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Chapter 1042: Negotiations!


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“Did the Fire Spirit severely injure you? Were you really weak back then?” asked Lin Feng skeptically. If the Fire Spirit had badly injured the Ice Spirit, it meant the Ice Spirit was weaker than the Fire Spirit.

The Ice Spirit might have had the strength of the Great Supreme God layer back in the days and now might never be able to break through to the Godly Ancestor layer. However, Lin Feng didn’t really trust her. She might be trying to plot against him, after all.

Since the Ice Spirit and the Fire Spirit were extraordinary entities in the universe, how could the Fire Spirit be much, much stronger than the Ice Spirit? Lin Feng had no idea, but it did seem like a violation of the laws of balance.

Therefore, Lin Feng didn’t really believe or trust the Ice Spirit. Of course, he didn’t know her yet, so he just listened carefully. She had come to his small world and created an ice world here, which meant she had ulterior motives.

“No. I wasn’t very weak. But the connection between us is very strong, because we are part elemental and natural sorts of strength. When she’s injured, I’m exhausted. Nowadays, she has broken through to the Godly Ancestor layer relying on the Ground Penetrating Ocean of Flames.

“But…” At that moment, the Ice Spirit’s tone of speech changed. Lin Feng also noticed a change of Qi. Her Qi became colder and colder. In the end, Lin Feng had no choice but to release energies to protect himself, because her Qi was too cold.

“But she used the Ground Penetrating Ocean of Flames to grow and become extremely strong! What about me? I was just recovering in the ice pearl. That’s not fair!” said the Ice Spirit resentfully.

When Lin Feng heard that, he understood. The Ice Spirit hated the Fire Spirit. When she was injured, the Fire Spirit was also injured, but the Ice Spirit was the only one to suffer.

It wasn’t fair for her. She wanted to get her revenge, she hated the Fire Spirit more than anybody else, but she wasn’t strong enough to do anything.

“I am not interested in listening to all those things. Just tell me what you want,” Lin Feng interrupted the Ice Spirit. He was getting impatient. He just wanted to hear her conditions.

Lin Feng’s straightforwardness made the Ice Spirit’s expression change instantly, but he couldn’t see that. The Ice Spirit was astonished, actually. She also realized she couldn’t underestimate him.

“I hope you’ll accept,” said the Ice Spirit gravely, taking a deep breath.

“Tell me,” replied Lin Feng, smiling patiently.

“I want to make an ice world under the ground of your spirit world,” said the Ice Spirit straightforwardly, not wasting time.

When she said that, Lin Feng was astonished and shouted, “Impossible!”

“Why? You are the ultimate ruler in here; an ice world couldn’t pose a threat to your spirit world. Even if I tried, you could destroy the whole ice world!” exclaimed the Ice Spirit. She didn’t understand why Lin Feng had refused instantly. She didn’t think she had gone too far. If she made an ice world underneath Lin Feng’s spirit world, she would be able to break through to the Godly Ancestor layer within six months!

She wouldn’t need to waste time. Apart from a place where she could make her ice world, she didn’t need much.

Lin Feng looked determined, which meant he didn’t intend to agree to her request at all. Lin Feng had to be careful; what if the Ice Spirit broke through to the Godly Ancestor layer? Even if he was the ultimate ruler in his own world, a Godly Ancestor would be able to cause trouble.

He had the strength of the Great Supreme God layer, so he could naturally oppress most Great Supreme Gods, but not Godly Ancestors! If he gave her an inch, she might take a mile!

Therefore, Lin Feng had to think of his safety. He couldn’t let her settle down in his spirit world. There was no need for negotiation, that was a categorical no!

“Alright, if you had nothing else to talk about, I’m off,” Lin Feng said indifferently. He turned around and release space and time strength. He was about to leave the ice pearl.

“I promise you that when I break through to the Godly Ancestor layer, I’ll do three things for you, anything!” said the Ice Spirit hastily. She was worried and in a rush now.

When Lin Feng heard that, his expression didn’t change. Space and time strength was still fluctuating in the air, as if he was about to leave. When the Ice Spirit saw that, she understood Lin Feng was still going to leave, and she had no choice but to speak the truth.

Thinking about it, she was extremely worried and nervous, but she had no choice so she took a deep breath and said, “We can make a pact, you and I. If I go against our pact, I’ll be punished,” promised the Ice Spirit with a heavy heart. She really wanted to break through to the Godly Ancestor layer as quickly as possible, as she was worried the Fire Spirit could pose a threat to her.

She was extremely worried. Long ago she had taken measures when the Fire Spirit had threatened her.

Lin Feng understood the Ice Spirit was extremely worried. However, he couldn’t hastily accept her request. It was too dangerous for his spirit world. His relatives lived there!

But a pact… What could be more dangerous if he had a pact? He could be at ease with a pact.

“Alright, we can make a soul pact! Otherwise, forget it!” Lin Feng declared firmly. A soul pact was the only solution.

When the Ice Spirit heard that, her expression changed drastically, she shouted furiously, “Lin Feng, you’re going too far!”

“Alright, see you, Master Ice Spirit,” Lin Feng answered flatly. He bowed hand over fist and turned around. Time and space strength appeared and flickered again. Lin Feng’s silhouette wavered and he started disappearing.

“Alright, alright, I accept! I accept!” shouted the Ice Spirit. She knew she had no room for maneuvering. She needed this opportunity; she needed to break through to the Godly Ancestor layer, and she couldn’t miss this opportunity.

The Ice Spirit resented Lin Feng, but she could also understood him. It was his own spirit world, after all. If anything happened, his life and his relatives’ lives would be at risk!

She didn’t have any ulterior motives; after breaking through to the Godly Ancestor layer, she would be strong enough to compete with the Fire Spirit, that’s all she wanted.

If Lin Feng felt safer using a soul pact, why not?

“So you agree?” asked Lin Feng, smiling and turning back around.

The Ice Spirit was very serious. She had no choice. Lin Feng had everything under control.

As a Genesis Primordial Spirit, she felt a bit sad. She coexisted with the earth and the sky, and when the earth and the sky didn’t even exist, elemental spirits already did, even if back then they were only consciousnesses, not bodies.

Lin Feng had the strength of the fourth Great Supreme God layer and a powerful Genesis Spiritual Body. Genesis Spiritual Bodies and a Genesis Primordial Spirits were two different things, but there were millions of connections between them. Initially, she wanted to tell Lin Feng more about Genesis Spiritual Bodies, but she wasn’t in the mood anymore.


They quickly made the soul pact. Lin Feng chanted a mantra, then raised his fingers, and steam appeared. The Ice Spirit also chanted. Lin Feng’s third eye turned blood-red. His soul jewel also flickered in his spirit world, but then it disappeared again.

White and blood-red lights appeared. It looked as if her soul had just been sealed. Even though she was a Genesis Primordial Spirit, she also had a soul.

The soul pact was over!


After the negotiations, Lin Feng allowed her to create an ice world under the surface of his spirit world. After breaking through to the Godly Ancestor layer, she would have to do three things for Lin Feng.

The Ice Spirit had no choice! It was the only way.

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