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Chapter 1039: Refined by Ice!


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“Alright, you know everything now, so don’t be angry at Little Xue. She’s a good girl and she has gone through so many hardships in life. She’s like you. I love you all the same,” Lin Feng said. He hoped they would be nice to Yi Ren Lei.

Huang Nü and Huo Wu nodded. From now on, even if they weren’t really kind to Yi Ren Lei, at least they wouldn’t cause trouble.

But Lin Feng was satisfied. If his women could leave together without arguing, that was the main thing. Lin Feng didn’t need more.

“By the way, where are Qing Feng and my father?” asked Lin Feng curiously. He hadn’t seen either of them.

“Qing Feng and your father saw an ice pearl floating in the sky, and an iceberg it created. Your father was worried it could be dangerous, so Qing Feng and he went to see it.”

“By the way, Qing Feng is pregnant too,” said Huo Wu smiling. They had all gotten pregnant at the same time.

When Lin Feng heard that, he remembered the pearl the Ancestor of Tian Dao Yuan had given him before dying. He didn’t know what it could be used for, so he had just put it in his spirit world and it had created an iceberg.

He hadn’t thought Qing Feng and his father would go and see. Lin Feng needed to do some research and find out what that ice pearl was.

Little Fei was going to give birth within a week, so he had to go see his father and Qing Feng and bring them back.

“Huo Wu, Little Huang, stay here at home. I’ll go and see my dad and Qing Feng,” Lin Feng said. He headed out towards the iceberg.

Huang Nü and Huo Wu watched Lin Feng disappear in the darkness of the night, then went back inside.


The iceberg was in the middle of Lin Feng’s spirit world. The central area of his spirit world was ten million li wide.

But Lin Feng knew his own world well and he was faster in there than outside, so he arrived in the central area in three hours.

He hadn’t even entered the ice world yet that he could already feel the chill. Lin Feng’s hair bristled. That ice pearl was extremely powerful!

It had even created a gigantic iceberg. What was its use, though? Why had the Ancestor of Tian Dao Yuan given it to him? Because of the Ground Penetrating Ocean of Flames? To fight against the fire spirit?

Lin Feng didn’t know. The Ancestor had said so many useless things, but he hadn’t told him about this important item.

Lin Feng used his godly awareness to find Qing Feng and his father. He detected two threads of Qi and flew in that direction.

They weren’t too far, so he didn’t need too much time to get there.

As he flew west, the temperature kept dropping. Now, it was already tens of thousands of degrees below zero.

Lin Feng soon saw Qing Feng and his father. His father studied the iceberg alertly.

“Father, Qing Feng. Don’t worry. I put the ice pearl here,” Lin Feng called out to Lin Hai and Qing Feng. The two of them turned around and saw Lin Feng.

Qing Feng was wearing a red dress and had a big belly already, but she had covered her abdomen meticulously because she was afraid the cold would affect her baby.

When Lin Hai saw Lin Feng, he was relieved. Lin Feng came back and forth all the time. He was also stronger each time he came back!

“Little Feng, you put that ice world in here on purpose?” asked Lin Hai skeptically.

Lin Feng nodded. The iceberg was gigantic and shiny, and quite beautiful. There was nothing over tens of thousands of li, just ice. The iceberg was also tens of thousands of meters high.

The ice pearl was floating in the sky above the ice world,. If one didn’t look carefully, one couldn’t see it.

Lin Feng stretched out his hand; the pearl moved and then floated towards Lin Feng’s hand. The ice on it started melting and the jewel ice pearl looked like an ordinary jewel.

But the cold of the jewel was astonishing. Lin Feng felt he was going to freeze, but luckily, he had his Genesis Spiritual strength and activated it. His Genesis Spiritual strength even started shaking, as if it were excited by the ice pearl.

Lin Feng had an idea when he saw that; why not cultivate relying on that ice jewel?

“What is that pearl?” asked Qing Feng curiously. She was definitely curious, or she wouldn’t have come there, especially since she was five months pregnant.

“I don’t know either. An Ancestor gave it to me. It must be a very powerful treasure,” Lin Feng answered, shaking his head.

“Little Feng, are you sure it’s not dangerous?” asked Lin Hai.

Lin Feng nodded, “Don’t worry, father. It’s not dangerous. You and Qing Feng can go back.”

“Really?” asked Qing Feng.

“Qing Feng, father, trust me. There’s no problem,” Lin Feng insisted calmly.

When they heard Lin Feng’s firm answer, they believed him. Lin Feng rarely made mistakes.

“Alright, we’re going back then, Little Feng,” said Lin Hai. He got ready to leave.

“Father, bring Qing Feng back too. I need to stay here for a few days and cultivate,” Lin Feng said, shaking his head firmly.

Lin Hai looked at Lin Feng curiously, and asked, “Little Fei is going to give birth in a week, don’t you know that?”

“I know. I’ll be there in time,” Lin Feng nodded.

Lin Hai glared at him angrily. Liu Fei was going to give birth and Lin Feng was going to stay there alone to cultivate?

Qing Feng intervened hastily, “Father, he’s free. Don’t worry, you can go back. I’ll stay here with my husband. We’ll be back before Sister Liu Fei gives birth,” offered Qing Feng.

Lin Hai looked at her softly and said to his son, “Little boy, you better be back before your wife gives birth. A woman needs her man more than anything after giving birth. You understand?”

“Yes, father, I understand. Don’t worry. I’ll go back,” Lin Feng nodded. Even though he was extremely strong, he looked like a little boy when his father talked to him severely.

“Alright, Qing Feng, stay here with him. I’m off,” said Lin Hai nodded, and flew off.

Lin Feng took a deep breath. He didn’t need to worry anymore.

“Qing Feng, stay here and watch. I’ll put the ice pearl in the center of the ice world and cultivate. In five days, if I haven’t woken up, wake me up; don’t worry, there won’t be any problems. I am in my own spirit world here, so that won’t happen,” Lin Feng said.

Qing Feng nodded. She watched as Lin Feng flew away to the top of the iceberg with the ice pearl.

Lin Feng sat down at the top and closed his eyes. The jewel floated in front of him. The temperature continued dropping.

Lin Feng looked grim and frowned. He was in pain. The temperature was tens of thousands of degrees below zero. His body was freezing. Even with his Genesis Spiritual Body, he felt like his organs were slowing down.

But Lin Feng was also excited at the same time. Fire and ice were both excellent elements to refine a cultivator’s body. If they didn’t die, they inevitably became stronger!

Lin Feng had already refined his body in the Ground Penetrating Ocean of Flames. His Genesis Spiritual Body was now perfect. He would definitely become stronger with the ice!

Lin Feng wanted to break through to the fourth Great Supreme God layer. He had broken through to the top of the third two weeks ago. If he did break through to the fourth Great Supreme God layer now, he would become a real legend.

He continued cultivating…

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