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Chapter 1048: Young Genius, Jiao Kui!


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“Who are you? You dared perform a sword dance at the gate of the Ancient Human Clan? Are you feeling suicidal?”

Over a thousand people were looking at Lin Feng at that moment. Apart from a few ordinary disciples, there were also elders and young geniuses. One of the elders had just shouted furiously.

The atmosphere became tenser and tenser. The disciples of the Ancient Human Clan were also closing in on Lin Feng with their weapons in their hands. If the elders gave them the order to attack, they would, and they would try to kill Lin Feng. But they didn’t know they weren’t strong enough for that.

Lin Feng was still holding his Sword of Remote Times. The sword lights hadn’t disappeared yet. On the contrary, they were glowing brighter and brighter. He looked like a sword himself. If someone touched him, it felt like they’d be cut in two.

The elder who had just shouted furiously was wearing a blue robe. He looked at Lin Feng angrily, his eyes filling with killing intent. Who dared cause trouble at the gate of the Ancient Human Clan? If he wanted to, he could kill people who caused trouble. He didn’t need the other elders or the Supreme Elders’ authorization!

Lin Feng looked at the elder. He had the strength of the fifth Great Supreme God layer. With that kind of cultivation level, he was among the strongest cultivators of that world, but his status in the Ancient Human Clan seemed rather ordinary.

Lin Feng had a new impression of the Ancient Human Clan when he saw that. In any other group, a cultivator of the fifth Great Supreme God layer could be a Supreme Elder, but in the Ancient Human Clan, he was just an elder. That was incredible!

“What? You think I will let you off if you remain silent?” asked the man in blue clothes flatly. He looked even grimmer.

Lin Feng just looked at him silently and held his Sword of Remote Times even more firmly. He had violated the rules of the Ancient Human Clan, so trying to justify himself was now useless. The old man wouldn’t change his mind.

Therefore, Lin Feng didn’t make any effort. If they wanted to kill him, they could come and attack. What about Fu Hao? Since Fu Hao had chosen him to participate, he probably wasn’t going to let Lin Feng die so easily, right? That’s why Lin Feng wasn’t worried at all.

A fight was inevitable. Lin Feng didn’t really care, but if the old man dared attack, Lin Feng would definitely counterattack.

“It seems like I have to teach you a good lesson for you to understand!” shouted the old man angrily. A white sword appeared in his hand and flashed. A thousand-meter sword trail appeared in the sky and cut towards Lin Feng.

Lin Feng could sense that the sword Qi was formidable. However, it still wasn’t enough to defeat him, especially since he had the strength of the fourth Great Supreme God layer. He could now compete with cultivators of the fifth!

Lin Feng could compete with people who were stronger than him by two cultivation layers, so the old man didn’t pose a threat to him. Lin Feng could even end the fight quickly, but he didn’t want to become too famous here. He wanted to be discreet in the Ancient Human Clan, especially since some people were much stronger than him there, such as Zi Jing Xiao.

Even though he had broken through to the fourth Great Supreme God layer, he knew that in a fight against Zi Jing Xiao, at best he would have a draw. Kun and You supported him, and were also his trump cards.

He had already thought of all this, but against the old man, he didn’t need to think too much. He could exchange a few attacks with him and wait for Fu Hao to come and save him. He was there for the exam, after all; he didn’t want to become enemies with the Ancient Human Clan.

Lin Feng attacked back. A blue trail appeared in the sky behind his Sword of Remote Times. The white lights and blue collided, and there were two explosions. Many people were astonished.

Boom boom! Lin Feng and the old man were both pushed back a hundred meters. Lin Feng looked unmoved.

The old man looked glum. Lin Feng’s cultivation level was lower than his and he had just caused trouble, but he hadn’t managed to teach him a good lesson, which angered him.

He didn’t understand why Lin Feng was so strong!

Nobody knew that Lin Feng had been merciful. If Lin Feng had used his full strength, the old man would have suffered a crushing defeat instantly. Lin Feng was just playing at that moment. Nothing more.

But the old man didn’t know that. Therefore, he decided to use his trump card right away. He had to wing, because Lin Feng had violated the rules of the Ancient Human Clan!

The old man roared furiously, his face ferocious. His blue robe fluttered in the wind, and his sword split into two swords. The two swords turned into hundreds, and then thousands of swords floating in midair.

When Lin Feng saw that, he looked grim. The old man was already using some of his most powerful attacks!

Lin Feng took a deep breath. It might not be the right time to try and hide his real strength. Even if tensions arose between him and the Ancient Human Clan, he still had to protect himself, as he couldn’t afford to get injured. Fu Hao would probably understand.

Thinking about that, Lin Feng decided not to be merciful. His Sword of Remote Times disappeared. He raised his right hand, and a gigantic golden imprint appeared. It was thousands of meters wide and kept growing bigger. In the end, an imperial imprint hundreds of zhang wide appeared and blotted out the sky. The thousands of swords were enclosed by the imperial imprint now.

Boom, boom, boom! Phwap! Phwap! Phwap! Two sorts of sounds resonated. Lin Feng and the old man had both used incredibly powerful attacks. Their energies collided, but Lin Feng’s imperial imprint seemed indestructible. It blocked all the swords.

Lin Feng grit his teeth and used his full strength to block them. He could feel great pressure. Defeating a cultivator of the fifth Great Supreme God layer wasn’t easy, especially when an elder of the Ancient Human Clan. Therefore, Lin Feng had to find a way to get rid of the old man.

Thinking about that, Lin Feng suddenly pushed his imperial imprint with all his strength. There was an incredible explosion. The imperial imprint exploded, but it also destroyed all the swords at the same time.

The old man’s trump card had been destroyed by Lin Feng. He coughed blood and was hurled away, crashing to the ground. In the end, a young man in black clothes came out of the crowd and lifted the old man up.

But Lin Feng pushed him back to the ground. The young man in black clothes faced Lin Feng and looked at him straight in the eyes. His eyes were filled with fury.

“If I am not mistaken, you must be one of the two young geniuses the leader told us about. But which one are you, Lin Feng or Chu Chun Qiu?” The man sounded cold and unhappy.

Lin Feng gazed back at the man. They had the same cultivation level, fourth Great Supreme God layer, but he seemed much, much more dangerous than the old man, even though the latter had a higher cultivation level.

“Since you already guessed, what do you intend to do?” Lin Feng replied casually. Many people’s expressions hardened when they heard him.

Qi whistled. The atmosphere became tense. The people remained wary; Lin Feng wasn’t facing an elder of the Ancient Human Clan, but one of the young geniuses of the four great sects and clans, Jiao Kui. Only two or three ranks separated him and Zi Jing Xiao, in the rankings so he could stand shoulder to shoulder with Zi Jing Xiao.

Now that young genius was angry. Jiao Kui wanted to fight against Lin Feng!

Watching from a corner, Zi Jing Xiao seemed worried. Kun smiled. He had faith in Lin Feng. Also, Zi Jing Xiao and Jiao Kui weren’t friends at all, so they hoped Lin Feng would teach him a good lesson.

You looked like a ghost. His hair fluttered in the wind. He remained silent.

Zi Jing Xiao stared at the two people, worried.

Lin Feng could already hear some disciples talking, so he guessed that guy’s name. Jiao Kui, who was as strong as Zi Jing Xiao, and a young genius of the Ancient Human Clan!


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