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Chapter 1045: Meng Qing Wakes Up!


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“I know what you’re thinking. I’ll wake her up and ask her directly, alright?” proposed the Ice Spirit when she saw Lin Feng didn’t know what to say. She could see Lin Feng really hoped she would wake up soon.

“Alright. Thank you, Master,” Lin Feng said when he heard that. If Meng Qing woke up, then she could decide herself. There was nothing dangerous for her.

Ling Long agreed to let the Ice Spirit wake Meng Qing up. The Ice Spirit was excited. She had never had an Ice General, so if Meng Qing became hers, history would change, especially since she was Xue Ling Long, and the most suitable person to become her Ice General.

The Ice Spirit was excited. Lin Feng was nervous and worried, but he didn’t show it.

“Go out. I’ll call you when Meng Qing is awake,” ordered the Ice Spirit. She was about to do something difficult even though she hadn’t broken through to the Godly Ancestor layer yet.


Lin Feng went out immediately and closed the door. He turned around and saw Liu Fei walking over to him. She was holding Lin Zu in her arms.

“Husband, how is Meng Qing?” asked Liu Fei smiling.

When Lin Feng heard her, he took her in his arms and brought her outside of the courtyard. Lin Zu didn’t cry, he just smiled.

“She’s fine, a master is attempting to wake her up now. She will wake up soon,” Lin Feng said, smiling calmly. He also thanked her for all her efforts; she had taken great care of Meng Qing for quite a while.

When Liu Fei heard him, she sighed, gratified by his words.

“You must be so happy, husband,” said Liu Fei, smiling happily. She seemed even happier than when she had seen her two babies for the first time.

Lin Feng pinched her nose and smiled tenderly, “I am happier about Lin Zu and Lin Si Tian’s birth, though!”

“You liar!” sighed Liu Fei, turning around and blushing. She was extremely happy on the inside. As long as Lin Feng never forgot her and their two children, she would always be happy.

But she didn’t know that Lin Zu, the baby she was holding in her arms, would become stronger than his father someday, a Human Ancestor! Having the luck of being a Human Ancestor was something extraordinary. Lin Feng had built his world slowly, and it had become powerful thanks to all the strong cultivators he had killed here, too.

Lin Feng admired his children sometimes for being so relaxed. Lin Feng just fought all the time. His life was exhausting. He faced danger often. He knew why he did it, as it was all for the Lin Clan. He wanted his children to have peaceful lives!

Lin Feng took Lin Zu in his arms. The baby was only six jin, but Lin Feng felt pressured because the boy would become the Human Ancestor someday. Lin Feng smiled. Even if he became the Human Ancestor someday, Lin Feng would still be his father, after all!


Meng Qing was lying on the bed. Her snowy white robe was dustless and extremely clean; she looked like a celestial being. Her Qi was cold and noble.

The Ice Spirit had turned into a ray of light, flashing above Meng Qing’s head. She entered Meng Qing’s dreams. Thousands and thousands of black ferocious ghosts flew towards her.

The Ice Spirit’s body was made of light, light wearing a white dress. Her eyebrows and eyelashes were made of snow, and she was wearing a silver crown. Her hands looked like two icy maces at that moment, and the temperature around her was hundreds of thousands of degrees below zero.

The Ice Spirit was extremely beautiful. She had a long ponytail, blue eyes, a beautiful small nose, and not a single wrinkle. She really looked like an ice goddess, even if her hair was pitch-black. However, she still wasn’t as beautiful as Meng Qing.

If Lin Feng had seen her, he would have thought she was one of the most beautiful women he had ever seen. He would also think Meng Qing and the Ice Spirit belonged to different categories, so they couldn’t be compared.

“Hmph! Stupid ferocious ghosts! The Ancient Demonic Clan’s poison dares attack me?” snarled the Ice Spirit coldly. The temperature dropped even more. The thousands of ferocious ghosts abruptly froze and exploded. They turned into black smoke and vanished.

The landscape in Meng Qing’s dream was a big ice field. It was perfect for the Ice Spirit to fight, feeling very natural. Her pure Qi was even colder in that place.

The Ice Spirit flickered and appeared eight hundred li away from the fightfield. It was where Meng Qing was poisoned; the one who held her was the leader of the Ancient Demonic Clan, Xie Mu!

Even though Lin Feng had killed Xie Mu and destroyed his soul jewel, in Meng Qing’s dream, Xie Mu was real. He still had the strength of the first Great Supreme God layer, but that kind of strength was nothing before the Ice Spirit.

When Xie Mu saw the Ice Spirit, he groaned in fear, and suddenly, his shadow broke apart and disappeared.

“Hmph! You overestimated yourself and dared cause trouble in here using your soul?!” scoffed the Ice Spirit mockingly. She walked over to Meng Qing. Meng Qing was in a coma and extremely pale. When the Ice Spirit saw that, she shook her head. Solving the issue wouldn’t be too difficult.

“Little girl, your soul was tied up and you couldn’t break free?” asked the Ice Spirit. She was a bit disappointed, but got ready to untie Meng Qing.

However, a chilling Qi suddenly appeared behind her.

“Don’t touch my soul,” stated Meng Qing icily. Her Qi was extremely powerful. It didn’t seem like it had been sealed at all.

When the Ice Spirit saw that Meng Qing’s soul wasn’t sealed, she was surprised. Then she looked at the sealed soul again and realized it was just an illusion. Meng Qing had already broken free!

“Interesting! Hehe. Little girl, you even managed to fool me,” complimented the Ice Spirit. She wasn’t angry at all. She was satisfied and surprised. This girl would be perfect as her Ice General.

“Who are you? What are you doing in my dream?” asked Meng Qing coldly.

The Ice Spirit’s expression didn’t change. She just grinned. It was the first time she had smiled that way. It felt quite strange.

“I am the Ice Spirit, a Genesis Primordial Spirit; have you ever heard of me?” asked the Ice Spirit, smiling impassively. She was convinced that all the members of the Snow Clan, as well as every ice or snow cultivator in the universe, had heard of her.

As expected, when Meng Qing heard that, her expression changed drastically. She was astonished, and could hardly believe it. She was suddenly quite anxious. The Ice Spirit?!

When she was a kid, her nanny had told her about the Ice Spirit, an ancient spirit, the deity of the Snow Clan, the Ice Clan, and all the others of their kind. Of course, most people just considered those stories, so Meng Qing had never taken them too seriously.

Who had guessed she would ever talk to the legendary deity she used to hear about when she was a child? Was she really the Ice Spirit? Meng Qing was dumbstruck.

“What? You’ve heard of me, haven’t you, little girl?” the Ice Spirit prodded her. She kept calling Meng Qing a little girl, but it was absolutely normal; she had lived such a long time and she was a Genesis Primordial Spirit; she was definitely qualified to talk that way!

Meng Qing looked at the Ice Spirit and asked, “Lin Feng asked you to save me?”

“Yes!” replied the Ice Spirit.

“How is he?” asked Meng Qing worriedly.

“Very good. He has a new baby girl and baby boy. Liu Fei is their mother!” replied the Ice Spirit.

Meng Qing was delighted. Liu Fei had children? Finally! She was extremely happy for Liu Fei.

“Anyway, why are you asking me all those questions? You should wake up instead,” the Ice Spirit told Meng Qing. Even though she didn’t why she hadn’t woken up after breaking free, she didn’t mind.

When Meng Qing heard Lin Feng had asked the Ice Spirit to wake her up, she nodded, as she didn’t want Lin Feng to be too worried.

The Ice Spirit nodded silently. She raised her left hand, ice Qi surrounded her and Meng Qing’s soul. Meng Qing and the Ice Spirit disappeared from her dream.

After that, Meng Qing opened her eyes and rubbed her eyes.

She was awake!

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