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Chapter 1024: Beginning of the Wedding Ceremony!

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“Prince Lin, what a coincidence,” Qing Xin Yue said to break the silence. She forced a smile, though she sounded disappointed and resentful.

Chu Chun Qiu looked at them and understood that Lin Feng and Qing Xin Yue had a peculiar relationship, especially when she was looking at him in a strange way. She seemed angry, but in the same way a woman would be in front of her husband or boyfriend. She was pretending to be mad so he would cheer her up and give her attention, like a princess.

Chu Chun Qiu didn’t say anything because Lin Feng remained silent. Chu Chun Qiu didn’t feel like talking too much.

“I just want to ask you one question,” asked Lin Feng, smiling painfully.

Qing Xin Yue lowered her head to avoid his look, but nodded, “Go ahead.”

“Where is your brother?” Lin Feng asked in a clear loud voice, staring at her.

Qing Xin Yue felt like she was caught unprepared. Her expression changed, and her lips twitched, but she tried to calm down and said in a cold and detached way, “Prince Lin, I don’t have a brother. I just have one person.”

“You are too embarrassed to talk about it?” Lin Feng continued, ignoring her answer.

Qing Xin Yue shook her head and said coldly, “I don’t know what you’re talking about. Anyway, I have things to do. I’m off.

“Prince Lin, coming to a woman’s room is impolite. Leave the palace. Tou arrived in time for my wedding to Qing Ling Xuan,” Qing Xin Yue said indifferently. She walked past Lin Feng and pushed her way through with her shoulder.

Qing Xin Yue’s wedding dress was three meters long. She looked quite splendid. Four women and two guards followed her, all Half-Great Supreme Gods.

Qing Xin Yue disappeared from her room. Lin Feng remained silent. He didn’t explain anything to her.

Chu Chun Qiu asked indifferently, “Why didn’t you tell her the truth?”

“You think she would believe me?” Lin Feng replied, smiling wryly and shaking his head.

“Hehe. Maybe not, but I’m here. I can support you,” declared Chu Chun Qiu. He knew Qing Xin Yue wouldn’t believe Lin Feng, but he had also helped save her.

“Anyway, let’s go. I don’t need to tell her; I want Qing Ling Xuan to tell the truth, because it is the only way to convince Qing Xin Yue,” Lin Feng shook his head. He turned around and walked away.

Chu Chun Qiu smiled. Lin Feng hadn’t changed. He was still as stubborn as before! 


Chu Chun Qiu followed Lin Feng. The atmosphere was already lively outside. More and more people were worried the matriarch wouldn’t show up.

“The matriarch is here!” shouted someone suddenly. Everybody saw Qing Xin Yue show up. She was wearing a crown, a wedding dress, and was surrounded by servants and guards. She slowly walked up to the stage.

When Qing Xu Duan saw her, he sighed with relief. His plan was working…

“Let’s start!” said Qing Xin Yue expressionlessly. She slightly lifted her long dress and sat down.

The old man nodded respectfully and turned around, then smiled and shouted, “I officially announce the beginning of the wedding ceremony!” Qing Xin Yue and Qing Ling Xuan’s wedding ceremony was finally starting…

Qing Ling Xuan looked touched and excited. He wanted to grab Qing Xin Yue’s hand right now and drag her to his bedroom to make love to her. How amazing that would be!

“Why is she late?” Qing Xu Duan asked one of the servants telepathically.

The servants pulled a long face. Qing Xin Yue had told them to keep quiet about what had just happened in her room, but Qing Xu Duan put pressure on them. The servant couldn’t resist him, and she had no choice but to talk.

When Qing Xu Duan heard her, he was astonished, and his heart twitched. Lin Feng? He is here?

Qing Xu Duan looked glum. He watched the ocean of people at the foot of the stage. He knew everybody. Finally, he saw two men in black clothes and swallowed.

He wasn’t afraid of Lin Feng. He was afraid Lin Feng would cause trouble and ruin his plan. Initially, he had a guilty conscience because Lin Feng had agreed to go and save Qing Xin Yue free of charge. He was the most suitable partner for Qing Xin Yue. He would have been willing to give Lin Feng her hand.

However, he didn’t know that the World of Battles was about to be opened again and Qing Ling Chao’s real body was going to come back. If Lin Feng caused trouble, then the whole plan would be ruined.

At the same time, there was another problem: he had told everybody in the Tai Qing Sect and the Ri Guang Empire that nobody could tell anyone about the wedding ceremony outside of the empire, so how did Lin Feng know about it?

Suddenly, Qing Xu Duan looked at the white-bearded old man who was Qing Ling Chao’s clone.

Qing Xu Duan used Qing Xin Yue for his plan, while Qing Ling Chao used Lin Feng. They were both playing chess on a big scale, Lin Feng and Qing Xin Yue were their pieces.

Qing Xu Duan was suddenly covered in cold sweat. The wedding ceremony probably wasn’t going to happen smoothly…

“I’ll manage the ceremony, you can go down,” Qing Xu Duan told the old man in charge. He looked over the ocean of people.

Many people looked up at Qing Xu Duan with admiration. Their Supreme Patriarch was going to manage their matriarch’s wedding ceremony, what an honor! The Tai Qing Sect was truly glorious!

The old man didn’t dare contradict him, so he stepped away and gave Qing Xu Duan space. Qing Xu Duan stood in the center of the stage. He glanced at Qing Ling Chao and smiled confidently.

Qing Ling Chao looked unmoved, while Qing Xu Duan was extremely nervous. He shouted, “The marriage is between our matriarch and my disciple Qing Ling Xuan, a very important event for the Tai Qing Sect.

“This will always be an important date in the history of the Tai Qing Sect, so I didn’t want anyone to talk about it outside of the empire. It’s too dangerous. Foreigners could try to ruin this event, which would be a catastrophe for the future evolution of the sect.

“So, leave now, everybody.” Qing Xu Duan looked glum. He didn’t want Lin Feng to ruin the event, but at the same time, he couldn’t just ask Lin Feng to leave. It was the only thing he could think of.

But his way of thinking was a bit too simplistic. The disciples didn’t want to leave. When they heard that, they burst into an uproar and nobody left.

Qing Xu Duan was even more worried. Qing Ling Chao smiled broadly. He felt more confident again.

“May I ask you why the Tai Qing Sect would be safer if we left? Why would our presence pose a threat to the security of the sect?”

“Indeed, Supreme Patriarch! Why are you worried about our presence?”

“It’s alright, Supreme Patriarch, we’re just watching calmly. We won’t cause trouble. Don’t worry!”…

More and more disciples started trying to cheer Qing Xu Duan up. Qing Xu Duan was in an even more complicated position. He couldn’t insist, or the wedding ceremony would really be ruined.

“Alright, Qing Ling Xuan, come onto the stage,” ordered Qing Xu Duan.

Since Lin Feng was there, Qing Ling Xuan had to be in a powerful position. He had to get married to Qing Xin Yue as quickly as possible.

“Understood!” shouted Qing Ling Xuan. He walked to the stage solemnly, arriving on the stage very quickly.

Qing Ling Xuan looked at Qing Xin Yue.

“Matriarch, please go down too,” Qing Xu Duan told Qing Xin Yue, still seated on her throne. He bowed respectfully.

She was his disciple, but he paid respects to her as their matriarch.

Qing Xin Yue stood up expressionlessly. A servant helped her carry the train of her wedding dress, but Qing Xin Yue slapped her away. The servant was so terrified that she stopped moving.

Many people were astonished. Qing Xin Yue didn’t want to get married, especially to Qing Ling Xuan.

Many disciples’ eyes became red. Their goddess was being forced to get married to Qing Ling Xuan? They were jealous, but they didn’t dare get angry.

Qing Xin Yue stood in front of Qing Ling Xuan. Qing Ling Xuan looked at the woman of his dreams. She was expressionless. She didn’t even look at Qing Ling Xuan or Qing Xu Duan.

Qing Xu Duan sighed helplessly. Qing Xin Yue hated him, but he had no choice.

“Hold hands and let’s start the ceremony!” shouted Qing Xu Duan. He turned around and stared at the couple.

The nine Supreme Elders stood up and looked at the matriarch respectfully.

The atmosphere became tense. People’s hearts were pounding. Some people swallowed nervously.

Lin Feng looked at that, then he took a few steps and walked to the front of the crowd.

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