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Chapter 1043: Human Ancestor?


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Lin Feng left the iceberg and went back to Qing Feng.

“Husband, you scared me to death. You suddenly disappeared and I couldn’t detect your Qi anymore!” said Qing Feng. She was extremely pale and angry. Lin Feng hugged her to calm her down. She was pregnant so she shouldn’t have strong emotions, it wasn’t good for the baby. She couldn’t use too much pure Qi either, or the Qi of the baby would become unstable and she could have a miscarriage.

Lin Feng took her in his arms and carried her back home. He didn’t fly slowly, as Liu Fei was about to give birth, and Lin Feng had promised to be back within seven days. Six days had passed, so he was only one day early.

Qing Feng was in Lin Feng’s arms, feeling much better. She could feel Lin Feng’s warm breath on her cheeks, which made her blush. She was a phoenix, but she still found Lin Feng bewitching.


After a few hours, they arrived. Lin Feng landed on the ground and put Qing Feng down. They walked into the courtyard and at that moment, there were rumbles.

Boom boom boom!

The ground shook violently. White clouds appeared in the sky, as well as gold and purple lightnings which looked like dragons. It was an awesome show.

A terrifying Qi appeared. Lin Feng was astonished. What was going on in his spirit world?! He was the ultimate ruler here, how come there was a kind of energy he didn’t recognize?

Lin Feng was astonished and wary. Was a calamity about to happen?

Lin Feng looked glum, while Qing Feng paled. Lin Feng’s spirit world had always been a safe place, but suddenly, it looked like the apocalypse.



As Lin Feng and Qing Feng glanced around, they heard a baby crying. The voice seemed to come from everywhere around them. It was absolutely overwhelming, as if a baby god was crying.

“The baby is born! Haha! He’s born!” Lin Hai shouted hoarsely and then burst into laughter. When Lin Feng heard that, his expression changed drastically. His and Liu Fei’s baby was born?!

Lin Feng ignored the thunderstorm and rushed into the room. When he arrived in the house, he was astonished. Liu Fei was all thin again and under a blanket. Yue Meng He was holding a newborn in her arms, the baby hadn’t even opened its eyes yet. Apart from the baby’s cries, there was only laughter in the room.

But Lin Feng was astonished because Huo Wu was also holding a baby, and it was the exact same baby! They even cried in the same way.

Lin Feng was stunned. Twins?

Qing Feng was also astonished. Liu Fei had given birth to twins?

“Little Feng, hurry up and come! They look like you!” said Yue Meng He, holding up a baby. Lin Feng walked over  to her and looked at the baby.

The baby hadn’t opened its eyes yet but it looked exactly like Lin Feng. It had a cute little nose. It looked like both Lin Feng and Liu Fei. It also had adorable little lips.

“It’s a… boy?” Lin Feng realized.

“Yes. It’s your little boy,” said Yue Meng He. She was extremely moved. So many years had passed and she finally had a grandson again. He was adorable!

Lin Feng turned to the baby Huo Wu was holding. It seemed like a little girl because its skin was whiter than a boy’s. It also looked more like Liu Fei than Lin Feng. She would definitely be incredibly beautiful.

“Husband, I’m good, aren’t I?” asked Liu Fei weakly. She was extremely pale, but she had given Lin Feng both a girl and a boy. It was her greatest success in life!

Lin Feng walked over to her and grabbed her hands, feeling guilty. He looked at her and forced a smile, “Little Fei, I’m not a good husband. I don’t spend much time on your side. I didn’t even see you give birth. I feel extremely guilty.”

“Don’t worry, husband. You’re a man. You’re always busy, that is normal. My father used to tell me that women shouldn’t be petty and vile. They should always support their husband. So many years have passed and I’ve never forgotten that, so I don’t blame you,” Liu Fei coughed while talking.

Lin Feng felt even more guilty. He hadn’t even seen his two children come into the world.

One could well imagine how sad Liu Fei felt, but she was determined.

Lin Feng hugged her firmly and remained silent for a long time. He didn’t care about the apocalypse-like weather outside.


After a long time, Liu Fei felt too warm, so she put her hand on his arm to indicate she needed some air. Then she smiled wryly and said, “Oh, let’s quickly choose names for our babies.”

“Indeed, husband! You haven’t even chosen names for your babies!” exclaimed Huo Wu. The atmosphere quickly became less awkward. Everybody tried to change the topic so that Lin Feng wouldn’t feel too guilty and sad. Liu Fei didn’t blame Lin Feng anyway, so nobody could berate him.

Lin Hai looked at Lin Feng angrily. He had warned Lin Feng he had to be there when they gave birth. A woman needed her husband’s warmth when giving birth. It was a dangerous time and it was a husband’s duty to save her in case of danger. He was even angrier because he had suffered from that his entire life; long ago, when Yue Meng He had given birth to Lin Feng, Lin Hai wasn’t there either!

But Liu Fei didn’t blame him, so nobody could. It didn’t concern anyone else, after all.

Lin Feng took a deep breath and stood up. Then he looked at the two babies.

“Little Fei and I had already agreed that if we had a girl, we’d call her Lin Si Tian and if we had a boy, then we would call him Lin Si Fan. Now we have both a baby boy and a baby girl so we need both names,” Lin Feng said, looking at Liu Fei.

Liu Fei nodded. Indeed, they had already agreed on names.

Lin Si Tian and Lin Si Fan were Lin Feng’s new children. He now had a little princess and a baby prince. Lin Si Fan was Lin Feng’s fourth baby boy and Lin Si Tian was Lin Feng’s second baby girl.

“Lin Feng, I think you should call your son Lin Zu!” the Ice Spirit told Lin Feng telepathically. Lin Feng’s expression suddenly changed.

“Why?” Lin Feng asked the Ice Spirit telepathically.

The Ice Spirit remained grave. “You’ve seen the strange atmospheric changes in the sky earlier, right? Golden and purple lightning, massive clouds, the sound of a crying godly baby, the ground shook… those are signs of the birth of a divine being!

“If everything happens without mishaps, your son should become a legendary cultivator in the future, and he should become a Human Ancestor!” declared the Ice Spirit firmly, even a bit nervously.

Lin Feng didn’t understand. Human Ancestor? His son would become a Human Ancestor? A future legendary cultivator?

“Are you sure?” asked Lin Feng grimly.

“I am one of the primordial Spirits of creation; you think I wouldn’t know such things? Your son is a future Human Ancestor, 100%. It’s like the resurgence of the ancestors of mankind.

“Hehe, Lin Feng, it’s extraordinary, this is something that happens once every million years. Your son will become a monstrously powerful legendary cultivator!” proclaimed the Ice Spirit solemnly.

Unfortunately, Lin Feng couldn’t see her expression, but he could imagine. How wonderful would it be if his son was became a Human Ancestor?

It was like his own dream had just been stolen by his newborn. He wished he could become a Human Ancestor.

But Lin Feng wasn’t jealous. He was happy for his son. He loved his baby already.

“Lin Feng, check your baby boy’s strength,” the Ice Spirit prodded him.

Lin Feng paused, and he didn’t check immediately. He thought about it for a while, then walked over to Yue Meng He.

Lin Feng closed his eyes, then opened them again. His eyes were filled with golden lights. Lin Feng stretched out a finger and condensed Genesis Spiritual strength, then put his finger on the baby’s third eye.

It felt as if a drop of water had fallen into an ocean when the Genesis Spiritual strength penetrated into the baby’s body. Lin Feng was dumbstruck.

He couldn’t see his baby’s strength…

“Did you see that? Your baby boy is already a Supreme God, but not a Great Supreme God yet. Change his name to Lin Zu. That would be the most logical choice,” exclaimed the Ice Spirit excitedly. She was excited to see a Human Ancestor come to life. He might even become a Human Ancestor in just a few years!

Lin Zu. Lin Feng repeated that a few times, then he looked at the crowd and said, “The girl is Lin Si Tian, the boy is Lin Zu!”

“What? Lin Zu? Why?”

“Husband, why do you suddenly want to change his name?” “Lin Zu is a horrible name!” said the girls, one after the other.

Yue Meng He and Lin Hai glanced at Lin Feng. What was wrong with their son? His baby boy’s first name was wonderful, and Lin Feng had decided to change it for a horrible name.

“Father, mother, sisters, listen to him. It’s just a name anyway. It doesn’t matter,” said Liu Fei in a trembling voice. Huang Nü, Huo Wu, and Qing Feng all stopped talking.

If Liu Fei agreed, they couldn’t say anything, because it was her baby. But they were also all excited, and couldn’t wait to give beautiful names to their own babies.

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