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Chapter 1038: Huang Nü’s Anger!


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Liu Fei’s belly was huge. She had been pregnant for over nine months and almost couldn’t move anymore. Luckily, she wasn’t alone. Unfortunately, Huang Nü and Huo Wu were both five months pregnant. Their bellies were starting to get big too, so most of the time Yue Meng She took care of Liu Fei.

Meng Qing hadn’t woken up yet, so when Yue Meng She wasn’t busy taking care of Liu Fei, she took care of Meng Qing. She was very busy and tired.

Early one morning, Yue Meng He felt Lin Feng’s presence. Even though she didn’t know why, she knew he was back.

“Little Fei, I think Lin Feng is back,” said Yue Meng He, standing next to Liu Fei’s bed. She was happy.

When Liu Fei heard that, she smiled, “Mom, my husband is early, I’m going to give birth in a week, I think.”

“Hmph! That stinky little boy should come back early; if he came back late and you didn’t get angry, I would,” replied Yue Meng He, shaking her head. Lin Feng didn’t show Liu Fei much love because he was never there, so Yue Meng He would have gotten angry if he had missed their child’s birth.

“Mom, my husband is so busy all the time. Even if he didn’t come back, I wouldn’t be angry,” sighed Liu Fei, smiling patiently. She missed Lin Feng, but she understood him, too.

“If you don’t get angry, he won’t make efforts, you know?” Yue Meng He told Liu Fei, sighing helplessly.

Lin Feng heard everything Liu Fei and Yue Meng He said. He was outside in the courtyard, Yi Ren Lei standing next to him. They glanced at each other. Lin Feng blushed. They had to go in now that they were here, but Lin Feng felt awkward.

Two women with big bellies came out at that moment. One was wearing a red dress, and the other golden battle armor.

When they saw Lin Feng, they were surprised and happy.

“Huo Wu, Little Huang!” shouted Lin Feng.

Huo Wu and Huang Nü ran towards Lin Feng carefully, as they were pregnant. Lin Feng hugged them both. They smelled good, like flowers.

Huo Wu and Huang Nü felt so happy in Lin Feng’s arms. They didn’t want to let go of him, and hug him forever.

Of course, it was just an expression. They enjoyed the moment.

Yi Ren Lei looked at them. They were both pregnant. She thought that if she got pregnant too, she wouldn’t think of other things, she would be like them.

Huang Nü and Huo Wu finally saw Yi Ren Lei. She looked extremely beautiful too. She was as beautiful as Liu Fei and Qing Feng.

Lin Feng then looked at them and their bellies and declared happily, “All of them are my children!”

“Oh really? I thought they were someone else’s,” answered Huang Nü, rolling her eyes angrily. Lin Feng blushed, smiled, and scratched his nose.

“Stop standing. You need to sit down. Let’s go inside. Mom is inside with Liu Fei and Meng Qing,” said Huang Nü. She grabbed Huo Wu’s hand and went inside.

Lin Feng looked nervously at Yi Ren Lei. Yi Ren Lei looked anxious, so Lin Feng grabbed her hand and said, “Don’t be nervous. My mom is a kind person. Besides, they are my wives too, Huang Nü and Huo Wu.”

Yi Ren Lei looked at them and greeted them. Huo Wu and Huang Nü just smiled blandly yet politely. They had never seen her before.

The two women didn’t look happy. Liu Fei was pregnant and about to give birth, Meng Qing was in danger, and Lin Feng had brought back a new woman?

How many wives did he want? Huo Wu and Huang Nü wanted to ask Lin Feng, but Yi Ren Lei was there, so they gave him face.

The two women had long faces, so Lin Feng knew they weren’t happy, and didn’t dare talk to them too much.

When they arrived at the door, he noticed that the house had become much bigger. There was even a corridor. Lin Feng and Yi Ren Lei walked to the door; it wasn’t closed, so he saw Yue Meng He and Liu Fei.

“Mom, I’m back!” Lin Feng called out.

At that moment, Yue Meng He was giving Liu Fei food. When she heard Lin Feng, she almost dropped the bowl. Yue Meng He looked at Lin Feng and Yi Ren Lei.

Yi Ren Lei. Yue Meng He remembered Yi Ren Lei. She was one of the first women Lin Feng had had in his life. Yue Meng He knew their story was complex.

She realized that Yi Ren Lei and Lin Feng were officially together since he had brought her back.

“Stinky little boy, why didn’t you speak up earlier?” exclaimed Yue Meng He, standing up.

Lin Feng smiled wryly, but didn’t dare say anything. What was he supposed to do? Shout as soon as he arrived in his spirit world to announce he was back? That would be too much!

“Alright, don’t make your wives stand for too long. Come in,” said Yue Meng He. Lin Feng and Yi Ren Lei blushed and shook their heads.

Lin Feng held Yi Ren Lei’s hand and they went in. Yue Meng He walked up to Yi Ren Lei and grabbed her hand. Yi Ren Lei was extremely nervous, but Yue Meng He looked kind. She was now her mother-in-law.

“Little Fei, how do you feel?” asked Lin Feng walking over to the bed. He grabbed the bowl of food Yue Meng He had prepared and continued feeding Liu Fei. Liu Fei blushed, but she still opened her mouth and ate her congee.

“Husband, our child will be born soon. I’m nervous,” answered Liu Fei worriedly. She was afraid of giving birth. She knew it would be extremely painful, and she had never done it.

“I’ll be here with you. Don’t worry. I can’t wait to see our little baby,” Lin Feng said kindly. He grabbed her hand and caressed it.

Liu Fei felt much better when Lin Feng said that.


In the evening, Lin Feng came out. Yi Ren Lei stayed with Yue Meng He. She always spent more time with Lin Feng’s new wives.

Lin Feng came out alone. Huang Nü and Huo Wu were outside. Lin Feng knew he had to explain everything to them. Liu Fei had held herself aloof from the world for a very long time, so she didn’t mind if Lin Feng brought new wives, but Huo Wu and Huang Nü had their own personalities.

Lin Feng walked over to them. They both had long faces.

“Speak. We both want an explanation,” said Huang Nü glumly. It was the first time she had gotten angry because of another woman. She didn’t mind Lin Feng having new wives, but these were difficult times. Meng Qing was in a coma. Liu Fei was about to give birth. Bringing a new woman was untactful.

They were both unhappy, and didn’t understand his timing.

“Huo Wu, Little Huang, I’m going to tell you a story, you may understand my situation afterwards,” Lin Feng said, taking a deep breath and shaking his head. He had to tell them the whole story, and his and Yi Ren Lei story was extremely long.

Huang Nü and Huo Wu nodded, giving him an opportunity to justify himself.

Lin Feng then started thinking back and thought of the first time he had met Yi Ren Lei. Then he told them everything until the end, the ups and downs and so on.

It took him an hour to tell them everything. When he finished, it was dark outside and there were stars in the sky. The stars in his world were much more dazzling and numerous than in the outside world.

Huo Wu and Huang Nü remained silent. Their eyes were red. Poor Yi Ren Lei, they thought. They felt lucky compared to her!

“I was wrong, husband,” said Huang Nü, admitting she had been wrong to get angry. She had thought Lin Feng had gone looking for a new woman. She hadn’t thought Lin Feng had met Yi Ren Lei such a long time before, shortly after Meng Qing and Liu Fei.

Yi Ren Lei wasn’t the last woman Lin Feng had met, so, as women from the Continent of the Gods, they couldn’t be jealous of her.

Lin Feng shook his head and looked at Huang Nü and Huo Wu. He didn’t blame anyone but himself for having been so stupid.

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