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Chapter 1040: Ice Spirit?


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Lin Feng continued cultivating. His body was covered by a thick layer of ice already. He used his Genesis Spiritual Body to resist the pain, but in the end, his body froze completely. He looked like an ice statue.

Qing Feng stood at the foot of the iceberg and watched Lin Feng. He was completely frozen, so she was quite worried, but Lin Feng felt calm and serene. Nothing dangerous was happening. If anything happened, she would use her phoenix fire to save him!


Time passed slowly. Lin Feng knew that the ice was getting colder and colder. It would become dangerous if the temperature reached hundreds of thousands of degrees below zero…

Lin Feng decided to use his Jia Yan’s Eye to melt the ice. Flames appeared all around his body and the ice cracked and started melting. The temperatures were so drastically opposed that there were two explosions as it did so.

In the end, Lin Feng was surrounded by white steam. The ice around him had a funny shape. There was some ice which didn’t melt, even under the Jia Yan’s Eye.

Even though it was a little dangerous, Lin Feng could sense that his Genesis Spiritual Body was undergoing changes. The flames in the Ground Penetrating Ocean of Flames had completely purified and refined his Genesis Spiritual Body.

The ice was different, it made Lin Feng’s body more resistant!

It was the same with some weapons; after refining them with fire, they were put in ice. It worked for his Genesis Spiritual Body too.

The strength of the ice was absorbed into his Genesis Spiritual strength. It grew more resistant than before.

His body changed gradually. The ice became thicker again. It was already ten meters thick around him. Even if he wanted to melt it with his Jia Yan’s Eyes Tao Skill now, it would take time.

Lin Feng was starting to get worried. He opened his eyes and saw ice all around him. If he didn’t break free from the ice, all his work would be in vain.

If he was stuck in the ice, he would suffocate and die. It would be a nightmare, dying in his own spirit world, suffocating in ice. But it wasn’t going to happen. He was the ultimate ruler of his own world so he controlled everything, including the ice!

He just didn’t want to use his ruler strength unless it was necessary. He didn’t want to break the iceberg either, because it was a great place to cultivate. His wives and children would also be able to use it in the future, as well as new people and beasts.

Lin Feng hoped he would be able to keep it, but so far, he felt a bit hopeless because he didn’t know if there was any other solution. The ice was harder than diamond!

“Husband! Husband!” shouted Qing Feng. She was extremely worried. When she shouted, the ice shook. She even released strength and Qi to break the ice around Lin Feng, but it was completely useless.

Qing Feng rolled her eyes. She touched her belly because when she shouted and released strength,  and her baby started to hurt. Her child was extremely important, but Lin Feng was more important. However, if she used her phoenix strength, her child would be injured!

Qing Feng bit her lips. She decided that her husband was more important than anything. Even if she lost the child, they would be able to conceive another one. She had only one husband. Thinking about that, she clenched her fists and started condensing phoenix fire strength. A phoenix-shaped flame appeared.

“Qing Feng, stop! I can come out alone, I don’t need help!” shouted Lin Feng from inside the ice when he saw Qing Feng. He was angry because he knew what she wanted to do.

When Qing Feng heard that, she sighed with relief. Her baby was in great pain now, and she paled.

“Qing Feng, leave; you’re going to harm the baby if you stay here. If anything happens to my child, I will never forgive you!” shouted Lin Feng angrily.

When Qing Feng heard that, her expression changed quickly. She knew that Lin Feng wasn’t joking. He would never forgive her if the child died, and she wouldn’t forgive herself, either.

Qing Feng finally walked away from the iceberg, but she didn’t leave the ice world. If anything happened, she would still try to save Lin Feng!

Even though her phoenix fire wasn’t the most powerful, it could still reach tens of thousands of degrees, so she could make the ice melt, even if it would take time.

Lin Feng was still seated inside the gigantic ice cube. He closed his eyes and sensed the ice Qi around him. It wasn’t flowing, because it was frozen.

Ice World, Ground Penetrating Ocean of Flames, what is the connection between these two worlds?, wondered Lin Feng.

The Ground Penetrating Ocean of Flames had been created by the Ancestors of Tian Dao Yuan and the other ancient sects and clans. At the beginning, it was just a little lake of fire. They knew it was extremely powerful, so they had all taken a bit of it and put it under their territories. Then they had lost control over it, the fire spirit had been born, and a disaster had followed.

The Ice World’s main element was the ice pearl which the Ancestor had given to him. Lin Feng had thrown it into his spirit world, and ice had spread over tens of thousands of li. What was the connection between the two? Ice and fire were antagonistic elements, but when they collided, they both failed and turned into water.

Water. The source of life. Nothing could exist without water. However, the Ground Penetrating Ocean of Flames was almost five hundred million li wide, while the iceberg was only ten thousand li wide. The difference was huge!

“Who can tell me why?” whispered Lin Feng. He almost forgot he was encased in ice. He was lost in thought.

Suddenly, Lin Feng heard an icy voice in his head. Lin Feng was astonished and felt his heart twitch.

“Not why. My existence. The fire spirit’s existence. Everything is just a kind of strength.

“No matter how greedy or kind we are. No matter if our universe is real or not. Our existence, the universe’s existence, our destruction, the destruction of the world…

“Don’t destroy our world just because this world is yours. It’s also our strength. If you destroy our world, you destroy your own human world, but not us spirits.”

He looked around, but there was only ice. The voice sounded as if it came from every direction. That world was his world, so he knew the voice came from the iceberg.

“Who are you?” Lin Feng frowned.

“Who am I? Hehe, you people call fire spiritual essence a fire spirit, so you can call me an ice spirit,”
replied the ice-cold voice. Lin Feng thought it sounded like a woman’s voice. If it hadn’t been that cold, it could have sounded cute and sweet.

However, the voice was just cold. Lin Feng controlled himself carefully, as he had the impression that voice could bewitch him.

He was the ultimate ruler of his own spirit world, so what was the ice spirit? In any case, he couldn’t possibly submit to it. That would be ridiculous!

Thinking about it, he calmed down and decided to face the ice spirit calmly.


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