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Chapter 1034: Lin Feng’s Horizons Are Broadening!


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“World of Battles? Are people there strong?” Lin Feng asked. He didn’t know anything about it.

The mysterious man nodded, “Very strong. Everybody there is a genius from the ancient times. They can cultivate in peace there.

“In the World of Battles, strength is important, but territory is extremely important, too. If you are strong but don’t have a territory, people don’t respect you. You also need expand your territory, too.

“The World of Battles has existed for such a long time, you can imagine some people have some big territories. There are endless Great Supreme Gods and Supreme Gods there. Great Supreme Gods in the World of Battles are much stronger than here.

“Therefore, don’t worry about the ocean of flames; even if it explodes, the Country of Eternity will never be destroyed because an incredible world exists above the Country of Eternity, the World of Battles. Even though the competition is fierce in the World of Battles, they are not careless in times of danger. When the Country of Eternity is in danger, they help.”

“What is the fire spirit’s cultivation level?” asked Lin Feng. He was more and more intrigued by it.

“What is your cultivation level?” asked the man.

Lin Feng was surprised, what was the man trying to say? But he replied anyway, “Top of the third Great Supreme God layer.”

“Alright, the fire spirit is stronger than you by an entire realm,” said the mysterious man hesitantly at first, but then smiled knowingly.

However, when Lin Feng heard that, he was surprised. A realm? Did the man mean a cultivation layer?

“An entire realm? What do you mean?” pressed Lin Feng, taking a deep breath. Was there was something after the Great Supreme God layer, then?

“Godly Ancestor,” said the mysterious man carefully.

Lin Feng was dumbstruck. After the Great Supreme God was the Godly Ancestor layer, and the fire spirit was surprisingly a Godly Ancestor?! And since the mysterious man had said the fire spirit was stronger than him by an entire realm, it probably meant she had the strength of the top of the third Godly Ancestor layer!

“No. You’re wrong. The Godly Ancestor layer is not divided into different levels. The reason is that the Godly Ancestor is already the highest possible level on the path of cultivation,” said the mysterious suddenly. Lin Feng was stupefied; the man knew what he was thinking? So the man was also a Godly Ancestor?

“You are a Godly Ancestor too?” Lin Feng asked promptly. It was the first time he felt that way; a cultivator who had the highest possible level on the path of cultivation was in front of him? There was nothing else after the Godly Ancestor?

Godly Ancestors couldn’t continue advancing? That was the limit?

Godly Ancestors were the strongest of all gods in the universe? When Lin Feng heard that, he sighed; at least he had a new goal. Only five cultivation layers separated him from the Godly Ancestor layer!

It wouldn’t take him too long…

If the mysterious man was already a Godly Ancestor, then Lin Feng just had to become as strong or stronger. Then he would also be able to protect his spirit world against anyone.

“Little boy, don’t think too much. If you want to protect your spirit world, you need to break through to the top of the eighth Great Supreme God layer. It’s not easy. But if you go to the World of Battles, you’ll do it,” murmured the mysterious man. If Lin Feng hadn’t listened carefully, he wouldn’t have heard.

“Master, you told me about the World of Battles; what about the Extraterritorial World?” Lin Feng asked.

The mysterious man shook his head and said dismissively, “Don’t ask me. If you have the opportunity to go to the Extraterritorial World, then go and see for yourself. I just know it exists, but I’ve never seen it. I just know they also have Godly Ancestors, but they don’t call them that. They’re of the same strength, though.

“Alright, you’ve never been to the World of Battles, little boy, so don’t think about the Extraterritorial World too much. If you manage to go to the World of Battles, that’d be impressive enough. I would admire you if you managed to go there,” the mysterious man teased him.

Lin Feng didn’t feel humiliated, though. The man was a Godly Ancestor, it was an honor to talk to him.

“Master, didn’t you intend to kill me at first?” asked Lin Feng after a long time.

The man smiled evilly and mockingly, “Nothing is sure.”

“If you wanted to kill me, you could have killed me in Ju Valley, and you wouldn’t have given me time to do my own things for a month. You wouldn’t have had Dong Fang Qing and Tang Xuan fight against me to test my strength, either, so I think you never really wanted to kill me,” Lin Feng smiled. Even though he wasn’t sure, he still spoke out.

The mysterious man smiled. Lin Feng was confident. He really had thought of killing Lin Feng, but when Lin Feng showed how strong he was, he thought it’d be a pity.

Why kill a young man who had such a great potential? He had lost two servants; it was a pity but if he could have Lin Feng on his side, it didn’t really matter. Besides, he could also easily bring them back to life. He had the strength of the Godly Ancestor layer after all, but he wasn’t going to do so.

“Lin Feng, call Chu Chun Qiu. Tell Dong Fang Qing that he and all the others, except for the Demon King, are to go back to Ju Valley to cultivate. I don’t want to see them until they have broken through to the fifth Great Supreme God layer,” said the mysterious man firmly suddenly. He sounded quite firm.

Lin Feng was nervous again. When a Godly Ancestor spoke, it was incredible, the power of a Godly Ancestor. Lin Feng was slowly being exposed to new things.

“Alright, I’m going,” Lin Feng nodded. He turned around and walked to the courtyard. The child in cyan clothes was still standing in front of the gate and prevented Lin Feng from opening it. He looked ordinary, but Lin Feng knew he was dangerous.

“Little friend, the Master told me to tell you to open the door and let me out,” Lin Feng smiled at the boy.

The child glanced at Lin Feng expressionlessly and nodded. He opened the gate and disappeared. Lin Feng thanked him and walked out.

Chu Chun Qiu and Dong Fang Qing were still in front of the gate. When Chu Chun Qiu saw Lin Feng was safe and sound, he was relieved.

“Chu Chun Qiu, come with me. He wants to see you,” Lin Feng told Chu Chun Qiu.

Chu Chun Qiu’s expression suddenly changed. The man wanted to see him? Chu Chun Qiu asked worriedly, “He didn’t want to kill you, so he wants to kill me?”

“Hehe, don’t think too much. Go inside. He just wants to talk to you. He will definitely broaden your horizons,” Lin Feng replied, shaking his head. Chu Chun Qiu entered the courtyard silently.

Chu Chun Qiu was surprised that Lin Feng was avoiding a reply, because he hated when people did it to him.

Chu Chun Qiu didn’t say anything as he walked away. The child led the way.


When Dong Fang Qing saw that, he was worried, but apart from Lin Feng, who else could he ask? Nobody…

“Lin Feng, did our Master mention us?” Dong Fang Qing asked nervously.

Lin Feng looked at him; he didn’t know why, but since he had talked to the mysterious man, he didn’t hate the men in black that much anymore.

“Your Master said you and all the other men in black, except the Ancient Demon King, have to go back to Ju Valley to cultivate, and that he didn’t want to see any of you again until you’ve broken through to the fifth Great Supreme God layer!”

Dong Fang Qing’s expression fell. “Our Master said that?” Dong Fang Qing was astonished.

Lin Feng asked, “What’s wrong?”

“Lin Feng, did our Master ask you to go to the World of Battles?” asked Dong Fang Qing glumly. He even flushed and looked very disappointed.

Lin Feng nodded, “No. Actually, he said he would admire me if I managed to go to the World of Battles. He didn’t tell me how to go or that he would send me.”

“Alright, I understand. Thank you, Lin Feng,” said Dong Fang Qing. He looked much calmer all of a sudden. He thanked Lin Feng, turned around, and left.

Lin Feng didn’t understand, but he thought Dong Fang Qing actually looked rather sad.

World of Battles? Why had he gotten upset because of the World of Battles? Lin Feng didn’t understand…


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