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Chapter 1018: Tension!

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“What do we do? We almost can’t stand it anymore,” the Black Dragon and Azure Dragon Kings said to Long Lan Er. They had used their full strength to seal the Qi Yang Tai, but it was already broken into eight pieces and about to explode. The cracks were getting bigger and bigger. It was terrifying. Some flames were already starting to come out, and the temperature had already reached ten thousand degrees.

“Fuck! The same catastrophe my grandfather experienced is going to happen again?!” shouted Long Lan Er, grinding her teeth. She would be devastated if the Ground Penetrating Ocean of Flames exploded again. The whole continent would be in danger, but she had also done all she could to bring her sect come back to life and now that she had just started, a catastrophe was about to happen!

“Leader, if nobody helps us, the Qi Yang Tai will explode in about thirty minutes,” said the Black Dragon King grimly. He looked terrified. Even though he didn’t know what was under the Qi Yang Tai, he could feel the scorching hot temperature.

“If our leader had left later, it would have been better,” the Azure Dragon King sighed wryly. If Lin Feng had left later, he could have helped them seal the Qi Yang Tai.

“It’s useless to say that now. Just do your best to seal it. We also need to ask all the members of the Dragon Clan and San City to go and look for our leader. Hurry up!” shouted Long Lan Er. She knew she couldn’t join hands with the people of San City or the Dragon Clan to seal the Qi Yang Tai, so they needed to find help.

There weren’t many Supreme Gods in San City, but there were many Godly Emperors. Even though they were weak, they could help them save time. Once Jing Wu Hen was done sealing the Qi Yang Tai in Ze Country, he would be able to come and help them.

Therefore, the Black Dragon King and a few black dragons flew away to find some strong cultivators.

The Azure Dragon King did the same. They were all very nervous. 


Lin Feng and Shi Si Ming were flying at their maximum speed. Luckily, the distance between San City and the Lun Bi Empire wasn’t too big. At full speed, they could arrive in less than two hours.

They had already been flying for over an hour. Lin Feng could already smell fire in the sky. When he noticed that, his expression suddenly changed.

Long Lan Er, hold on! Otherwise, the continent will suffer a disaster!, he thought. If the Qi Yang Tai in San City exploded, the whole Country of Eternity would be destroyed!

Shi Si Ming had told Lin Feng everything about the ocean of flames. It was terrifying. Back then, everybody was desperate: Godly Emperors, Supreme Gods, and even Great Supreme Gods!

Lin Feng couldn’t imagine a Great Supreme God feeling desperate…

Lin Feng didn’t know who had helped them solve the issue of the Ground Penetrating Ocean of Flames back then, but he knew that almost all ancient sects and clans had been destroyed. There were less than twenty left.

In the past, there were thousands and thousands of ancient sects and clans, but they were almost all destroyed.

Lin Feng flew as fast as he could. 


Some dragons had joined Long Lan Er to help her temporarily. If Long Lan Er’s Qi became too weak, the Qi Yang Tai would explode because the others were not strong enough.

At that moment, the whole continent would be destroyed.

After half an hour, the black and azure dragons came back with hundreds of Godly Emperors. The cultivators entered the palace and started releasing energy to seal the Qi Yang Tai.

But it didn’t do much. Long Lan Er realized it didn’t help at all.

How unlucky. Nobody dared say anything. They were afraid a single word would distract them and that the Qi Yang Tai would then explode.

“Count me in!” a woman called out. Long Lan Er saw a woman in linen clothes arrive at that moment. She looked proud, and was very beautiful.

Long Lan Er was surprised when she saw the woman. She didn’t know there was another beautiful woman in San City. This newcomer was even more beautiful than her. Her Qi was ice-cold, however.

Yi Ren Lei walked up to Long Lan Er. It was the first time they had met. They didn’t know each other, but Yi Ren Lei had seen the dozens of dragons in San City looking for people, so she took the initiative to come and see, understanding something had happened.

Yi Ren Lei didn’t know about Qi Yang Tai and the Ground Penetrating Ocean of Flames, but she could see that everybody was extremely worried the Qi Yang Tai was going to explode.

She wasn’t extremely strong, but she had studied ice and frost cultivation so she could reduce the temperature.

Everybody made great efforts together.

Yi Ren Lei didn’t say anything. She just stretched out her hands and ice and frost exploded out. The temperature dropped of thousands of degrees. Long Lan Er took a deep breath. She always did when she was nervous, to calm down.

If the temperature continued increasing, then they would definitely fail. The higher the temperature of the fire, the more difficult it became to seal it. The Qi Yang Tai was already broken, and ready to burst!

“Thank you, what’s your name?” asked Long Lan Er, smiling at Yi Ren Lei.

Yi Ren Lei shook her head, and didn’t say anything. She was about to leave again, but raised her head and saw two people arrive.

Lin Feng and another man. She was extremely happy and instantly calmed down. Seeing Lin Feng worked better than taking a deep breath to calm down.

“Lin Feng is here, good,” said Yi Ren Lei, smiling at Lin Feng as he flew down.

When Long Lan Er heard that, she was very curious. “You know Lin Feng? Who are you?”

“I am one of his wives. I lived in San City,” said Yi Ren Lei firmly. She didn’t know who Long Lan Er was, but she probably knew Lin Feng because she was in San City and was very beautiful. She hoped Long Lan Er wasn’t one of Lin Feng’s women…

Lin Feng and Shi Si Ming landed and quickly came in. When they saw the Qi Yang Tai was already broken into eighths and that the temperature had already increased of thousands of degrees, they were even more worried.

Lin Feng and Shi Si Ming glanced at each other. They didn’t say anything, and immediately started releasing energies. Lin Feng was in charge of the first layer, Shi Si Ming the second.

Very quickly, they suppressed the fire and the two layers of protection sealed the Qi Yang Tai. If no accidents happened, it wouldn’t explode.

Lin Feng took a deep breath. A few minutes more and it could have been a catastrophe. However, he didn’t know how long the seal would last. The fire spirit had probably already started working.

People knew the fire spirit existed, but they didn’t know what it was or what cultivation level it had. From what the Ancestor of Tian Dao Yuan had said, the fire spirit was extremely powerful. That’s all Lin Feng knew.

The dragons all fell down, covered in cold sweat. Luckily, they had managed to solve the issue in time.

“Little Xue? What are you doing here?” asked Lin Feng. He hadn’t had time to talk to her, the seal was more important.

“Lin Feng, she said she is your wife; is that true?” asked Long Lan Er promptly, not giving time Yi Ren Lei to reply. She seemed nervous.

Lin Feng frowned, but then smiled naturally and said, “Yes, she is my wife. We’ve been together for hundreds of years already,” Lin Feng replied quite naturally.

When Long Lan Er heard that, she kept quiet. They had been together for hundreds of years; that was a long time before Long Lan Er and Lin Feng had met. Besides, she wasn’t interested in Lin Feng anymore, she was with Jing Wu Hen.

“Very good. Wu Hen is still sealing his Qi Yang Tai. Let’s go over,” said Long Lan Er, thinking about that. Very anxious, she turned and flew towards Ze Country.

But a silhouette appeared in front of her.

“No need. I’m right here,” Jing Wu Hen smiled. He took Long Lan Er in his arms and flew towards Lin Feng.

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