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Chapter 1033: World of Battles and Extraterritorial World!


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“There?” asked Lin Feng, pointing to the room. However, the child ignored Lin Feng and walked away.

Lin Feng smiled wryly. The child had a bad temper, but he could be arrogant considering his strength. Ten years old and the strength of the third Great Supreme God layer, that was something new to Lin Feng!

Lin Feng took a deep breath. He was going to see the mysterious man again, so he felt nervous.

Lin Feng knocked on the door.

“Come in. I’ve been waiting for you for a while,” a gloomy voice called out. It sounded like the voice of a demon who could have come straight from hell. Nobody but the man could speak like that.

Lin Feng opened the door, entered the room, and closed the door behind him.


As soon as Lin Feng closed the door, he sensed something attack him. His chest was hammered. He prepared to resist against an attack, fortunately, but he was still blown away and crashed against a wall and then to the floor. He immediately coughed blood.

Lin Feng coughed and crawled back up. What a terrifying attack! Luckily, he had a Genesis Spiritual Body.

However, another attack came and he crashed to the floor and coughed blood again. Those two attacks cost Lin Feng lots of pure Qi. Initially, he felt good and strong, but after those two attacks, he felt extremely weak.

Lin Feng hadn’t stood up yet, but he saw two black boots and a black coat; the mysterious cultivator.

“I used only thirty percent of my strength in the first punch. You resisted it even though it had the strength of the fourth Great Supreme God layer.

“I used forty percent of my strength in the second punch. You resisted it even though it had the strength of the fifth Great Supreme God layer.

“It seems like your victory against Tang Xuan and Dong Fang Qing wasn’t due to luck,” said the mysterious man calmly. Lin Feng found the man’s deep voice quite impressive.

“What do you want to prove?” asked Lin Feng, wiping the blood off his mouth. He struggled to stand up.

“I just wanted to see whether you were a valuable asset or not. You are. So I’m not going to kill you, because I can use you,” said the mysterious man, smiling casually. However, he still looked quite sinister.

Lin Feng shook from head to toe, and his heart was racing. The man was going to spare his life! He had passed the test. If he hadn’t resisted the two punches, the man might have killed him directly…

I saved my own life, thought Lin Feng with a smile, but his chest hurt. The two punches had injured him. Still, he would heal soon…

“What you should say is you’re not going to die because you’re talented and brave,” observed the mysterious man, shaking his head.

Lin Feng smiled flatly. No matter what, he was extremely weak compared to the man, so he had nothing to do or say. He just had to wait and see what the man would do with him.

“I’m sure you have many questions. Why don’t you ask me some?” the mysterious man sat down and offered.

Lin Feng stood there, surprised. The man understood him well. Cold sweat appeared on Lin Feng’s forehead. He was lucky…

“Will you answer if I ask you questions?” Lin Feng countered, shaking his head. He didn’t think the man would answer his questions. The mysterious man was an extraordinary cultivator, like a king of the ancient times.

“You won’t find that out if you don’t ask me any questions,” replied the mysterious man. He was interested in Lin Feng. He smiled again and watched Lin Feng.

“Alright, so, who are you? Where are you from? What do you want from me? Will you answer these questions?” Lin Feng immediately replied.

The mysterious man frowned. He had thought Lin Feng would ask only one question first, but in the end, he had asked three questions in a row. Lin Feng really was audacious…

He had forgotten that Lin Feng had even acted up a month before in order to leave Ju Valley. His acting had even managed to fool him.

Since Lin Feng had asked three questions, he could still tell him the truth. He had nothing to hide.

“You can ask the fire spirit who I am. Ask her who sealed her back in the days. Regarding where I am from, I can only tell you that I come from the earth and the sky. I was created at the same time.

“And for your last question, I initially wanted to kill you because you killed two of my servants, but I realized you had potential and were extremely strong, so killing you would be a pity. Therefore, I want you to be my servant. You’ll work for me.

“I told you the whole truth and answered your three questions,” the mysterious man concluded casually.

Lin Feng remained silent. He was neither nervous nor shocked.

“I was right. You’re the mysterious man from back in the days. The one who saved the continent. The one people criticize everywhere nowadays,” Lin Feng spoke up after a while. He had guessed that before, and now the mysterious man had confirmed his guess. Lin Feng knew the mysterious man was the one people criticized everywhere in the world because they thought he had destroyed the different clans and sects.

Back then, Lin Feng also believed that story. Now, he knew the truth. The other stories were just rumors and a great cover-up. The mysterious man had saved the whole world. He had sealed the fire spirit and saved the Country of Eternity!

The mysterious man noticed Lin Feng’s expression didn’t change, so he was a bit surprised. Lin Feng had already guessed who he was?

“It seems like you’re not only courageous and strong, you’re also smart. I’m happy I found you,” the mysterious man nodded in satisfaction.

“So, what do you want me to do?” asked Lin Feng. Now that he now knew who the man was, he remained extremely cautious. He had learned from his past mistakes with Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor.

He had to be cautious. He couldn’t trust people too easily.

“Go to the World of Battles,” replied the mysterious man straightforwardly. He had thought about that matter for a while. If Lin Feng hadn’t killed the two men in black and crushed Tang Xuan and Dong Fang Qing, he wouldn’t have made the decision so quickly, however.

When Lin Feng heard that, it meant nothing. He had never heard of the World of Battles.

Not many people in the Country of Eternity knew about the World of Battles and the Extraterritorial World with whom they had issues.

“In simple words, the World of Battles is a world all the ancient sects and clans joined hands to build. It’s a special world.

“The World of Battles is 330,000 meters up in the sky of the Country of Eternity. It protects the Country of Eternity. One of its purposes is to fight against the fire spirit and the fire spirit’s generals who are inside the Ground Penetrating Ocean of Flames.

“Not many people know about it. Most people don’t know about the World of Battles and the Extraterritorial World, which is sad. When the pure Qi became more abundant, Ancestors stopped telling young people about it.”

When the mysterious man said that, he looked grim. Lin Feng was surprised.

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