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Chapter 1041: Breaking Through!


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“We should meet face to face,” Lin Feng said, standing up. The ice around him cracked and was painful, but he didn’t care. He wanted to see the Ice Spirit.

“Do we need to?” came the Ice Spirit’s reply. It seemed to come from so far away, and made Lin Feng shiver.

But he just smiled broadly. “You are in my world, you are in no position for negotiations,” Lin Feng said, smiling confidently.

When the Ice Spirit heard Lin Feng, she remained silent. Lin Feng wasn’t in a rush. If the Ice Spirit wasn’t stupid, she would meet him and negotiate.

Since the Ice Spirit had made her presence known to Lin Feng, she probably had something to ask… so they had to negotiate. But the Ice Spirit was trying to occupy a commanding position.

Unfortunately, the Ice Spirit had forgotten that in Lin Feng’s spirit world, he was the ultimate ruler!

Lin Feng didn’t know how long he waited, but finally, the Ice Spirit spoke again. She sounded less cold than before.

“It is easy. I am inside the ice pearl. Come and see me there,” said the Ice Spirit.

Lin Feng sat back down. No matter what, he wanted to break through to the fourth Great Supreme God layer first. Then he’d be strong enough to participate in the competition for the World of Battles. He had to catch up a little bit with all the other young geniuses.

Lin Feng closed his eyes again and focused on cultivating. He had the strength of the top of the third Great Supreme God layer, so breaking through to the fourth was feasible, especially with the help of the ice.

After the Ice Spirit had spoken, the ice around him became more stable. The Ice Spirit wanted him to hurry and break through to the fourth Great Supreme God layer so that they would be able to negotiate.


Four days later, Lin Feng was pale and covered in ice. His black robe was covered with white frost. When he breathed, the Qi he exhaled froze, but his pure Qi had become more powerful.

He shouted furiously, clenched his fists, and released Genesis Spiritual strength, ice Qi, demon Qi, and the strength of his Jia Yan’s Eye. All the energies condensed together.

Boom, boom, boom! Crack, crack, crack! There were many explosions. Qing Feng was startled. She was worried as she looked more carefully and realized Lin Feng had broken the ice and come out.

Lin Feng spat out some ice Qi; he had broken through to the fourth Great Supreme God layer!

From now on, Lin Feng was a medium-level Great Supreme God. Now, he would be able to resist cultivators of the fifth Great Supreme God layer.

Lin Feng was satisfied with himself. How many people had a Genesis Spiritual Body? How many people were as lucky as he was? How many people knew when to seize opportunities like he did? Lin Feng deserved to be successful because he worked hard!

Many people weren’t willing to work hard. Therefore, Lin Feng’s cultivation speed was extraordinary but it was the fruits of his efforts. Most people weren’t as smart as him and their cultivation methods weren’t as advanced, and so Lin Feng had broken through to the fourth Great Supreme God layer in less than a thousand years.

Most geniuses needed tens of thousands of years; ordinary cultivators normally needed hundreds of thousands of years.

Lin Feng was a real genius, so there was nothing surprising about his cultivation speed.


Lin Feng stood at the top of the iceberg, looking at the ice around. Everything was frozen. It was extremely beautiful.

Lin Feng’s black robe fluttered in the wind. He grabbed the ice pearl and sent his godly awareness inside.

“Come in!” said an indifferent voice. Lin Feng entered the ice pearl and disappeared inside.

Qing Feng wanted to run towards Lin Feng, but he disappeared. When she saw that, her expression changed drastically.

“Husband! Husband!” shouted Qing Feng ,but Lin Feng didn’t reply.


In the ice pearl, the Ice Spirit looked at Lin Feng in admiration.

“Your wife, haha, you’re funny; she’s shouting outside,” said the Ice Spirit. She didn’t sound as cold as before, she now sounded more like a woman. Lin Feng wasn’t interested in more women, though. He had enough.

Fooling around with nature spirits wasn’t a good idea, it could lead to chaos!

“I am in your world now. Won’t you show yourself?” asked Lin Feng. It was cold inside here. If Lin Feng wasn’t used to such temperatures, he would have frozen.

The Ice Spirit still wasn’t visible.

“I also really want to see you, but I am injured so my body can’t condense,” the Ice Spirit replied honestly. Lin Feng didn’t really believe her,  however.

But he remained impassive and asked, “What happened?” He was curious, too. He could see a snowy white light in the sky of the pearl; it was probably the Ice Spirit’s heart.

“A million years ago, I was a Great Supreme God because the Qi of the world was scarce. The Fire Spirit was the same.

“But the Fire Spirit wanted to destroy humans, so in the end, she killed many people.

“Because of that, some strong cultivators and I joined hands. Not many people had broken through to the Great Supreme God layer back then; one was the patriarch of the Tian Ji Sect, the ancestor of Tian Dao Yuan, the one who gave you the ice pearl.

“Apart from them, Fu Hao of the Ancient Human Clan, and the leader of the Ancient Yan Clan, Yan Lun, had the strength of the first Great Supreme God layer, but thanks to the expansion of the Ground Penetrating Ocean of Flames, the Fire Spirit had the strength of the fourth Great Supreme God layer.

“In the end, we still managed to seal her inside, but I was injured by the fire and I’ve never been healed. If you hadn’t come in, I would have been stuck inside the pearl forever. But you put me inside your world and I started occupying a wide territory.

“Five hundred thousand years ago, the Fire Spirit attacked the continent by surprise again. Back then, she already had the strength of the top of the Great Supreme God layer, and was about to break through to the Godly Ancestor layer. Of course, in the end we sealed her. Many people helped, including the patriarch of the Tian Ji Sect, the leader of the Ancient Human Clan, the leader of the Zhao Hall, the leader of the Ancient Yan Clan, the Supreme Elder of the Ancient Yan Clan, and so on. Many clans and sects helped, too. People who couldn’t fight against the Fire Spirit fought against the Fire Spirit’s generals.

“In the end, we sealed the Fire Spirit again. However, it’s not like when humans are sealed. You know how twisted the Fire Spirit’s mind is? And when people bully you, don’t you want to destroy them and get your revenge?” The Ice Spirit sounded grave.

When Lin Feng heard that, he nodded. If someone bullied him, he destroyed them. “Indeed,” he replied.

“Yes, and you’re right. Recently, the Fire Spirit broke through to the Godly Ancestor layer. Many people say it is not divided into several levels, but there are some, but you just don’t need to talk about them.

“I’ve seen Fu Hao, and I’ve sensed his Qi. I think he detected my presence too, but he didn’t tell you. The Fire Spirit is much, much more powerful than Fu Hao.

“Imagine what would happen if the Ground Penetrating Ocean of Flames exploded again? The whole Country of Eternity would be in danger!

“That’s why the four greatest clans and sects send geniuses to the World of Battles and help you become stronger. When you young geniuses, break through to the Godly Ancestor layer, you can join the Fire Spirit Sealing Army.

“Hehe. I am not strong enough. I can’t help you anymore because it would break the balance of the world order. We can’t kill each other, because we are both spirits,” finished the Ice Spirit quickly. She didn’t want to get involved anymore, and sounded firm about that.

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