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Chapter 1030: It’s My Turn to Torture You, Right?


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When Chu Chun Qiu saw Lin Feng remained silent, he knew Lin Feng had something in mind. Besides, he had Genesis Spiritual strength, he couldn’t lose that easily. Seeing Lin Feng fight like that was intriguing, meaningful, and thought-provoking.

“Lin Feng, what are you doing?” murmured Chu Chun Qiu, shaking his head. He didn’t understand what Lin Feng was trying to do and the more Lin Feng fought, the less Chu Chun Qiu understood.

With time, the difference between him and Lin Feng, old rivals, kept growing bigger.

The second threw a punch. Lin Feng tilted aside and suddenly dropped down. He then flew towards the man and threw punches. They both collided. Lin Feng was pushed down and landed on the ground hard.

Blood appeared on the corner of Lin Feng’s lips. The two kinds of strength kept colliding inside of him. Lin Feng knew that if he resisted a bit longer, he would be able to break through. Then, it would be time for him to counterattack. For now, he had no choice but to endure the pain.

The man flashed and reappeared in front of Lin Feng in the blink of an eye. He grabbed Lin Feng and lifted him up. He smiled strangely and slammed Lin Feng’s chest. Lin Feng grunted with pain. It felt like his rib cage was about to break. The pain diffused throughout his body.

But it didn’t prevent the two kinds of strength from colliding inside him. Lin Feng knew he had to be patient in spite of the pain, but it would definitely be worth it…!

This was one of the reasons why Lin Feng could break through faster than most cultivators. It was also why the difference between ordinary cultivators and real geniuses always grew faster. Real geniuses gambled with their life at stake, while ordinary cultivators were always scared.

Lin Feng was in danger, but it was an opportunity. No matter what the man in black did, Lin Feng didn’t raise his eyebrows, because he knew he was going to break through soon.

When the man saw Lin Feng grunt with pain without otherwise reacting, he was disappointed. He had thought Lin Feng would cry out in pain. It would have been awesome to see that, but Lin Feng didn’t. He had to make Lin Feng scream, or he would feel like he had failed.

The man clenched his fists and punched Lin Feng in the abdomen. Lin Feng had the feeling his opponent’s fist was going to pierce through his guts. The two kinds of strengths were still colliding inside him. It felt like his meridians were going to explode.

Danger, extreme danger. Lin Feng was extremely pale. He initially wanted to benefit from the pain and the danger to break through, but now he understood it wasn’t going to be so easy. When the second attacked him, it also disrupted the flow of energy.

Lin Feng shouted furiously and threw a kick at the man. He hadn’t thought Lin Feng would react so strongly, and when Lin Feng kicked him, he didn’t have time to react. He was smashed away and coughed blood.

Dong Fang Qing was surprised. Lin Feng still had the energy to fight back? How strong! “Tang Xuan, no need to talk shit. Just crush him until he’s half dead!” shouted Dong Fang Qing in contempt.

Tang Xuan struggled to crawl back up. It felt like his chest had been destroyed, it was extremely painful. He almost shouted from the pain, but controlled himself. He took a deep breath and tried to stabilize his Qi again. He glared at Lin Feng icily.

Lin Feng was still standing there, still pale. He was exhausted and the two sorts of strengths were still colliding inside him. If they exploded, not only wouldn’t he break through, but he would also be crushed to mush.

It was going to be difficult, because Tang Xuan didn’t intend to let him off.

Lin Feng wasn’t strong enough to defeat Tang Xuan anymore, and now two kinds of strengths were colliding in his body, so it was even more difficult. He had to be endure!

Lin Feng grit his teeth. It was dangerous, but he couldn’t give up. If he didn’t seize this opportunity, he may not be able to break through for a long time!

Breaking through was different for Great Supreme Gods; it was not the same process as Godly Emperors. Godly Emperors could rely on formal studies and practice to level, but Great Supreme Gods couldn’t because they already understood Celestial Dao. There was nothing to understand anymore.

All they could do was fight, fight, fight, and refine their body and energies. When they were in danger, they could break through. Lin Feng had no time to lose, unlike some others.

Lin Feng had no choice: either give up, or break through!

He chose to break through!

Tang Xuan came back to Lin Feng. He grabbed Lin Feng by the collar and threw him away. Lin Feng crashed to the ground, an impact crater forming under him. Dark Qi floated all around him.

Lin Feng realized that the antagonistic strength in his body had weakened a lot and that a new kind of energy was now flowing in his body. He was delighted as he came back out of the crater.

“What? You haven’t eaten anything lately? You have no strength to hit me?” Lin Feng spat out mockingly.

Tang Xuan was already furious because of the kick Lin Feng had thrown at him, and now he was even more infuriated. He flashed and reappeared in front of Lin Feng. He grabbed Lin Feng by the collar again and this time he threw Lin Feng with even more strength than the previous time.

Boom boom boom! Another crater appeared. Lin Feng was at the bottom. However, the antagonistic strength was now flowing in the other direction, so Lin Feng took a deep breath of relief.

He was getting closer and closer to success. Now, he needed to have a good fight against Tang Xuan, and just wait.

Tang Xuan stood at the top of the crater and smiled down at Lin Feng mockingly. Lin Feng probably understood he wasn’t strong enough now, the second had beaten him for so long already.

“Lin Feng, will you submit or not?” asked Tang Xuan disdainfully.

Lin Feng slowly opened his eyes. Golden lights flashed. Lin Feng flashed out of the crater and faced Tang Xuan.

“You’ve been torturing me for a little while. It’s time for me to torture you, isn’t it?” Lin Feng smiled confidently. Tang Xuan’s expression fell.

“You won’t submit then?” chided Tang Xuan, shaking his head impatiently. He wasn’t in the mood to chat. He flashed again, and stretched out his hand to grab Lin Feng’s collar. He wanted to throw him down once again.

This time, Lin Feng didn’t move. Tang Xuan was stupefied. There was something wrong…

Lin Feng grinned. “I told you, you’ve been torturing me for a little while. It’s time for me to torture you, isn’t it? Wouldn’t that be fair, eh, Tang Xuan?” Lin Feng said, smiling broadly.

He grabbed the dumbstruck Tang Xuan’s collar. Lin Feng condensed a hundred million jin of strength in his hand and threw Tang Xuan away.

Boom boom boom! Another crater appeared. Tang Xuan rolled around inside.

Lin Feng’s body was surrounded by dazzling golden lights. The ground cracked under his feet. His Qi grew more and more terrifying.

Chu Chun Qiu and Dong Fang Qing were both astonished. Lin Feng’s Qi kept increasing! At this moment, Lin Feng’s Qi had the strength of the third Great Supreme God layer, but it didn’t stop rising until it reached the top of the third Great Supreme God layer.

Lin Feng had broken through without anybody noticing? How had he done that?

“Hehe, you wanted to be hit violently to break through, eh? How smart!” guessed Dong Fang Qing, smiling icily. He realized he had been fooled, as had Tang Xuan. Everybody had!

Lin Feng had now broken through to the very top of the third Great Supreme God layer!

Lin Feng smiled indifferently. He stood at the top of the crater and looked down at Tang Xuan, who was struggling to get up. Lin Feng jumped down and landed on Tang Xuan’s head, trampling him flat.

“Today, I will guard this crater. Tang Xuan must lie in it for three hours, or he will never come out!” shouted Lin Feng tyrannically, glaring at Dong Fang Qing.

Dong Fang Qing’s face twisted. Lin Feng was provoking them!

After breaking through, Lin Feng could easily compete with them. He had been humiliated during their fights, so he had to regain his face and prestige!

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