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Chapter 1017: Danger in the Continent! 

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At that moment, in the Imperial City of the Lun Bi Empire, the atmosphere was tense. All the disciples were asked to stay outside. It felt like the calm before a storm.

Lin Feng and Shi Si Ming arrived in the sky of the Imperial City. The atmosphere was heavy.

“Is it a problem with the Ground Penetrating Ocean of Flames?” whispered Shi Si Ming. He was worried. He had experienced the terrifying explosion of the Ground Penetrating Ocean of Flames once. Hundreds of millions of people had died. Most of the ancient sects and clans had been wiped out.

It had been a real tragedy. Was he going to experience such a thing again? Shi Si Ming hoped it wasn’t that.

“Lin Feng, look over there,” said Shi Si Ming. He saw all the strong cultivators of the empire flying towards a great palace at top speed, as if they were trying to flee for their lives.

“Let’s go and see,” Lin Feng frowned, and they also flew in that direction.

Very quickly, Lin Feng arrived in front of the great palace. Chu Chun Qiu and the Divine Ancestor were there already. When Chu Chun Qiu saw Lin Feng, he was surprised.

“Lin Feng, hurry up, come and help!” Chu Chun Qiu shouted loudly.

“What? Lin Feng?” “Lin Feng is here?” “Where is he?” When Chu Chun Qiu shouted, many people paled and looked around. They finally saw Lin Feng in the sky.

“Chu Li, why did you bring him here?” asked the emperor of the Lun Bi Empire grimly. Lun Bi Ba had been killed by Lin Feng back then. They still hated him for it. Now the empire was in danger and Chu Chun Qiu had Lin Feng come!?

What was he doing?

“Shut up and mind your own business!” shouted Chu Chun Qiu explosively. Apart from the Divine Ancestor, nobody could tell Chu Chun Qiu what he had to do.

When Chu Li said something, if the Divine Ancestor agreed, then people had to obey him, because Chu Li was stronger than the emperor!

Lun Bi Sheng Tian pulled a long face, but what else could he do? Chu Li had already surpassed him. Even though he was the emperor, he felt powerless in front of him!

“Lin Feng? Have him come and help us! We can’t refuse help,” the Divine Ancestor smiled. He was still pale.

When he saw Shi Si Ming, he frowned, as the man in black seemed similar, but he couldn’t recognize him.

When Chu Chun Qiu saw the man in black, he was shocked; the men in black had found Lin Feng and wanted to take him away?

“Lin Feng, who’s that?” asked Chu Chun Qiu sharply.

Lin Feng and Shi Si Ming flew closer. He ignored Lun Bi Sheng Tian and the other unimportant people, flying directly to Chu Chun Qiu.

“He’s one of my masters, Shi Si Ming,” Lin Feng smiled. He looked at the Divine Ancestor on cue.

As expected, the Divine Ancestor remembered Shi Si Ming’s name, and stared at him curiously.
“Are you…?” asked the Divine Ancestor. He seemed rather impressed, too.

Shi Si Ming felt the same; he smiled and said, “Old buddy! You thought I would never come back to life!”

“You really came back to life?” asked the Divine Ancestor in disbelief. He tapped Shi Si Ming’s shoulder. He had a real body!

“Lun Bi Jia Lan, what’s wrong with your Qi?” asked Shi Si Ming seriously.

The Divine Ancestor glanced at Lun Bi Sheng Tian and the others and waved, “Get ready. Don’t let anyone come close to us. We’re enough to do this!” said the Divine Ancestor. Everybody obeyed and withdrew.

“Come with me,” said the Divine Ancestor. He turned around and opened the big gate of the great palace.

Chu Chun Qiu followed him. Lin Feng and Shi Si Ming glanced at each other and then followed.

“Lin Feng, close the gate,” said the Divine Ancestor. Lin Feng nodded and closed it. They also isolated the space around the palace.

The Divine Ancestor glanced at Lin Feng a few times. He had a good first impression of Lin Feng. He was attentive and thoughtful. He had even thought of isolating the space around them, but Lin Feng’s Qi was too weak.

“Old friend, help me isolate the space a bit better?” the Divine Ancestor implored Shi Si Ming.

Shi Si Ming nodded and released new layers of isolation energies all around them. Even a cultivator of the fifth Great Supreme God layer couldn’t break it easily. Even though he had the strength of the fourth Great Supreme God layer, his soul still had the strength of the fifth. He wouldn’t need much time for his body break through to the fifth Great Supreme God layer.

“So, tell me what happened,” said Shi Si Ming worriedly.

“The Qi Yang Tai is cracked,” stated the Divine Ancestor grimly.

Shi Si Ming’s expression changed drastically, and his heart started pounding. It seemed the same thing had happened the day before the last time.

“The Ground Penetrating Ocean of Flames is going to explode?” Shi Si Ming looked grim.

“I think so,” agreed the Divine Ancestor glumly. If he wasn’t mistaken, the Ground Penetrating Ocean of Flames was going to explode, and the fire spirit would show up once again.

“Since it’s that way, what are you doing? Hurry up and seal it!” exclaimed Shi Si Ming. What was the Divine Ancestor doing?

The Divine Ancestor smiled wryly and pointed to himself. “I already sealed it. Can’t you see my Qi is extremely weak now?

“I just sealed the first layer. We need to seal another layer. I initially wanted to ask Chu Li for help but with you two, it’s even better,” sighed the Divine Ancestor in relief.

“Alright, bring us there quickly then,” Shi Si Ming said worriedly. He had experienced the explosion of the ocean of flames once in his life, and he didn’t want to experience it again.

He wasn’t sure the continent would be able to withstand such a catastrophe again. Less than twenty sects and clans still existed. Even if the Tian Ji Sect, the Ancient Human Clan, and the Ancient Yan Clan joined hands, they might not be able to keep it under control.

Long ago, all the sects and clans had joined hands, and still most of them had been destroyed.

The Divine Ancestor didn’t waste time and led the way. They headed to a secret room.

They entered the secret room and saw the cracked Qi Yang Tai. The blue stone of which the floor was made was completely cracked, but because the Divine Ancestor had sealed it, no flames came out. However, the temperature had already increased of a few thousand degrees in there.

At that moment, Lin Feng sensed that his Jia Yan’s Eye was reacting excitedly, as if it wished the ocean of flames would burst.

“Come back!” shouted Lin Feng furiously, slapping his hand to his head. He sealed the Jia Yan’s Eye with his Genesis Spiritual strength.

If the Jia Yan’s Eye light beams destroyed the Qi Yang Tai, then the Divine Ancestor’s efforts to seal it would be wasted.

Lin Feng was covered in cold sweat. He could have become the whole continent’s #1 enemy if he hadn’t controlled his Jia Yan’s eye!

“Hurry up and make a second protective layer!” shouted Shi Si Ming frantically. They had no time. He stretched out his hand and pure Qi pierced through the Qi Yang Tai, turning into a second layer of protective energy.

The Divine Ancestor helped too. Even though his Qi was weak, he had to do something, or the fire spirit would come out and attack.

Chu Chun Qiu and Lin Feng helped as well. Four people; two cultivators of the second Great Supreme God layer and two cultivators of the fourth Great Supreme God layer. 


At the same time, throughout the Country of Eternity, all the influential groups who had a Qi Yang Tai started sealing it. The whole continent was afraid.

From the evening to early in the morning, from early in the morning to noon, nobody had a rest and did all they could to seal the Qi Yang Tai.

Finally, at night again, it was sealed. They didn’t need to worry the fire spirit would come and attack for the time being.

“Alright, we can finally take a rest,” said the Divine Ancestor. He was extremely pale and exhausted. He looked as if he were on the verge of dying.

When Shi Si Ming saw that, he sighed sadly. He knew the Divine Ancestor was in danger.

“Chu Li, come to my room. I need to talk to you. Shi Si Ming, you and Lin Feng stay here and watch the Qi Yang Tai,” said the Divine Ancestor. He stood up, but staggered and almost fell down. Chu Chun Qiu caught him. 

Chu Chun Qiu knew that the Divine Ancestor was in very bad shape. Lin Feng knew it too, but nobody said anything. 

Chu Chun Qiu supported him by the arm and they left, leaving Lin Feng and Shi Si Ming alone. 

“It’s over, everything points to disaster for Lun Bi Jia Lan,” said Shi Si Ming sighed sadly. The Divine Ancestor was going to die. 

Lin Feng remained silent. He was worried about San City. San City also had a Qi Yang Tai, and Long Lan Er couldn’t seal it. 

He had to go back!

“Master, I need to go back to San City! There’s a Qi Yang Tai in San City too!” Lin Feng said. 

Shi Si Ming began to sweat. He had forgotten about San City’s Qi Yang Tai. 

“Let’s hurry up and go!” shouted Shi Si Ming. He seemed even more worried than Lin Feng because he had experienced it once. 

Lin Feng and Shi Si Ming flew as fast as they could. 

San City was probably in danger. They had to get there before it broke!

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