hen and Long Lan Er talking about? Were they exchanging sweet words? Had they missed each other?

A night was short, though. Lin Feng quickly fell asleep and soon it was daytime again. A new day was going to start.

Lin Feng prepared some clean clothes and went out. The sun was already high in the sky. He had slept in until noon. Lin Feng rarely slept so much.

He had really used too much pure Qi and essence blood the day before. It took time to recover.

“Morning, Lin Feng.” Jing Wu Hen and Long Lan Er were arm in arm. Lin Feng was startled. They were still up on the high platform. Hadn’t they slept? Had they stayed there all night and the whole morning as well?

“Morning,” Lin Feng said. He didn’t know what to say, so he just nodded and smiled.

“Lin Feng, let’s go to the great hall. I need to talk to you,” said Jing Wu Hen. Lin Feng nodded and head to the great hall. Jing Wu Hen and Long Lan Er jumped off the high stage after him.

A short time later, Lin Feng and Jing Wu Hen were in the great hall with Long Lan Er. Jing Tian Ao wasn’t there, so Lin Feng understood something. What Jing Wu Hen wanted to tell him probably had something to do with Ze Country, San City, and the Ancient Dragon Sect.

Jing Wu Hen looked at Lin Feng and said straightforwardly, “Lin Feng, let’s all merge.”

“Merge?” Lin Feng was startled because he hadn’t intended to do that at all. He intended to do all he could for Tian Dao Yuan, so he didn’t know what to do.

But Lin Feng quickly understood something: he couldn’t spend too much time in San City. If the three influential groups merged, they’d become much more powerful. It was a good thing!

“Did you talk to your wife about it?” asked Lin Fen, amused.

Jing Wu Hen smiled, but didn’t reply to the question. “You agree or not?”

“Why do I have the feeling your wife and you are trying to steal San City from me?” asked Lin Feng, feeling a bit strange.

“Hehe, Lin Feng, we’re trying to put pressure on you now. You have no choice. Haha!” answered Jing Wu Hen, laughing loudly. Long Lan Er and he had already talked. They were sure Lin Feng was going to agree.

Lin Feng looked at Jing Wu Hen, who looked so confident. He was right, though. Lin Feng was indeed going to agree.

“Alright, since you and your wife already talked, what can I do?” Lin Feng nodded, pretending to sigh helplessly. He turned around and walked away. Long Lan Er and Jing Wu Hen glanced at each other and smiled happily.

Lin Feng was really leaving this time. Jing Wu Hen knew but he didn’t see Lin Feng off. Otherwise, the two brothers would feel sad saying goodbye.

Lin Feng had already agreed to have their three groups merge. He couldn’t take care of that, because the mysterious man limited his scope of actions. He had no time to lose. Ten days had already passed!

Lin Feng still had things to do. If he didn’t do them, he wouldn’t find peace of mind when going back to the mysterious man in black.


I need to go and find Chu Chun Qiu. The Ancient Demon King has come back, so Chu Chun Qiu must be worried as well, thought Lin Feng while flying east. After leaving Ze Country, he was soon in the Lun Bi Empire. Chu Chun Qiu had probably come back.

At the same time, the whole continent was already shaken. In two days, everybody knew that Lin Feng had annihilated Yuan Hall. Everybody had different reactions.

The Tai Qing Sect was astonished. How had Lin Feng come back? Hadn’t he been captured? How had he annihilated Yuan Hall?

Qing Ling Xuan was the most furious of them. How had Lin Feng done those things? He had been…

The continent was shaking everywhere. Qing Xu Duan initially thought Lin Feng was dead. That would have been the best, as they would have pretended to be sad for him and then they would have had Qing Ling Xuan and Qing Xin Yue marry.

However, Lin Feng was alive and had helped them save Qing Xin Yue. The Tai Qing Sect now owed Lin Feng, especially since Qing Ling Xuan had lied about him.

He had lied to Qing Xin Yue, but if she ever found out the truth, it would be a catastrophe!

Lin Feng wasn’t strong enough to destroy the Tai Qing Sect yet, but back then, when he had destroyed the Ancient Demonic Clan, he wasn’t strong enough to destroy Yuan Hall, and now he had just done so. He was growing stronger and stronger. Someday he’d be strong enough to destroy the Tai Qing Sect!

Qing Xu Duan realized he had made a huge mistake. He also remembered he had given Lin Feng a blank paper, and Lin Feng had still agreed to go and save her. The Tai Qing Sect really owed him!

Lin Feng had never done anything wrong to the Tai Qing Sect. He had never humiliated Qing Xin Yue or anything, but what the Tai Qing Sect had done was a humiliation to Lin Feng.

At that moment, someone knocked at the door. Qing Ling Chao came in and looked grim. He was furious, and quickly walked towards Qing Ling Xuan.

Qing Ling Chao didn’t say anything. Qing Ling Chao just slapped Qing Xu Duan in the face.

Nobody was in the room, or they would have been astonished. Qing Ling Chao had just slapped Qing Xu Duan? Even worse, after that, Qing Xu Duan just lowered his head!

“Qing Xu Duan, you disappointed me!” shouted Qing Ling Chao furiously. Qing Xu Duan lowered his head even more.

“Brother, I know I made a mistake. I feel sorry for Lin Feng,” said Qing Xu Duan, sighing remorsefully.

Qing Ling Chao looked at him icily and smiled mockingly, “You made a mistake? You feel sorry for Lin Feng? Don’t think I don’t know what game you’re playing. You want your two disciples to get married to gain control over the Tai Qing Sect. Qing Ling Chao, don’t forget that the Tai Qing Sect is not only yours! I’m here, your fellow disciple, Qing Ling Chao!

“Don’t think you can do whatever you wish when I’m not here. I came back recently from the World of Battles, and after I arrived I learned everything. Feng Yang is also about to come out. When he does, you better think carefully. Who do you want Qing Xin Yue to marry? Qing Ling Xuan, or my disciple, Qing Feng Yang?

“You better think of Lin Feng, too! That young man is extremely cruel and violent. You humiliated him, and he will never forgive you!

“Good luck! I’m off!” shouted Qing Ling Chao angrily. He walked away and didn’t even close the door after leaving.

Qing Xu Duan watched his fellow disciple’s silhouette disappear in the distance and forced a smile. Many people thought Qing Xu Duan was the strongest cultivator of the Tai Qing Sect, but who would have thought Qing Ling Chao, that white-bearded old man, actually was?

“World of Battles? Is it going to reopen?” whispered Qing Xu Duan. His eyes gleamed.

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