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Chapter 1031: Teaching Tang Xuan and Dong Fang Qing A Good Lesson!


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“Lin Feng, don’t go too far! Do you know who you’re talking to?” cursed Dong Fang Qing icily. He was furious. Lin Feng was so arrogant!

“Of course, I do. So what?” Lin Feng smiled. He didn’t give Dong Fang Qing any face at all. He had been tortured in the last two fights; he had to regain face and make them pay!

Lin Feng couldn’t submit to the mysterious cultivator’s servants. Even though he didn’t know why the mysterious man did all those things, Lin Feng had to show them how dignified and majestic he was. How could he submit to servants?

Lin Feng stood at the top of the crater. If Tang Xuan tried to come out, Lin Feng would kick him in the face. Tang Xuan had no choice but to lie down in the crater. Lin Feng wanted to give them a taste of their own medicine, and get revenge by paying them back at their own game (Translator’s Note: neo-Confucianist idiom by Zhu Xi from the Song Dynasty).

Tang Xuan had tortured him, so Lin Feng naturally wanted to do the same!

Dong Fang Qing looked at Lin Feng glumly and clenched his fists. He wished he could crush Lin Feng.

“It seems like you don’t understand what situation you are in!” shouted Dong Fang Qing angrily. He appeared in front of Lin Feng in the blink of an eye and threw a violent punch, but he had kind of lost his reason and forgotten what the mysterious man had told them.

The only thing he had in mind at that moment was that he wanted to teach Lin Feng a good lesson. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be able to calm down!

Lin Feng also threw a punch at Dong Fang Qing’s chest. They were both pushed backwards. Lin Feng slid over a hundred meters while Dong Fang Qing was pushed back a dozen steps.

“Tang Xuan, hurry up and come out!” shouted Dong Fang Qing. Tang Xuan hurriedly came out. He looked miserable. His black robe was torn apart, and his hair was messy. He was covered in dust and mud. His veil had also fallen, so people could see his face.

He actually looked handsome and smart. If he wasn’t a man in black, it would be difficult to imagine that he was one of them.

Lin Feng looked at Tang Xuan, and flashed towards him. Dong Fang Qing also moved.

Lin Feng landed behind Tang Xuan, and grabbed him by the collar. Dong Fang Qing grabbed Tang Xuan’s arm and threw a kick at Lin Feng. Lin Feng tilted aside to dodge Dong Fang Qing’s attack, and didn’t let go of Tang Xuan.

Tang Xuan tried to break free, but he wasn’t standing firmly, so he fell back down into the crater. He was injured, but he was also a cultivator of the fourth Great Supreme God layer, so he wasn’t going to admit he had lost.

Tang Xuan flashed back up and threw a punch at Lin Feng. At that moment, Dong Fang Qing also attacked again. The two men in black attacked Lin Feng at the same time.

“Haha! Come! Show me how strong two men in black can be!” shouted Lin Feng. He was excited to fight. He was almost shocked by his own emotions.

He condensed Genesis Spiritual strength and threw more punches.

Their fists all collided. Ju Valley shook violently, including the ground and the air. There were several explosions.

Tang Xuan was blown away. Dong Fang Qing was fine. Lin Feng was blown a thousand meters away and crashed to the ground, creating a new crater. Lin Feng came back out instantly though, and Dong Fang Qing’s expression fell again.

Lin Feng was invincible?! He even seemed more and more excited to fight. The two men in black couldn’t believe it!

He only had the strength of the third Great Supreme God layer! Differences at their levels were gigantic, but still he could compete against two cultivators of the fourth Great Supreme God layer, and he kept injuring Tang Xuan!

Therefore, the two men in black were almost scared. However, Dong Fang Qing knew that if he didn’t put pressure on Lin Feng, Lin Feng was going to overwhelm Tang Xuan.

Dong Fang Qing clenched his fists, his energies rolling in waves over thousands of meters. The three people started colliding again. If anyone had seen that battle, they would have never forgotten about it.

Lin Feng flashed and landed in front of Tang Xuan again. Then Dong Fang Qing flashed towards Lin Feng and threw a punch. But Lin Feng was fast, so he dodged and in the end Dong Fang Qing ended up punching Tang Xuan who was initially behind Lin Feng.

Tang Xuan was injured and his pure Qi was weak so he looked even more miserable.

“Tang Xuan, I told you to stay in this crater for at least three hours today! Nobody can do prevent that!” shouted Lin Feng tyrannically. Tang Xuan paled.

He took a deep breath, clenched his fists and flashed towards Lin Feng again, even if he kept losing.

Lin Feng had the advantage of being able to absorb pure Qi from his spirit world. He also had his Genesis Spiritual Body so he never lacked pure Qi.

Lin Feng threw another punch at Tang Xuan. Their fists collided. Tang Xuan’s fist cracked, and he was blown away again. He crashed and rolled on the ground. His hair looked even more messy, and he didn’t look quite so handsome anymore.

Tang Xuan was astonished. Lin Feng was an incredible fighter, a real warrior. He had just broken through and he was a thousand times more terrifying than before!

Tang Xuan was extremely pale. Lin Feng looked at Tang Xuan and smiled. He couldn’t defeat Tang Xuan before, but now that he had broken through, he could!

Tang Xuan was astonished. Lin Feng hadn’t even used his full strength, he almost never did.

“It’s like there’s no difference between the third and fourth Great Supreme God layers. I can easily destroy you. You tortured me for a little while before, uh? So now it’s my turn.”

“I told you, stay in that crater for three hours so you have to obey,” Lin Feng said aggressively. He kept walking closer and closer to Tang Xuan. Tang Xuan was starting to panic. What could he do, though? Resign himself?

“Lin Feng, stop. We lost. We admit it!” shouted Dong Fang Qing at that moment.

Dong Fang Qing wasn’t happy but they had no choice, otherwise, Lin Feng would continue crushing, humiliating and torturing Tang Xuan.

Their third brother had died, the fifth one too. Out of eight people, only six were left. If Tang Xuan died too, they would only be five and that wouldn’t be enough anymore.

Therefore, when Dong Fang Qing said that, he just lowered his head.

Lin Feng stopped walking for a millisecond but then he continued walking towards Tang Xuan again. He was grinning icily. Then he kicked Tang Xuan again. Tang Xuan fell back into the crater again.

“I told you, you have to stay in this crater for three hours. Nobody can change that!” Lin Feng stated firmly.

Dong Fang Qing sighed helplessly.

Chu Chun Qiu remained silent the whole time. He just watched Lin Feng. He was stupefied too. Lin Feng could actually compete with cultivators of the fourth Great Supreme God layer!

Zhao Ming Jun and Zi Jing Xiao were real geniuses and could also fight battles like this, but they had the strength of the fifth Great Supreme God layer.

Lin Feng needed to make efforts to catch up with them!

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