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Chapter 1049: Half of the Fight!


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“The leader said that Chu Chun Qiu was discreet and didn’t like to draw attention to himself. He said that Lin Feng was sharp, aggressive, and impulsive, so I know you are Lin Feng,” declared Jiao Kui grimly.

Lin Feng was more famous than Chu Chun Qiu. Some young geniuses were surprised, while others were angry at Lin Feng. They wanted to slap Lin Feng after losing their spot in the exam because of him.

But now that Jiao Kui was here, they had to give him face. They were convinced Jiao Kui would be able to teach Lin Feng a good lesson.

“Indeed, I am Lin Feng,” Lin Feng nodded.

“Alright, stop talking shit. You dared perform a sword dance in the Ancient Human Clan, you seemed so natural and unrestrained and you made me want to fight. So, let’s fight,” said Jiao Kui happily. He was just pretending. He wanted to crush Lin Feng, but he couldn’t say that openly.

Lin Feng frowned. He hadn’t thought Jiao Kui would want to fight so easily.

“No problem, but I won’t fight without something at stake. Otherwise, it’s not interesting,” Lin Feng agreed.

Jiao Kui frowned. He looked at one of the elders. They were all glaring at Lin Feng.

“If you win against me, I will support you and tell the elders to let you off. If I win, you will be punished. What do you think?” asked Jiao Kui.

Lin Feng just wanted to solve the issue as quickly as possible. This was an opportunity. Lin Feng nodded, and accepted the bet.

“Alright, I agree,” Lin Feng smiled broadly. He took the Sword of Remote Times back out and sharp Qi slowly emerged from it.

The fight was about to start.

Jiao Kui didn’t give Lin Feng any opportunity, flashing ahead like an arrow. His Qi grew more and more fearsome. In the blink of an eye, he was in front of Lin Feng. His speed was incredible!

Lin Feng couldn’t afford to waste time. He flashed forwards too, and golden lights emerged. He looked like a Buddha and a demon at the same time. His Qi weighed billions of jin and it rolled forth to meet Jiao Kui.

Their energies collided. Lin Feng and Jiao Kui’s godly auras were dazzling and their Qi was awesome.

Jiao Kui was blown back. Lin Feng was pushed back a thousand steps, but he didn’t fall down.

In the first attack, Lin Feng had the advantage in terms of strength, while Jiao Kui had the advantage in terms of speed, but Lin Feng had the overall advantage.

Jiao Kui remained wary. He initially wanted to play with Lin Feng but now he understood he couldn’t; he had to use his full strength or everybody would make fun of him.

Jiao Kui’s heart began to race. He knew he had to use proper attacks to defeat Lin Feng now.

Jiao Kui shouted furiously and clenched his fists. His Qi boiled around him. Everybody in the Ancient Human Clan could hear him.

Lin Feng watched Jiao Kui as he threw punches, trying to crush Lin Feng. Lin Feng’s heartbeat accelerated. He had no time to think; he did some hand seals and threw punches out as well.

Their lethal energies collided. Lin Feng was blown away by Jiao Kui’s first punch. Another punch arrived, but he bent aside and dodged it, or he would have crashed on the ground.

Lin Feng ended up at the top of a gigantic stone. He condensed Genesis Spiritual strength and demon Qi in his fists and threw more punches. Two gigantic black hand shadows filled with golden lights appeared.

Their hands collided and the energies sparkled. Jiao Kui was blown back and nearly crashed into the crowd, but luckily he managed to move aside and avoid them. He threw a punch at the gigantic fist shadow and then another at Lin Feng’s chest.

Lin Feng roared out, throwing a punch, and destroyed Jiao Kui’s punch shadow, but was still pushed back several steps. He was fine while Jiao Kui was pale. Jiao Kui had used lots of pure Qi already, but Lin Feng was fine, which infuriated Jiao Kui even more.

“It’s now my turn to crush you!” Lin Feng smiled. Ge flew towards Jiao Kui, condensing Genesis Spiritual strength into his hands and feet.

Jiao Kui looked even grimmer. He was worried, but he couldn’t flinch or people would make fun of him.

Danger lurked. Nobody knew why, but the air was bristling and gloomy. Many of those watching drew back.

When Zi Jing Xiao saw that, he seemed worried.

“Lin Feng has become so strong in only two months. He isn’t even using his full strength against Jiao Kui. Is he that strong?” whispered Zi Jing Xiao, shaking his head. He didn’t understand how strong Lin Feng really was.

The competition to go to the World of Battles was fierce. Out of two dozen people, only eight would be allowed to go. Two out three would be eliminated, which was fairly dramatic.

They were the best of the best. Such competition was essential for these young geniuses. It was also something incredible, and a great honor, to go to the World of Battles!

The rules were cruel. Zi Jing Xiao was worried. He felt great pressure when Lin Feng progressed so quickly.

Jiao Kui and Lin Feng continued fighting. They were both extremely focused. One single mistake and they could lose the duel!

Lin Feng knew that, so he remained careful. Jiao Kui also felt nervous; he had never felt so anxious except once when he had fought against Zi Jing Xiao.

Lin Feng and Jiao Kui’s fight was extremely fierce. Jiao Kui knew that if he made a single mistake, he would lose face in front of all the disciples and elders of the Ancient Human Clan.

Therefore, he looked glum and continued fighting. However, he was afraid that if he continued, Lin Feng would slowly overtake and destroy him!

At the beginning, he wanted to play with Lin Feng and teach him a good lesson. Now he was afraid to continue fighting…

Lin Feng was too strong!

The boy in blue and green clothes thought it wasn’t necessary to continue fighting, so he went to the gate.

When he arrived at the gate, the disciples, the elders and Jiao Kui all stepped back. When Lin Feng saw the boy, he was surprised. He remembered who he was…

“Lin Feng, come with me; the leader wants to see you,” the boy said impassively, crooking his forefinger. Then he turned around and started to leave.

When the elder in blue clothes heard that, he asked, “Lin Feng violated the rules of the clan, how can we let him off?”

“My father asked me to bring Lin Feng to him,” repeated the boy flatly. He glanced at the old man angrily, and the old man shook from head to toe. He didn’t dare say anything anymore.

Lin Feng followed after the boy. Everybody could only watch him go angrily.

Jiao Kui watched Lin Feng disappear in the distance, and took a deep breath in relief. Luckily, their fight had been interrupted!

He hoped their fight would never be finished!

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