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Chapter 1023: Awkward!

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The night passed quickly. On the day after, it was the day of the wedding. Therefore, the entire Ri Guang Empire was bustling with activity. The disciples of the Ri Guang Empire and the members of the Tai Qing Sect were all carrying flowers for the bride and groom.

There were red flowers everywhere at the foot of the stage already. It was extremely beautiful. Nobody had any idea how dangerous the situation might be…

Qing Ling Chao had been standing at the top of the great palace all night. He was still there watching the ocean of people on the ground. He knew the situation was going to deteriorate soon.

Lin Feng was probably going to arrive in the Ri Guang Empire soon. Qing Ling Chao couldn’t wait!


He was right, Lin Feng and Chu Chun Qiu were already in the Ri Guang Empire. They were flying over the Ri Guang Empire and were only two-some million li away from the capital city, which would take them less than three hours to cross.

Lin Feng didn’t waste time. He was flying as quickly as possible. 


In the Tai Qing Sect, the atmosphere was lively. Qing Ling Xuan’s palace was surrounded by an ocean of people. Qing Ling Xuan was wearing magnificent red wedding clothes, a five-clawed dragon hand was embroidered in the robe. He was wearing a golden hat.

From far away, he looked handsome, but when one looked at him closer, he looked disgusting. Of course, the ordinary disciples of the sect didn’t dare think that.

Qing Ling Xuan hadn’t slept at all at night. His teacher had forced him to stay up.

Qing Ling Xuan had gotten ready for the wedding. Qing Xin Yue was going to be his wife. From now on, he wouldn’t need to worry again, Qing Xin Yue would be his! Nobody would be able to steal her from him, especially Lin Feng!

Qing Xin Yue cared about her reputation a lot. She was pure and noble. If they were married, Qing Xin Yue would never sleep with another man.

Qing Ling Xuan felt like he had won a battle.

“Haha! Lin Feng! You can’t compete with me! Hehe! You poor little boy. You’re the one who did most of the work to save her, and the mysterious man captured you. Even though you showed up in the Yuan Hall and destroyed it, I don’t think you can actually change anything. I used you! I claimed credit for everything you did, and you can’t do anything about it!

“Now, Xin Yue thinks you are disappointing. You’re the only one who didn’t help save her, hahahahaha! So awesome! Lin Feng, I hope your life is a nightmare now!”

Qing Ling Xuan was overjoyed. Everything was so awesome. He wasn’t as strong as Lin Feng, but in the end, he was the one who was going to get married to Qing Xin Yue. He was the final winner!

Haha! Lin Feng! You can’t compete with me!, thought Qing Ling Xuan again. He just had to wait for noon, and then the ceremony would start. After the ceremony, everything would be a success!

A wonderful life was about to start!


In Qing Ling Xuan’s great palace, people were chatting and laughing. In Qing Xin Yue’s room, however, the atmosphere was filled with silence and sorrow.

Qing Xin Yue was holding a small notebook. She usually wrote everything she had to do in it as the matriarch of the Tai Qing Sect.

“Leader, please put on your wedding dress,” a woman begged Qing Xin Yue worriedly. Qing Xin Yue’s red wedding dress was on her bed, but Qing Xin Yue didn’t even spare a glance for it. She was still holding her notebook, and seemed extremely sad.

Qing Xin Yue acted as if she hadn’t heard anything. She just stared at her notebook and wrote things here and there.

The woman didn’t insist. Qing Xin Yue was the matriarch of the Tai Qing Sect. If she insisted, Qing Xin Yue could kill her easily. 

Time passed slowly. The two women were still in the room. Qing Xin Yue remained silent. She couldn’t imagine why her teacher was making her marry Qing Ling Xuan.

Why? Why would her teacher do this to her? Didn’t he like her? She hoped Qing Xu Duan would come and explain everything to her.

So, she just remained there. She didn’t put on her clothes. It was an act of resistance. She was qualified to do that because she was the matriarch of the Tai Qing Sect.

The maid didn’t put any pressure on Qing Xin Yue. However, she had no choice but to go and report to Qing Xin Yue. When Qing Xu Duan heard that, he smiled emptily and sighed.

He didn’t want to make Qing Xin Yue sad. He loved her as a disciple. He considered her like his own daughter. His own daughter had died long ago; Qing Xin Yue looked like his daughter, so he liked her even more.

What could he do this time? He was in competition with Qing Ling Chao. He had no choice. If he didn’t act quickly, Qing Ling Chao would put pressure on him and then Qing Xin Yue wouldn’t be able to continue working as the matriarch of the Tai Qing Sect. It wouldn’t be beneficial for her.

But if Qing Xin Yue married Qing Ling Xuan, then Qing Xu Duan would be the Supreme Patriarch forever. Qing Ling Chao would have no choice but to accept that… because apart from being his disciple, Qing Ling Xuan had another secret social status which worried Qing Ling Chao.

Qing Xin Yue and Qing Ling Xuan’s marriage was the solution to all those issues!

Qing Xu Duan knew he had to go to Qing Xin Yue’s room and talk to her. Otherwise, she would hate him.

Thinking about that, he walked towards the palace she lived in. There was only half an hour left before the ceremony.

People were getting agitated all around the high stage, including the Supreme Elders of the Tai Qing Sect. Apart from the highest throne and the two dragon thrones on both sides, the Supreme Elders’ seats were already all occupied.

Qing Ling Chao was getting nervous. Where was Lin Feng? If Lin Feng didn’t show up, then nobody would be able to stop the weading and Qing Xu Duan’s plot would work.

Time passed slowly. Fifteen minutes were left before the wedding.

At that moment, Qing Xu Duan showed up at the foot of the stage. He was wearing a big robe which wasn’t convenient to walk in. He climbed up on the high stage and sat down on the highest throne. There was nobody on the two thrones to his sides.

Could it be that Xin Yue still doesn’t understand?, thought Qing Xu Duan. He was starting to worry. He had just had a long chat with Qing Xin Yue, and she had agreed to his request, but she still hadn’t show up… why?

People were getting restless. Many disciples started talking. Even the Supreme Patriarch was there, so where was the matriarch? Especially since it was her wedding!

Qing Ling Xuan was already in his red wedding clothes. He was waiting in the distance, but Qing Xin Yue still wasn’t there…

“What’s going on? Less than fifteen minutes left and she still isn’t there. What is this supposed to mean?!” shouted one of the nine Supreme Elders furiously. Everybody heard him in the Tai Qing Sect, including Qing Xin Yue.

Qing Xu Duan glanced at that Supreme Elder and shook his head. He was one of Qing Ling Chao’s people. He couldn’t offend him. He had the strength of the fifth Great Supreme God layer too, so he was quite strong.

Among the nine Supreme Elders, four had the strength of the fifth Great Supreme God layer, three of the fourth Great Supreme God layer, and two had the top of the third.

Only three Supreme Elders supported him. Of the six others, the Great Supreme Elder had his own faction with another Supreme Elder, and the four others supported Qing Ling Chao.

Influence and power were complex things. Even in the Tai Qing Sect there were such issues.


Qing Xin Yue was still in her room. There were two people in front of her. They were both wearing black cloaks and bamboo hats. Their Qi was also very well hidden.

“Who are you? Why do you want to prevent me from getting married?” shouted Qing Xin Yue angrily.

“Hey, Miss, we are the ones who saved you in Ju Valley. Why are you so aggressive?” Chu Chun Qiu smiled, showing his face.

When Qing Xin Yue saw Chu Chun Qiu’s face, she was surprised, but then she quickly felt guilty. She had seen him after she had regained her senses.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t know it was you, Prince Chu. Forgive me,” said Qing Xin Yue, bowing apologetically.

“Hehe, it’s alright. Don’t mention it. We’re not here to talk about me today, but about him,” said Chu Chun Qiu, pointing to Lin Feng and smiling. Qing Xin Yue looked at Lin Feng.

“Brother, I’ll leave it to you,” Chu Chun Qiu smiled.

Lin Feng raised his head and looked at Qing Xin Yue. She looked beautiful and noble. She was already wearing her red wedding dress and a tiara.

“Who are you?” asked Qing Xin Yue. His silhouette seemed familiar, but she didn’t know where she had seen him before.

Lin Feng remained silent, and just took off his plaited bamboo hat and showed his face.

Qing Xin Yue was surprised when she saw Lin Feng’s face. Everything was silent. How awkward!

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