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Chapter 1032: Meeting the Mysterious Man Again!

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“I hope you will keep your promise and release my second brother in three hours,” Dong Fang Qing said angrily. He couldn’t continue fighting against Lin Feng, or he would lose even more face.

“Hehe, don’t worry! I am a man of my word. Three hours, not less, not more,” Lin Feng replied, smiling indifferently.


Dong Fang Qing and Tang Xuan were already bored after a few minutes. Three hours seemed so long.

Tang Xuan was even more bored, especially at the bottom of the crater. He couldn’t do anything. At least his older brother could walk around. Lin Feng just stared at Tang Xuan. Tang Xuan could only see Lin Feng’s dark shadow. He would never forget this.

Lin Feng looked calm and composed. He gave no indication of feeling particularly happy.

Dong Fang Qing and Tang Xuan both thought Lin Feng was scarier than they had considered. A month before, Lin Feng had killed their third and fifth brothers; he had definitely needed help for that, or used trump cards, because he couldn’t have defeated them alone.

Now things had changed. He was strong enough to compete with the men in black!

Lin Feng kept becoming stronger and he progressed quickly. His cultivation speed was skyrocketing. He would soon be able to kill them easily!

Dong Fang Qing and Tang Xuan were lost in thought, but they couldn’t do much. They could only hope their Master would teach Lin Feng a good lesson, or even kill him!


Three hours passed. Tang Xuan finally came out of the crater. Lin Feng was still grinning. Tang Xuan was angry when he saw that, but he didn’t feel like staying so he just flashed and disappeared in the darkness.

Dong Fang Qing looked at Lin Feng for a long time and finally said, “Lin Feng, let’s go. I’ll take you to my Master.”

Dong Fang Qing then flashed and flew away without making sure Lin Feng and Chu Chun Qiu were following.

Lin Feng looked at Chu Chun Qiu and nodded. They followed Dong Fang Qing.

Dong Fang Qing initially wanted to show Lin Feng how fast he was, but Lin Feng was just as fast as him, so the distance between them didn’t increase.

Very quickly, Dong Fang Qing was outside Ju Valley. The sun was shining outside. Lin Feng and Chu Chun Qiu realized that the mysterious man wasn’t in Ju Valley anymore.

“In that direction is…?” Chu Chun Qiu had the feeling there was something wrong. It was the direction of Tian Dong City.

“Tian Dong City? He’s bringing us to Tian Dong City?” Lin Feng didn’t understand.

There were extremely strong cultivators in Tian Dong City. Three of the four most powerful sects and clans were there: the Ancient Human Clan, the Ancient Yan Clan, and the Tian Ji Sect! The last, Zhao Hall, was in Zhao Country.

“The mysterious man is a strong cultivator from Tian Dong City?” whispered Lin Feng. There were so many geniuses there!

Who was the mysterious man, and where was he from? Why was he in the Country of Eternity? Lin Feng didn’t know.

Even though he didn’t know, he didn’t ask anything. He just followed Dong Fang Qing silently. Ju Valley was bordered by the Ri Guang Empire, the Fa Lan Empire, and Tian Dong City.


It wasn’t very far. In two hours, they had already flown over three million li, and finally arrived on the edge of Tian Dong City.

Dong Fang Qing slowly landed on the ground. Lin Feng and Chu Chun Qiu followed suit.

“My Master is in Tian Dong City, come,” Dong Fang Qing said indifferently. The street was hundreds of meters wide. There couldn’t be a traffic jam on such a road. The atmosphere was lively on the sidewalks. There were many street merchants and some of them had huge queues. People were all smiling broadly and seemed happy.

And most importantly, everybody was a Supreme God. There were some rare Godly Emperors here and there, which only proved people here were stronger.

No wonder there are so many strong cultivators in Tian Dong City, thought Chu Chun Qiu, sighing. All the cultivators of the continent knew the people in Tian Dong City were extremely strong.

“Tian Dong City is famous thanks to the Ancient Human Clan, the Ancient Yan Clan and the Tian Ji Sect. It’s the first city of the continent.”

“The Fa Lan Empire is the first empire of the continent, but it seems so compared to Tian Dong City,” Lin Feng noticed. He controlled the Fa Lan Empire these days, so he knew how powerful it was. Chu Chun Qiu only sighed.

It was probably time to make the Fa Lan Empire change. If the Ancient Dragon Sect and Tian Dao Yuan moved to the Fa Lan Empire, then the Fa Lan Empire would become powerful and its reputation would improve again.

That’s what Lin Feng thought, but he didn’t talk about it, especially since his future was uncertain because of the mysterious man, who might kill him. Everything pointed to possible disaster.

But Lin Feng didn’t regret anything, and just followed Dong Fang Qing.

They had been walking for dozens of li already. Lin Feng and Chu Chun Qiu weren’t in a rush.

They walked along different streets and lanes, finally arriving in front of a courtyard. Dong Fang Qing knocked on the big metallic gate. The building behind it was extremely old.

Knock, knock! Dong Fang Qing turned around and waited.

Very quickly, someone opened the gate. A child looked out, rather young and tender, and asked, “Who is Lin Feng?”

“Please report to the Master that Dong Fang Qing is here,” Dong Fang Qing replied respectfully to the child.

When Lin Feng saw the child, he was astonished, and could hardly believe it; that child had the strength of the third Great Supreme God layer!

The child was about ten years old. Lin Feng inspected his bones and realized the child really was only ten; he wasn’t just an older person who had transformed into a child.

He really was a child!

“I asked, who is Lin Feng?” repeated the child angrily.

Lin Feng walked to the front and smiled, “That is me. I’m Lin Feng.”

“Alright, come with me. The others, wait there. Nobody can come in without my father’s authorization,” said the child, and led the way. At the same time, the gate closed itself. If Dong Fang Qing hadn’t moved fast, the gate would have hit him in the nose.

Dong Fang Qing looked at the closed gate angrily, but what could he do? Nothing. Chu Chun Qiu didn’t think about anything in particular.

The mysterious man wanted to see Lin Feng, but why?


Lin Feng followed the child. The courtyard was not that big, and was rather simple. The building was made of wood and hundreds of thousands of years old, but it was strangely well preserved.

Lin Feng and the child walked into a stone corridor with water flowing on both sides. It was quite beautiful.

“Go in there,” the child said flatly, pointing to a room.

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