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Chapter 1047: En Route For New Adventures!


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After the family meeting, Lin Feng had to leave again. Everybody knew it. He had spent at least three weeks there, so the end of the month was extremely close. Lin Feng had to go back to Tian Dong City for the competition.

Meng Qing didn’t leave with Lin Feng. She had agreed to be the Ice Spirit’s Ice General, so she had to stay with her. Lin Feng had also placed the ice pearl in the underground of his spirit world. After the ice world’s creation underneath his spirit world, it would also be time for the Ice Spirit to break through to the Godly Ancestor layer. That day wasn’t too far away.

Lin Si Tian looked at his newborns, Lin Zu and Lin Si Tian. They both looked adorable. Lin Feng was relieved they both seemed happy. He said goodbye to all his women and left.


Yi Ren Lei didn’t stay in his spirit world. She didn’t like the atmosphere, so she left with Lin Feng and went back to Tian Dao Yuan, which was now in the Fa Lan Empire.

The Lei Sect and the Ancient Dragon Sect were also in the Fa Lan Empire these days. The Fa Lan Empire had become an extremely powerful empire in the continent thanks to those powerful groups. Even though they couldn’t be compared to a place like Tian Dong City, they were still powerful.

Fa Chun was initially worried. He had thought the new influential groups in the empire might try to occupy them by force, but he quickly noticed that they were not interested in managing an empire.

The only thing that happened was that the old Ancestor of the Fa Lan Empire asked the Ancient Dragon Sect to settle outside of the imperial city to guard it. Fa Chun agreed. He couldn’t afford to offend a cultivator of the fourth Great Supreme God layer.

Besides, with dragons as guards, the empire was very safe. Apart from all that, Fa Chun was still the emperor!

Tian Dao Yuan was in the east of the Fa Lan Empire. It wasn’t far from Tian Dong City, so it was convenient for Lin Feng to go there. He accompanied Yi Ren Lei to Tian Dao Yuan. Lin Ou and Shi Si Ming, who had been brought back to life, now had the strength of the fifth Great Supreme God layer again, like long ago.

This time, Lin Feng had two more cultivators of the fifth Great Supreme God layer on his side. He had the strength of the fourth himself, so no matter what enemy they bumped into, they didn’t need to be worried.

Lin Feng and his companions flew towards Tian Dong City. It took them a day. Lin Feng and the two people found a good inn in Tian Dong City, and then Lin Feng put Shi Si Ming and Lin Ou in his spirit world. Shi Si Ming had already been there once, so Lin Ou wasn’t worried.

Lin Feng got ready and left again. He searched for the way to the Ancient Human Clan. He already had the address. He felt a new journey was about to begin!


At night, the stars twinkled, and the moon illuminated the ground. It was bright and shiny.

Lin Feng flew along. There were many strong cultivators in Tian Dong City, as three of the four great sects and clans were there. Lin Feng wasn’t afraid of anyone, but he didn’t want to cause trouble, either.

It took him half an hour to find the address Fu Hao had given him. Lin Feng landed at the top of a long and narrow mountain range. The Ancient Human Clan was somewhere in here.

Lin Feng read a note on the paper Fu Hao had given to him. People couldn’t fly into the Ancient Human Clan’s territory, or the guards attacked without hesitation. Even Fu Hao had to walk into their territory.

Lin Feng started walking through the mountains. Twenty minutes later, he arrived at the top of a mountain and then smelled rotten leaves. There was white mist all about. Lin Feng felt as if he had just arrived in a fairyland.

There was a gigantic stone plate there, hundreds of meters long. A long poem was written on it.

The first verses: Majestic fights in the rain, do I rule over this world?

The last verses: Madness of rolling thunder, not the essence of the world.

On the horizontal scroll was written: One sword which can cut the skies!

The letters were gigantic, and seemed to have been carved using a sword. When Lin Feng sensed that Qi, he understood that the person who had written that poem was at least as strong as Fu Hao.

There were more gigantic letters at the top of the stone plate: ANCIENT HUMAN CLAN!

The Ancient Human Clan was an extremely powerful clan, with a Godly Ancestor as the leader. Compared to it, the Ancient Demonic Clan and the Ancient Soul Clan were real losers.

They were not virtuous either, whereas the Ancient Human Clan was.

Lin Feng took out the Sword of Remote Times and started performing a sword dance. He didn’t know why. He was just seething with excitement, and wanted to use his sword!

There were blue trails everywhere in the air around him, and trails of sharp Qi. Lin Feng cut all the trees around him with a very strong wind. He started spinning faster and faster, and his sword started emitting sonic booms people in the Ancient Human Clan heard.

The people in the Ancient Human Clan were actually already resting, so when they heard those sword sounds, they were stupefied. The guards all rushed over anxiously.

A few young geniuses who were initially taking a rest also followed, wanting to see who the troublemaker was.

Lin Feng was already lost in thought. He continued performing his sword dance. He was imagining extremely strong sword cultivators back in the ancient times.

“Angry and rushing to the crown, surfing on the driving rain, looking up to heaven and giving a long, mournful cry, lofty aspirations and determination, strong and fierce, thirty achievements, dust and sand, eight thousand li to the clouds and the moon.

“Don’t waste your youth or you’ll be sad. Don’t let anyone humiliate you, you hate someone? Then destroy them! Forward with an indomitable will, destroy the Helan Mountains!

“Feed your determination and hunger for success with the flesh of your enemies, quench your thirst for happiness with their blood!

“Destroy mountains, rivers, and the vault of Heaven!” shouted Lin Feng. His voice resonated everywhere in the Ancient Human Clan. Many people heard him singing that poem. Many people even started feeling extremely enthusiastic and wanted to fight.


When Fu Hao heard Lin Feng’s loud song, he was astonished. That poem was a good one indeed, it made people feel like fighting, boosting a fighter’s morale. He remembered all the mad things he had done when he was young, and regretted nothing.

Lin Feng, what are you doing? Didn’t you read the paper I gave you? You can’t fly here or do a sword dance at the gate of the clan! You’re causing trouble right now!, thought Fu Hao shaking his head. “Little Qing, come in.”

Someone knocked at the door. A young boy in a blue-green robe came in and lowered his head.

“Go to the gate and call Lin Feng for me. If some young geniuses and elders want to fight him, let them finish first. If you have a bad feeling, do something, but remember, Lin Feng cannot get injured, no matter what!”

“Understood, father,” the child replied, and left the room.


At the gate of the clan, there were already hundreds of disciples of the Ancient Human Clan, and more were coming. Everybody noticed Lin Feng performing a sword dance.

Lin Feng continued shouting and dancing. He wanted to cut some enemies’ heads with his sword.

When he came back to his senses, he noticed many people, all disciples of the Ancient Human Clan, were watching from only a few hundred meters away. The closest people were old men in red clothes looking at his sword glumly.

Lin Feng frowned. He finally remembered he was close to the Ancient Human Clan’s territory and that he couldn’t fly here, but now he had just performed a sword dance and violated the rules.

But he also knew he hadn’t done it willingly. It was because of the sword energy in the gigantic stone plate.

If those people hadn’t disturbed him, he might have managed to control that energy after a whole night of studying. Unfortunately, he hadn’t had that opportunity, and these people had ruined his practice at the best moment. He would probably never be able to do it again!

Lin Feng was not happy…


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