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Chapter 1026: You Knew?

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“Chu Chun Qiu, what do you want?” asked Qing Ling Xuan glumly. He was really desperate. It was supposed to be his engagement party and wedding ceremony, and now it was ruined. It would never happen. What a horrible humiliation! Lin Feng had ruined everything, and a Supreme Elder had helped him! Qing Ling Xuan only wanted to find a hole to crawl in. It felt as painful as if he had been slapped in the face.

“I came to see Qing Xin Yue. I helped to save her, after all. Am I not allowed to come and visit?” Chu Chun Qiu mocked them all disdainfully. If it were only him, he would have killed Qing Ling Xuan on the spot. He wouldn’t have just humiliated him like Lin Feng.

Lin Feng wanted to humiliate Qing Ling Xuan, though. Chu Chun Qiu wasn’t like that; when people offended him, he just killed them. He was too lazy to spend time humiliating his enemies.

Qing Ling Xuan had nothing to say. He was angry and clenched his fists, but that’s all he could do. The wedding wasn’t going to happen. He could only turn to Qing Xu Duan.

Qing Xu Duan didn’t want to cancel the wedding, but he had no choice. He couldn’t force Qing Xin Yue to marry Qing Ling Xuan now.

“Alright, let’s pause the ceremony. We’ll talk about Qing Xin Yue and Qing Ling Xuan’s wedding another time,” sighed Qing Xu Duan.

The disciples at the foot of the stage dispersed. They didn’t want to leave, but the Supreme Patriarch had given them an order, and if they didn’t obey, he’d fly into a flaming rage. When a cultivator of the seventh Great Supreme God layer was furious, it was terrifying. 


Very quickly, everybody left. Of the nine Supreme Elders, only those who followed Qing Xu Duan stayed. The others all left as well, feeling ashamed to be part of such a group.

Qing Xu Duan and his two disciples; Lin Feng, Chu Chun Qiu, and the three Supreme Elders were the only ones left, but in the end, the three Supreme Elders also thought they had to leave. Before they left, they glanced at Lin Feng and realized he was extremely strong and powerful.

The fewer people there were, the better for Qing Xu Duan and Qing Ling Xuan; they wouldn’t be humiliated in front of everybody.

“Master, I am disappointed in the Tai Qing Sect,” Lin Feng stated scornfully. At that moment, he didn’t look at Qing Xu Duan as a cultivator of the seventh Great Supreme God layer. To him, Qing Xu Duan was just a traitor and a shameless person. Lin Feng even looked at him disdainfully.

Qing Xu Duan only shook his head. He knew Lin Feng would be disappointed. Qing Xin Yue was disappointed, too.

“It’s all my fault. Qing Ling Xuan has nothing to do with all this,” sighed Qing Xu Duan wryly. He hoped Lin Feng would forgive Qing Ling Xuan, but he wasn’t stupid.

“Do you think that’s possible?” Lin Feng asked expressionlessly. Qing Xu Duan swallowed. He knew Lin Feng didn’t believe him.

“You think I will believe that since Qing Ling Xuan came back from Ju Valley, he didn’t say anything about me? He claimed the credits for the hard work of the whole group. And me? Hehe, he probably told everyone I was a coward and that I hadn’t participated in saving Qing Xin Yue.

“And you say your disciple has nothing to do with that? On top of that, you even helped him and arranged a wedding for him. I really don’t understand what went through your head, especially as a teacher.

“Actually, I don’t care. I just want to tell you one thing: don’t think I’m a moron, don’t mess around with me, otherwise, as long as you don’t kill me, the Tai Qing Sect will become a second Yuan Hall!”
Lin Feng promised aggressively. 

A second Yuan Hall?!

It meant he wanted to destroy their sect! Chu Chun Qiu’s hair bristled. Lin Feng actually threatened to destroy the Tai Qing Sect?

Of course, Lin Feng was just angry; he wasn’t going to really destroy the Tai Qing Sect. He just wanted to show Qing Xu Duan how determined he was. Qing Xu Duan realized he had made a mistake. And if he continued avoiding the subject, he would really infuriate Lin Feng.

A few years from now, Lin Feng would be able to destroy the Tai Qing Sect. That would be horrible!

“Haha! Bullshit! You think you can destroy the Tai Qing Sect? You really think we are weaklings like the Yuan Hall?!” shouted Qing Ling Xuan when he heard that. He found it ridiculous. He couldn’t help but burst into laughter.

Lin Feng glanced at him silently. Qing Ling Xuan wasn’t qualified to talk to him.

Lin Feng stared at Qing Xu Duan. Qing Ling Xuan’s expression fell again. He was angry again, and about to attack Lin Feng again, but Qing Xu Duan stopped him.

“Enough! Leave now!” shouted Qing Xu Duan firmly. If Qing Ling Xuan stayed there and continued making fun of Lin Feng, Lin Feng would go crazy, and kill Qing Ling Xuan.

Qing Ling Xuan didn’t feel like leaving, but he had to obey his teacher. He glanced at Lin Feng and Chu Chun Qiu furiously and left.

But when he passed next to Lin Feng, Lin Feng stretched out his hand and stopped him. He kept staring at Qing Xu Duan. “The issue can’t be solved that easily. He can’t go,” Lin Feng said, shaking his head resolutely. Lin Feng wasn’t satisfied at all. Qing Xu Duan was just trying to protect Qing Ling Xuan, and thought Lin Feng would leave the matter at that? They had tarnished his reputation, and they had lied to Qing Xin Yue… how despicable and petty! How could Lin Feng let Qing Ling Xuan leave so easily?

“What the fuck do you want, then?!” shouted Qing Ling Xuan icily.

When Qing Xu Duan heard that, his expression changed drastically. He knew that this time, he couldn’t do anything anymore. Qing Ling Xuan was going to get killed because of his stupid behavior.

Lin Feng looked at him grimly. His eyes were bloodshot, filling with killing intent. Qing Ling Xuan paled, realizing he had said something wrong, and now it was too late!

Lin Feng stretched out his hand. His Qi weighed a hundred million jin as it emerged and moved towards Qing Ling Xuan’s head. When Qing Xu Duan saw that, his expression changed drastically. If Qing Ling Xuan died, it would be a disaster!

“Don’t kill him!” shouted someone suddenly. Lin Feng was startled; it wasn’t Qing Xu Duan’s voice, although it was familiar.

A white-bearded old man appeared in front of Lin Feng on the stage. He pushed Lin Feng’s hand away and looked at him solemnly, “Don’t kill him, I beg you.”

“Why, Master?” asked Lin Feng. He didn’t understand. Qing Ling Xuan wasn’t Qing Ling Chao’s disciple, he was Qing Xu Duan’s. Why did he want to save Qing Ling Xuan? Why did he beg Lin Feng? He had really said the word “beg”, which meant he was giving Lin Feng great face. “I need a reason, or I’ll kill him,” Lin Feng said icily. He released Qi again to surround Qing Ling Xuan’s head. One more inch and he would crush the idiot’s head. Qing Ling Xuan was terrified and staring at Lin Feng blankly.

Qing Ling Chao smiled. Lin Feng was puzzled.

“For your own good,” said Qing Ling Chao gravely. Lin Feng was surprised. For his own good? He shouldn’t kill Qing Ling Xuan?

“Why?” asked Lin Feng.

Qing Ling Chao shook his head and grabbed Lin Feng’s hand. He kicked Qing Ling Xuan away and snarled at Qing Xu Duan angrily, “Brother, take him away!”

“Thank you very much, fellow disciple. Thank you,” said Qing Xu Duan. He was covered in cold sweat. If Lin Feng killed Qing Ling Xuan, he would die as well!

Qing Xu Duan threw Qing Ling Xuan away and called two disciples to take Qing Ling Xuan away. Those two disciples looked at Qing Ling Xuan disdainfully; Qing Ling Xuan’s pants were wet. He had peed his pants in terror.

Qing Xu Duan, Lin Feng, Qing Ling Chao, and Qing Xin Yue were standing in the middle of the stage. Chu Chun Qiu had his arms crossed in front of his chest and just watched.

“Lin Feng, Qing Ling Xuan is backed up by some people. You have to be careful. If you kill him, some people will hurt your people,” whispered Qing Ling Chao in Lin Feng’s ear.

Lin Feng frowned, but remained silent.

At that moment, Qing Xin Yue took a deep breath. She was disappointed in everybody, but she still smiled. Qing Xu Duan and Lin Feng were surprised and looked at her.

Qing Xin Yue looked at them and said calmly, “Actually, I haven’t told you, but when Lin Feng came to save me, I already knew he was coming because the mysterious cultivator showed him to me. I know everybody who came to save me.”

“What? You knew?” asked Qing Xu Duan. He was astonished. It felt like thunder had struck his brain.

Lin Feng was also astonished. What was her motive in doing that? Why hadn’t she said anything?

“You knew?” whispered Lin Feng, smiling coolly. It felt like Qing Xin Yue had manipulated everybody…

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