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Chapter 1044: Request!


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Three days passed quickly. Liu Fei was feeling much better already. She wasn’t an ordinary human being after all; she was also a cultivator, and her pure Qi helped her recover quickly.

During those three days, the babies had changed a lot already. They already had cute blond baby hair, especially Lin Zu. His skin also looked like it had changed.

Lin Feng looked at Lin Zu, his fourth son; he would be the most successful one in the future, a Human Ancestor!

Lin Feng knew that his son would be extraordinary in the future. Lin Feng had no idea a baby he had conceived with Liu Fei would be so extraordinary.

It was unbelievable. Lin Feng had made such great efforts to break through to the fourth Great Supreme God layer, he was already a young genius, and his son had been born with the strength of the Supreme God layer!

It was infuriating for someone who had worked so hard in life, but luckily, it was his son and not an enemy. Otherwise, Lin Feng would been desperate!

“The conditions in which the embryo has developed in the mother’s womb are very important. The life energy in your spirit world is very powerful. It’s perfect for pregnant women, so it’s not too surprising,” observed the Ice Spirit. Lin Feng was surprised.

“What about my other wives’ children? Won’t they… too?” asked Lin Feng, frowning. What he meant was, were his other children also going to become Human Ancestors?

The Ice Spirit interrupted him with a mocking laugh. “Are you joking? Human Ancestors appear once every million years. You think they grow on trees? You think they’re worthless?

“I am just saying that the life energy of your tree of life is powerful and is good for giving birth to powerful and extraordinary babies; I didn’t say all your children would become Human Ancestors. Otherwise, what? Would I give birth to a Human Ancestor if I were pregnant?” scolded the Ice Spirit disdainfully.

Lin Feng smiled wryly. If someday mankind started declining, then his son would be the one who would save them, because he was a Human Ancestor!

“Master, I’ll put the ice world underground these days, is that okay?” Lin Feng asked. He needed to solve all the pending issues before going to Tian Dong City for the exam.

The Ice Spirit knew that Lin Feng was going to participate in the fight for the World of Battles, but she didn’t need Lin Feng to move the ice world to the underground.

“You don’t need to move it. Just put the ice pearl under ground, that’s enough. The gigantic iceberg won’t disappear. Consider it a holy cultivation place in your spirit world. In the future, more and more people will live in your spirit world. It will become lively. The iceberg will remain a nice place to practice cultivation.

“Besides, if someday you manage to bring the Fire Spirit into your spirit world, then you can also have her create an ocean of flames here, which can also become a holy cultivation place at that time.

“Your world doesn’t lack life strength and pure Qi. It doesn’t lack the natural energy of the earth and the sky, either. What it lacks are cultivation places, places where people can become stronger. You need to address those issues.

“Someday, your world will be perfect and then you will also be one of the Genesis Primordial Spirits, because you will also be the creator of a world,” stated the Ice Spirit before departing.


Lin Feng came out of the main house and went to Meng Qing’s house.

Meng Qing’s house was silent. Nobody else was there. It was cold too. People came every day to take care of her, but no life Qi flowed through in the room.

Lin Feng crouched down and looked at Meng Qing. Even though she was in a coma, she still looked beautiful and noble. Nobody could be compared to Meng Qing. Nobody could replace her in Lin Feng’s heart, either. Meng Qing was Lin Feng’s most important wife.

“Meng Qing, very soon, I will take you to Fu Hao. He will help you wake up. He will also make you stronger, so you don’t need to worry, you’ll stay at my side. Someday, we’ll both stand at the top of the whole universe!” whispered Lin Feng.

Meng Qing was still in a coma. She hadn’t woken up as Lin Feng had hoped, so he was still worried.

“Meng Qing, when you wake up, we’ll work hard and try to become the strongest cultivators in the world. I love you!” said Lin Feng in a gentle voice, and kissed her cheek. He missed her so much. He didn’t want to be away from her ever again.

“Lin Feng, do you really love her?” asked the Ice Spirit. Lin Feng was getting used to being interrupted by the Ice Spirit every five seconds.

He nodded and declared, “She’s the woman I love the most. There’s nobody else I love this much.”

“Oh? What about the other women in the other house? Liu Fei has given birth to a future Human Ancestor, after all,” teased the Ice Spirit.

Lin Feng shook his head. He didn’t feel guilty, “My love for Meng Qing is not comparable. It’s not only the love a husband feels for his wife. It’s also a bit like the love a brother can feel for his sister. When I am weak, she protects me; when I am strong, I protect her. I love her more than anything.

“I will also protect my other wives, but I also do my best to protect their feelings because I am a man and I am their husband.

“But Meng Qing is different. I consider her a strong cultivator. She may always surpass me. There’s never been a big cultivation difference between her and I,” Lin Feng said smiling. He hoped they could continue rising together. How wonderful would it be if they became Godly Ancestors together someday. That would be wonderful.

When the Ice Spirit heard Lin Feng, she sighed. It was the first time Lin Feng had actually compared his wives.

The Ice Spirit was happy to keep talking to Lin Feng.

“Lin Feng, I can wake Meng Qing up,” offered the Ice Spirit gravely. White lights appeared above Meng Qing’s head, illuminating Meng Qing’s snowy white dress. She looked even more beautiful.

Lin Feng stared. He looked at the Ice Spirit, not knowing what to say or do.

“However, if you want me to save her, I have one condition,” continued the Ice Spirit when she saw Lin Feng was dumbstruck. She could save Meng Qing. If he agreed, he wouldn’t need Fu Hao!

When Lin Feng heard her, he looked grave and serious.

“Tell me,” Lin Feng answered. This time, he wasn’t angry, and he didn’t try to negotiate, either. On the contrary, he looked quite determined. The Ice Spirit understood how important Meng Qing was to him.

“Meng Qing and I have a common point; she’s Xue Ling Long, an ice and frost cultivator. I am the Ice Spirit; I want her to become my Ice General!” the Ice Spirit said without hesitation. If she helped, Meng Qing would need to be her Ice General after waking up!

The Fire Spirit had ten Fire Generals, who were all incredibly powerful. The Ice Spirit had no Ice General, so she needed to start recruiting people. Meng Qing was a very good choice!

When Lin Feng heard that, he remained silent, but he didn’t refuse immediately.

There was no disadvantage for Meng Qing at all, and there was no danger either, only a huge opportunity. She would also become incredibly strong if she became the Ice Spirit’s Ice General.

Lin Feng just didn’t know what to say. If he agreed, would Meng Qing be happy? He hesitated.


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