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Chapter 1014: Chu Chun Qiu! 

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“Alright, wait for me. Sooner or later, I will destroy you and break your bones into a thousand pieces!” shouted a man deep in a mountainous forest. He was wearing torn shabby clothes. He clenched his fists and ground his teeth. He wanted to kill Lin Feng. When he heard Lin Feng had annihilated Yuan Hall, his eyes became bloodshot.

He was the only one left alive from Yuan Hall… Yuan Feng!

“I will become your worst nightmare, Lin Feng,” Yuan Feng grinned to himself. He flew into the depths of the forest. These days, he kept flying away. He wanted to get as far as possible from Ju Valley and the men in black.

Luckily, he could rest since Lin Feng had diverted them for a while. But if the men in black ever caught him, it would be a catastrophe. They would kill him as a traitor!

He was a traitor because he had escaped from Ju Valley. The men in black wouldn’t leave the matter at that.

“Luckily, my teacher told me about the World of Battles. It’s the place where the people of the Country of Eternity are the strongest. Lin Feng, you will definitely go to the World of Battles as well. I will wait for you there!”


Lin Feng quickly arrived in the Lun Bi Empire, as it was very close to Ze Country. When Lin Feng arrived, Chu Chun Qiu appeared in the distance.

Chu Chun Qiu didn’t waste time. He waved at Lin Feng and flew away. Lin Feng followed him closely. Half an hour later, they arrived at the Imperial City together. Chu Chun Qiu landed and entered a teahouse.

Lin Feng followed him inside.

“Lock the door. Don’t let anyone come inside,” Chu Chun Qiu said to the owner. The owner hastily ran out of the teahouse and put a CLOSED sign on the entrance door.

“Sit down, Lin Feng,” said Chu Chun Qiu. He was surprised Lin Feng had escaped from Ju Valley, but happy Lin Feng was there.

“Lin… Lin… Lin Feng, you are Lin Feng?” When Lin Feng sat down, the owner of the teahouse was astonished.

Lin Feng was surprised. Since when was he famous in the Lun Bi Empire?

“Yes, this is Lin Feng. The one who I fought to a draw,” explained Chu Chun Qiu, shaking his head helplessly.

The owner was astonished. He would never forget the fight which had happened a year before. 

That fight had shaken the whole empire. Many people had watched it and broken through thanks to that duel.

Even though a year had passed, Lin Feng was still famous. The imperial family couldn’t do anything about it. Thus, Lin Feng was extremely famous in both San City and the Lun Bi Empire.

“What would you like to drink?” asked the owner respectfully. He looked at Lin Feng in admiration. Back in the days, he had wanted to become a professional cultivator too, but in the end, he had no resources, so he had given up. He was just a Godly Emperor.

The old man still admired cultivators, all of them.

“It’s a teahouse here, but I want to drink some wine,” Lin Feng said. The old man went to his private kitchen and came back with a jar of wine. It smelled good. When Lin Feng and Chu Chun Qiu smelled the wine, they were both thirsty.

“The name of this beverage is Sweetness of Drunkenness. I stole it from bar a hundred years ago, but I didn’t want to drink it, I wanted to keep it. But you can have it. It would be an honor if you drank it,” said the man, gritting his teeth. He didn’t really feel like giving up that bottle, but he still put it on the table.

Lin Feng looked at the old man’s expression and understood that that wine wasn’t ordinary.

“Alright, Lin Feng, let’s drink. We’ve been enemies for so long so we’ve never had the opportunity to get drunk and chat happily together. Let’s get hammered today!” shouted Chu Chun Qiu excitedly.

Chu Chun Qiu really wanted to get drunk. He put two bowls on the table and poured wine in them. It was a clear and transparent liquid, and looked so pure.

“Lin Feng, come on, DOWN IT!” shouted Chu Chun Qiu loudly,raising his bowl. Lin Feng didn’t raise his bowl immediately, glancing at the old man. 

He looked sad. That wine was probably very expensive.

Lin Feng raised his bowl, but he didn’t toast Chu Chun Qiu. Instead, he gave his bowl to the old man. At the same time, a golden Genesis Spiritual strength filled it. “Mister, the first one is for you,” Lin Feng stated, smiling calmly. 

Chu Chun Qiu was surprised. He didn’t understand what Lin Feng was doing, so he just put his bowl back down and looked at the old man.

The old man’s expression fell. He didn’t understand why Lin Feng wanted him to drink first. Was there poison in the glass?

“Why?” asked the old man. 

Lin Feng said kindly, “I don’t think there’s poison in it, I just want you to drink first because it was difficult for you to obtain this wine and you’ve been keeping it for a long time without drinking it. I understand it must be very valuable. Letting you have the first glass is absolutely normal,” Lin Feng smiled. 

The old man understood he had no choice, so he downed it.

He had the impression the wine tasted differently from long ago, as if there was an incredible strength in it. He turned red and cried out as strength filled his body.

It was the first time he had felt like that when drinking wine, as if he hadn’t drunk wine, but strength?

Strength? The old man suddenly looked at Lin Feng. Lin Feng just laughed softly, and didn’t say anything. The old man then looked at the bowl, and the golden strength inside. He suddenly understood.

“I… don’t deserve such generosity from you,” exclaimed the old man, kneeling down. He was terribly moved.

“Rise. I can see you have a health problem which made you stop cultivating. I wanted to give you a present in exchange for the wine,” Lin Feng said laughing. Then he took another bowl and poured wine in it again.

This time, he raised his glass, and Chu Chun Qiu and he clinked their bowls, then downed them.

“Wait, I’ll go and get some pickles for you,” said the old man. He had been sick for decades, and he was finally cured, so he was very grateful. Lin Feng had given him an incredible present. A jar of wine wasn’t enough to thank him!

People  said Lin Feng was aggressive, cruel, and violent, but now the old man knew those were just rumors. Lin Feng was a very good person. He was kind and a real genius too.

The old man ran to the kitchen. Lin Feng and Chu Chun Qiu were left alone.

“Why did you do that?” asked Chu Chun Qiu. He noticed Lin Feng’s Qi in the old man’s body after he drank the wine, so he understood Lin Feng had secretly given him some strength.

Why had Lin Feng wasted his energy on a Godly Emperor of the second layer? It wasn’t necessary.

“Have you ever relied on your own self to cultivate?” asked Lin Feng.

Chu Chun Qiu was surprised and asked curiously, “What is that supposed to mean?”

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