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Chapter 1037: Big Changes!


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Tian Dong City was bustling with activity that month because the four greatest sects and clans’ competition was going to start soon. People usually called it The Great Competition of the Sects and Clans’ Young Geniuses. Only real geniuses could participate.

There weren’t many real geniuses and they were usually from Zhao Country and Tian Dong City.

The Ancient Human Clan had never announced their comeback and many people didn’t know where they were. People would sometimes see some members of the Ancient Human Clan during this competition.

Not many people would be able to go to the World of Battles…


There was a small village in Tian Dong City. There was nature everywhere there, and the houses were simple. Cultivators sometimes came there because they thought it was a natural and simple village.

When they heard what the leader of the Ancient Human Clan had said, all the people from the Ancient Human Clan investigated and tried to guess who the three people were. Why were they qualified to participate in the competition representing the Ancient Human Clan?

After coming back from the Tai Qing Sect, Zi Jing Xiao had stayed home. He hadn’t traveled at all. You and Kun were with him all the time, so he didn’t feel lonely. He had no friends, so many people found him strange.

But since he had come from Ju Valley, he had thought of Lin Feng quite often. He had also followed Lin Feng’s adventures. He had heard that Lin Feng had destroyed the Yuan Hall, so he was surprised.

Yuan Feng also knew that. He had betrayed Lin Feng, so Lin Feng wanted to get rid of him too, especially since he had been in danger because of him. However, if Zi Jing Xiao saw Yuan Feng, he would kill him too, because he didn’t like traitors.

Lin Feng hadn’t found Yuan Feng after he had destroyed the Yuan Hall…

Zi Jing Xiao heard that the Ancient Human Clan had chosen their three contestants for the competition. He wondered if Lin Feng was part of those three people. He was excited.

“You must have been working hard too, Lin Feng.” whispered Zi Jing Xiao. He knew Lin Feng was strong and powerful. He liked such geniuses.

“Master, you think I can go to the World of Battles?” asked Kun. He hoped he would be able to go to the World of Battles someday, too. He hoped he could meet some other beasts there, including other Raging Bulls.

Zi Jing Xiao just smiled, “Well, if your Master is in the top eight!”

“Really?” asked Kun skeptically. He couldn’t believe it, but he was overjoyed.

“Of course. If I am qualified, I’ll take you and some family members. When a man gets to the top, all his friends and relations get there with him,” replied Zi Jing Xiao, nodding firmly. If he managed to qualify himself, he would bring Kun and You with him to the World of Battles. He would need to expand there and conquer a big territory, so he would need help.

Therefore, they didn’t need to worry.


The atmosphere was lively not just in the Ancient Human Clan, but in the Tian Ji Sect too. They just didn’t know who the three geniuses of the Ancient Human Clan were. They were still excited, because their patriarch had broken through to the eighth Great Supreme God layer. His fellow disciple Tian Cang had also come out of a long period of cultivation and had broken through to the sixth Great Supreme God layer.

Sha Chou had also broken through to the top of the third Great Supreme God layer. Lin Qiong Sheng, Tian Feng Zi’s little disciple, had also broken through to the top of the first Great Supreme God layer, but he wasn’t strong enough to participate in the Competition for the World of Battles.

The Ancient Yan Clan was calmer. There was no news from them. Nobody knew who they were going to send to the Competition, but everybody was convinced they were going to send someone who was extremely strong; the highest people in the rankings of the four great sects and clans were from the Ancient Yan Clan.

The first one was Yan Cang Tian, sixth Great Supreme God layer, from the Ancient Yan Clan!

The second one was his senior female disciple, Gong Nü!

The third one was Tian Cang from the Tian Ji Sect. The fourth one was Tian Chen, from the Tian Ji Sect as well. The fifth one was Zhao Yun Xiao from the Zhao Hall.

The fifteenth one was Zi Jing Xiao, the fourteenth one was Zhao Ming Jun. The twenty-second one was Sha Chou. But that ranking list was old, they had all cultivated really hard and the rankings might have changed.

New rankings would be made after the Competition…


A week passed. Lin Feng had already arrived in the Fa Lan Empire; he had gone to see Fa Chun and told him he wanted the Ancient Dragon Sect and Tian Dao Yuan to move to the Fa Lan Empire.

When Fa Chun heard that, he knew that the Fa Lan Empire would become weaker, but he couldn’t do anything to stop Lin Feng.

After that, Lin Feng went to Tian Dao Yuan. With Lin Ou in charge, Tian Dao Yuan had progressed extremely quickly. The seven Dhammapalas already had the strength of the Great Supreme God layer.

Dao Ling now had the strength of the second Great Supreme God layer; he was the youngest Dhammapala and if Lin Feng agreed, he would also be promoted and become an elder.

When Lin Feng came back, he saw Lin Ou. He told Lin Ou what he had planned. Of course, Lin Ou agreed; there were only advantages. Lin Feng was also the Master of Tian Dao Yuan, so they had to obey him.

Therefore, when Lin Feng told him he wanted to reestablish Tian Dao Yuan in the Fa Lan Empire, they all started working.


That night, Lin Feng, the seven Dhammapalas, and the three Supreme Elders were in the meeting room and discussing some issues. Lin Feng was growing stronger and stronger, so everybody trusted him even more, including Dao Cheng Zi.

When Dao Cheng Zi had heard that Lin Feng had destroyed the Yuan Hall, he had realized Lin Feng was a great ally. He decided to obey him and make Tian Dao Yuan stronger.

After that, Lin Feng officially announced that Tian Dao Yuan was going to leave Lang Xie City. He sent some people to talk to Supreme God Lang Xie, who was in charge of West Lang Xie.

Even though the city was occupied by the Lei Sect, they would probably react quickly.

As expected, when Tian Dao Yuan left Lang Xie City, the Lei Sect’s leader, Lei Jin Gang, came to see Lin Feng. He asked Lin Feng if the Lei Sect could move to the Fa Lan Empire as well.

Lin Feng accepted, of course. There was enough space for them in the Fa Lan Empire.


Ten days later, Lin Feng was in San City. He informed Long Lan Er they could move to the Fa Lan Empire. Long Lan Er didn’t agree immediately; she first wanted to talk to Jing Wu Hen.

Jing Wu Hen didn’t mind. He didn’t want to interfere in the Ancient Dragon Sect’s affairs. Long Lan Er was free to do whatever she wanted. With all these changes, the Fa Lan Empire had completely changed.

Besides, Ancestor Xuan Tian was also in the Fa Lan Empire and one of her benefactors, so she was definitely not against to go there.


Fifteen days later, there were three more ancient sects and clans in the Fa Lan Empire: Tian Dao Yuan, the Lei Sect and the Ancient Dragon Sect. Together, those three groups were as strong as a big sect. They just needed a powerful leader. Lin Feng wasn’t strong enough to do that.

The leaders of three of the four strongest clans and sects were Godly Ancestors. Lin Feng still had a lot of work to do.

After that, Lin Feng went back into his spirit world. Liu Fei was going to give birth soon. This time, Lin Feng brought Yi Ren Lei along.

Since she was now one of his wives, he treated her like the others. His parents were in there, too. Yi Ren Lei was happy. Their love story had been tumultuous for hundreds of years, but now everything was easy and smooth.

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