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Chapter 1019: Kill Chu Chun Qiu!

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“We have to pay attention to the Qi Yang Tais now; if they explode, it will be a catastrophe. Long Lan Er, you are a descendant of an ancient sect, so you know how serious this is,” Lin Feng said, frowning and looking at Long Lan Er.

When she heard him, she nodded gravely. Of course she knew. The Ancient Dragon Sect wouldn’t have collapsed if it hadn’t been for the Ground Penetrating Ocean of Flames. In the end, she was the only one who had survived!

It was too dreadful to contemplate. If the ocean of flames exploded, the whole continent, everybody on the continent, would die. It wouldn’t be like in the past, because in the past thousands and thousands of ancient clans and sects had joined hands to defeat the ocean of flames. Now, there weren’t that many ancient clans and sects left!

If the fire spirit reappeared, he would be able to destroy everybody in the Country of Eternity. He had that kind of strength.

“People say the fire spirit was extremely strong. Lin Feng, you probably know that a mysterious cultivator appeared back in the days and destroyed many sects and clans, right?” Long Lan Er asked him carefully.

Lin Feng, Jing Wu Hen, and Shi Si Ming listened closely. The atmosphere became extremely tense. Yi Ren Lei’s hands were ice-cold. Lin Feng grabbed her hands to warm them up. Yi Ren Lei looked at him tenderly.

“Speak,” Lin Feng said. He hated it when people prevaricated.

“Alright, I don’t want to waste time, so I’ll just tell you directly: that was just a rumor. It isn’t true,” said Long Lan Er sadly, staring at him.

Lin Feng ignored her expression and asked, “The mysterious cultivator didn’t exist?”

“No, he did. But he didn’t destroy the ancient clans and sects. They just made that up. Actually, the fire spirit and his servants, the fire spirit’s generals, did. But you know how humans are, they always care about face and honor.

“If they said that a fire spirit had destroyed almost all the ancient sects and clans, how would people react? That would be ridiculous. That mysterious cultivator was unlucky. He became the victim of a global lie.

“The most ridiculous thing is that that mysterious cultivator is actually the one who sent the fire spirit back into the ocean of flames. Strange, eh? Poor man!

“He’s a hero and people actually say he was the one who destroyed everything. How sad for him!” said Long Lan Er angrily. A strong cultivator had saved the world and people said he was the one who had destroyed everything!

No matter how strong cultivators were, they were still people. Even though they were called gods, they were still stupid!

“Only humans can accuse a hero of being an evil monster. The fire spirit must be laughing in the ocean of flames,” said Long Lan Er. Everybody looked at her, their eyes wide.

Lin Feng was astonished. An incredible cultivator had saved the world and now people said he was the cause of a disaster. It sounded so familiar…

Suddenly, Lin Feng remembered Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor, who had a similar case.

Of course, Lin Feng had found out the truth. He had understood who the true petty and vile person was. In the end, even Tian Di had obtained Lin Feng’s respect.

Was that mysterious cultivator like Xuan Yuan? Was he a petty and vile person too?

Lin Feng had no idea. He had never met him. He didn’t believe anything anymore unless he witnessed it with his own eyes. Everything was biased or even wrong.

Long Lan Er just told them everything she had heard, that’s all. She didn’t know any better herself.

“Anyway, let’s watch the Qi Yang Tai carefully. Let’s not allow history to repeat itself,” Lin Feng said. No matter what, they had to pay attention to the Qi Yang Tai.

Long Lan Er and Jing Wu Hen nodded agreement. Lin Feng didn’t need to worry. They would also do their best to help more people break through to the Great Supreme God layer so it would be easier to keep the Qi Yang Tais under control in the future.

San City was the weakest group in the continent, so they needed to become stronger and more stable, for the continent and the hundreds of millions of people who lived there.

“Alright, Wu Hen, Long Lan Er, we have to leave.”

“Take care,” Lin Feng said. Jing Wu Hen hadn’t seen him off before, but this time they had to say goodbye. Lin Feng didn’t know whether he would ever come back. What if he died in Ju Valley?

“Take care. Good luck. I will catch up with you someday,” Jing Wu Hen smiled, hiding his sorrow.

Lin Feng nodded and waved at the two people. He grabbed Yi Ren Lei’s hand and rose up in the sky. Since Yi Ren Lei was there, he could bring her back to Tian Dao Yuan.

Lin Feng and Yi Ren Lei flew away. Shi Si Ming followed them, flying a bit slower on purpose. The two probably had private things to talk about.

A few seconds later, Lin Feng and the two others had disappeared from San City. Long Lan Er and Jing Wu Hen hugged.


Lun Bi Empire, funeral arrangements!

“The Divine Ancestor is dead. Let’s all pay our respects to him,” Lun Bi Sheng Tian sobbed. It was impossible to know whether he was really sad or not, but the crowd had no reason to believe otherwise. He stepped in the front of the coffin and knelt down.

All the elders knelt down successively, and then the disciples, and then the ordinary people of the Lun Bi Empire.

The Divine Ancestor was dead. It was a terrible moment for the Lun Bi Empire. They were all extremely sad. The Lun Bi Empire had lost in power and influence because of his death. They weren’t a medium-level influential group anymore, they were now a low-level influential group.

Time passed slowly. Everybody stood up and dispersed. 

Lun Bi Sheng Tian was happy inside. He had been waiting for this moment for a long time!

“Alright, we’re all sad, but we have to continue working hard together. I’m going to make a public announcement, and everybody has to listen because the Divine Ancestor wanted us to,” proclaimed Lun Bi Sheng Tian as he grinned coldly. 

He was so happy. He had hated the Divine Ancestor for such a long time!

There was a funeral procession throughout the city. There was an ocean of people in the streets of the city.

Everybody waited for Lun Bi Sheng Tian’s public announcement after that. They were wondering what he was going to say. What had the Divine Ancestor said?

“For the Divine Ancestor, kneel down,” Lun Bi Sheng Tian told everybody. He took out something which looked like an imperial edict, on a golden scroll.

Boom boom boom! Suddenly, everybody knelt down in honor of the Divine Ancestor. He was like their god.

Lin Feng, Yi Ren Lei, and Shi Si Ming arrived in the sky and saw this, but didn’t go down.

Lin Feng had a bad feeling. Lun Bi Sheng Tian might do something to harm Chu Chun Qiu now that the Divine Ancestor was dead.

“Where is Chu Chun Qiu?” Thinking about that, Lin Feng glanced around, but didn’t see Chu Chun Qiu.

“Eh? I can sense some Qi coming from the palace and it’s growing more and more powerful. It’s going to become more powerful than yours,” Shi Si Ming told Lin Feng.

Lin Feng looked at the great palace. What was Chu Chun Qiu doing?

Lin Feng didn’t know, but everybody knew what Lun Bi Sheng Tian wanted to do.

“The Divine Ancestor said that since Chu Li decided to collaborate with Lin Feng, he betrayed the empire and has to be executed!”

Kill Chu Li!


Everybody burst into an uproar and started shouting. Of course, some people were also surprised.

The Divine Ancestor wanted to kill Chu Li? Really?

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