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Chapter 1029: Full Strength, First Battle!


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“Lin Feng, you don’t stand a single chance. Give up,” the first man mocked him. He didn’t think Lin Feng could defeat them.

“Are you done talking shit? Let’s start,” Lin Feng replied indifferently. The man wanted to destabilize him emotionally, but it wouldn’t work. Lin Feng hadn’t even flinched when he had faced the Old Servant, who had the strength of the fifth Great Supreme God layer, so why would he when facing a cultivator of the fourth Great Supreme God layer? He had even killed one before! He had nothing to fear.

The first man looked at him glumly. Since destabilizing Lin Feng emotionally didn’t work, then they better start fighting. “Second, you go,” said the first to the second man. His goal was to make Lin Feng use up all his pure Qi.

“No need. You come first. I want to see how strong the leader of the men in black is. I killed your third brother so easily. Hehe!” Lin Feng smiled cruelly.

Surprise. Confusion. Fury. Different expressions appeared on the first man’s face. In the end, he nodded. Since Lin Feng wanted to suffer, why not? The first man was impatient to crush Lin Feng anyway.

“Hehe. You killed Kuang Zhan, so I, Dong Fang Qing, am going to avenge him! Let’s settle accounts!” said the first, smiling coldly. He walked to the center of the area and got ready to fight.

Dong Fang Qing? Why does that name sound so familiar?, thought Chu Chun Qiu. His brow furrowed. He had heard that name somewhere. He couldn’t remember where, but he knew the man was probably extremely strong.

Lin Feng stood in front of Dong Fang Qing, a hundred meters away. Lin Feng clenched his fists and condensed Genesis Spiritual strength throughout his entire body, especially in his fists.

The duel was about to start!

Lin Feng didn’t intend to let Dong Fang Qing attack first. He was weaker, so him attacking first was perfectly normal. If he let Dong Fang Qing attack first, it would be difficult for him to counter.

Lin Feng was extremely quick. In the blink of an eye, he was already in front of Dong Fang Qing and threw a punch. His explosive energies weighed a hundred million jin. Dong Fang Qing suddenly looked very serious.

Lin Feng was strong and quick. Even though he only had the strength of the second Great Supreme God layer, ordinary cultivators of the third couldn’t defeat him easily. Even if they wanted to resist against Lin Feng, they had to use lots of power to do so.

Dong Fang Qing didn’t intend to fight quickly. He wanted to make Lin Feng suffer, but he wouldn’t kill him since their Master had given them the order not to kill him, and he had to obey.

“Your punch is so weak, haven’t you eaten anything lately?” Dong Fang Qing mocked him. He also threw a punch, but at a different speed. Their fists collided. Chu Chun Qiu heard an explosion and black Qi rolled in waves. Some trees around them collapsed.

Lin Feng was blown away at the same time. He was using a lot of pure Qi already. Fighting against Dong Fang Qing wasn’t easy. Lin Feng’s attack had been powerful too, and he needed to use lots of energy for such an attack.

Lin Feng didn’t stop, because he knew that he had to use his full strength and speed to defeat Dong Fang Qing. He couldn’t afford to save energy.

Lin Feng jumped and suddenly reappeared in front of Dong Fang Qing, striking out with his palm. It was like dragons had appeared. Dong Fang Qing shouted furiously and threw another punch. It was also felt like an ancient gigantic beast had appeared. Both of them were pushed back again.

Lin Feng flashed forwards again. This time he threw punches with both fists, but Dong Fang Qing reacted quickly too. Even though he had been pushed back, he hadn’t used as much energy as Lin Feng so far.

They exchanged a few more attacks. Lin Feng realized he was using too much strength, and understood that Dong Fang Qing was trying to make him waste as much energy as possible, to exhaust him and leave him unable to continue.

Lin Feng knew he couldn’t continue fighting like this. His opponent was too strong.

You’re trying to make me use up all my pure Qi? So I will show you my ranged attacks, thought Lin Feng. He flew towards Dong Fang Qing once again. Dong Fang Qing was convinced his plan was working.

Dong Fang Qing clenched his fists. He just wanted Lin Feng to use more pure Qi. However, he had a bad feeling when Lin Feng smiled strangely. Dong Fang Qing quickly flashed backwards.

However, it was already too late. Lin Feng grinned and suddenly, he had the Sword of Remote Times in his hand. Blue lights flashed. A sword light cut towards Dong Fang Qing’s head. It didn’t seem fast, so it looked even scarier. A strong wind blew around the sword.

“Oh no!” Dong Fang Qing realized he was in danger. The sword light was right in front of him. He had no time to think, so he just tilted aside.

Dong Fang Qing roared angrily. He clenched his fists again and threw a punch at the sword light beam. The energies sparkled. Dong Fang Qing paled and he kept being pushed backwards. His arms hurt.

In the end, the sword light beam disappeared. There were wounds on Dong Fang Qing’s arms, and he was bleeding. It was extremely painful. He felt humiliated that his plans had failed.

“You want to die!” Dong Fang Qing shouted explosively. He initially wanted Lin Feng to waste pure Qi, but now he wanted to crush him!

Dong Fang Qing looked at him and roared in rage. His voice made the entire valley shake, as if it were the apocalypse.

Lin Feng was in midair. Even the space around him was shaking as if it were afraid of Dong Fang Qing’s bellow. It wasn’t just a simple shout, it was a sound attack, or it wouldn’t have such an effect.

“Earthquake of Desolation!” shouted Dong Fang Qing furiously. He condensed a Qi weighing hundreds of millions of jin in his hand. The ground cracked under him, and a gigantic thousand-meter-long canyon appeared under him.

Lin Feng’s looked on, impressed. He could sense earth strength. Lin Feng had no time to analyze the physical characteristics of that attack, he raised his hands and thrust out. Several hundred-meter zhang tall imperial imprints appeared and shot towards the first.

Boom boom boom… Phwap, phwap! Two different sounds spread in the air. In the end, the imperial imprints were pierced and hundreds of beams of light stabbed towards Lin Feng. Lin Feng roared out, took his Sword of Remote Times back, and cut the light beams with it.

Three light beams flew past his belly and blood scattered. It was extremely painful. Lin Feng nearly fell from the sky and a hostile strength started flowing through his meridians.

Lin Feng’s eyes narrowed. What a powerful kind of strength! It was difficult to resist it, an extremely pure kind of earth strength. Dong Fang Qing had mastered that kind of energy.

But Lin Feng wasn’t too worried, and grinned to himself. He didn’t feel much pressure.

That kind of strength could help him break through to the third Great Supreme God layer. The two kinds of energies collided. Lin Feng was excited.

Lin Feng considered duels a good way to become stronger, the fiercer the better. Lin Feng closed his eyes and stood in the air. His Qi was extremely weak, and he was pale.

When Dong Fang Qing saw that, he knew that if he attacked Lin Feng might die. Since his Master had forbidden him from killing him, he couldn’t continue, but he hadn’t made Lin Feng suffer enough, so he looked at the second man in black.

The second one nodded. He flashed in and grinned. It was his turn to torture Lin Feng. They couldn’t kill him, but they wanted to make him suffer!

“Hehe, Lin Feng, we’re going to have fun!” said the man, smiling and clenching his fists. He took a deep breath.




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