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Chapter 1052: Head Explosion! Kill! 

Edited by RED

“Are you alright?” Lin Feng asked Zi Jing Xiao. Zi Jing Xiao was a bit pale, and his pure Qi had weakened. Zhao Xiao was extremely strong, but he had used a secret weapon to attack Zi Jing Xiao, which was unfair. Zi Jing Xiao had stopped it, but hadn’t managed to stop Zhao Xiao’s punch.

But that was what duels were about. No matter what, Zhao Xiao had won. Fairness wasn’t really a principle in the world of cultivation!

“Lin Feng, I’ve lost my first duel, which was against him. I would have preferred losing against you,” said Zi Jing Xiao. He was even paler. 

Lin Feng knew what he meant and said, “Don’t worry, leave it to me,” Lin Feng said. He glanced at You and Kun. They hastily came to support Zi Jing Xiao by the arms. Lin Feng then rose up in the air and faced Zhao Xiao.

Zhao Xiao looked at Lin Feng and smiled, “Haha! So, I’m going to win my second duel against you? With five victories, one can be sure one will be in the top eight. So after defeating you, I will need only three more victories and I will be sure to go to the World of Battles. Thanks for giving me a free win!” Zhao Xiao smiled broadly. He was disdainful even though Lin Feng had managed to rescue Zi Jing Xiao from him. However, Zhao Xiao hadn’t used his full strength, so it was normal that Lin Feng had succeeded.

Zhao Xiao thought that neither Zi Jing Xiao nor Lin Feng could compete with him. Besides, Lin Feng had just broken through to the fourth Great Supreme God layer, while Zi Jing Xiao had the strength of the top of it!

“You must be Lin Feng?” said Zhao Xiao suddenly. He just remembered Zi Jing Xiao had called him by name. It reminded him that Zhao Ming Jun had once mentioned a certain Lin Feng, but he hadn’t thought he’d meet him at the Competition.

Lin Feng watched Zhao Xiao silently, and attacked immediately. He didn’t feel like talking to such a person.

Zhao Xiao’s expression swiftly changed. He initially wanted to make fun of Lin Feng for a little while before starting the duel, try to crush his confidence and distract him. Who had thought Lin Feng would attack directly?

“I will teach you a good lesson. I will show everybody the leader of Tian Dao Yuan is a loser!” Zhao Xiao smiled coldly. He flashed and threw a punch.

The members of the four great sects and clans knew Lin Feng was the leader of Tian Dao Yuan these days, so many people wanted to teach him a good lesson and show everybody Tian Dao Yuan wasn’t as strong as the four great sects and clans.

Lin Feng wasn’t afraid. He thrust out with a palm and a terrifying strength rolled in waves towards Zhao Xiao. Lin Feng’s palm and Zhao Xiao’s fist collided. Neither held back.

Lin Feng was pushed back one step. He threw a kick while rolling in the air. His left foot collided against Zhao Xiao’s fist violently, and Zhao Xiao was blown away. Lin Feng took advantage of that to flash hundreds of meters backwards.

Zhao Xiao didn’t fall to the ground; their exchange wasn’t enough to make him collapse. He hadn’t thought Lin Feng’s counterattack would be so powerful, however. Lin Feng was more difficult to fight than Zi Jing Xiao!

Zhao Xiao groaned icily. He felt humiliated. Therefore, he decided to regain face; he had to use extremely powerful attacks to destroy Lin Feng!

“Wrath of Heaven!” shouted Zhao Xiao furiously. It felt like an explosion went off in Lin Feng’s brain. Golden lightnings appeared in the sky. They looked like gigantic snakes and dragons ready to plunge down at any time!

The sky went dark. Of course, it was only above Lin Feng and Zhao Xiao. A few li away, the sky was normal.

But lightning descended from the sky towards Lin Feng. The Qi made Lin Feng even more cautious. This was Zhao Xiao’s real strength, and one of his trump cards.

“Hmph! Enjoy the power of wrath, little boy!” Zhao Xiao smiled icily. He raised his hand and more and more lightning descended from the sky. They thundered furiously and rolled downwards towards Lin Feng.

Zi Jing Xiao was getting more and more worried. He hoped Lin Feng would survive, and crush Zhao Xiao. He really hoped Zhao Xiao wouldn’t win, or it would be a catastrophe.

Lin Feng looked at the lightning in the sky. They were truly impressive. However, Lin Feng didn’t do anything. He just looked at them.

Suddenly, Lin Feng disappeared underneath the falling lightning. Zi Jing Xiao and the others couldn’t see him anymore. Lin Feng’s Qi was growing weaker and weaker. In the end, his Qi completely disappeared.

“Hahaha! Leader of Tian Dao Yuan?! He didn’t even withstand a single attack!” shouted Zhao Xiao laughing manically. He raised his head to the skies and laughed even louder. He had killed Lin Feng in the blink of an eye?! How awesome!

Tian Dao Yuan would never be part of the four great sects and clans, so Zhao Xiao wasn’t worried at all!

“You killed Lin Feng?” Zi Jing Xiao couldn’t believe it. Had Lin Feng been killed by the lightning? Zi Jing Xiao couldn’t believe it, but Lin Feng’s Qi had really disappeared!

“I killed him, so what?” said Zhao Xiao, grinning carelessly. He had killed Lin Feng and he didn’t care at all. He despised Tian Dao Yuan and their leader Lin Feng. He didn’t feel guilty at all. If he had killed Zi Jing Xiao, he would have panicked, because he was from the Ancient Human Clan.

The Ancient Human Clan was the most powerful of the four great sects and clans, and the Zhao Hall was only third!

“Haha! Two victories so far! So easy,” sneered Zhao Xiao. He looked at Zi Jing Xiao mockingly and got ready to leave.

Zi Jing Xiao clenched his fists and took a deep breath. He couldn’t leave the matter at that, because Lin Feng had been invited in by the Ancient Human Clan!

“You killed him, so don’t think you can leave,” said Zi Jing Xiao gloomily. His face was pale and his pure Qi was weak, but he was determined.

When Zhao Xiao heard that, his expression stiffened. He turned around and looked at Zi Jing Xiao in disbelief, asking, “Are you mad? You want to offend me because of Lin Feng?”

“Lin Feng was invited over by the Ancient Human Clan, so he’s participating on behalf of the Ancient Human Clan. You killed someone whom the Ancient Human Clan relied and had set high hopes on. According to the rules of the Ancient Human Clan, I have to kill you!” stated Zi Jing Xiao resolutely. He glanced at Kun and You, who were ready to fight as well. If Zi Jing Xiao asked them, they could attack.

Zhao Xiao stared Zi Jing Xiao icily.

“So you don’t feel like talking?” Zhao Xiao frowned. He hoped Zi Jing Xiao would talk about it first, but he could see Zi Jing Xiao didn’t intend to negotiate.

“You killed Lin Feng, we have no choice but to kill you,” said Zi Jing Xiao, shaking his head. His eyes were already filled with murder.

“You want to die!” shouted Zhao Xiao, his expression falling. He was careful of the Ancient Human Clan, but he didn’t fear them, especially not members like Zi Jing Xiao. He was angry… but finally, the hate which had arisen between them because of a woman was going to be solved!

Another duel was about to happen!

“Zhao Xiao, your lightning was not bad. It helped me refine my skin, which became more resistant,” came Lin Feng’s voice at that moment. 

Zhao Xiao looked dumbstruck. However, it was a fact. Lin Feng was now standing in midair safe and sound. His skin was shining and golden lights flashed inside it.

“I don’t think I told you; back in the days, when I practiced thunder cultivation, I used to refine my body in lightning. I rather like it,” Lin Feng taunted him.

“Hmph! You’re not dead, so what? I can kill you anyway!” shouted Zhao Xiao ferociously. He charged Lin Feng and threw punches while condensing lightning strength in his fists. This time, he aimed for Lin Feng’s head!

Lin Feng just grinned disdainfully. He had already used the lightnings to refine his body. His body had never felt so powerful. He had even become stronger!

He could almost feel grateful to Zhao Xiao.

Lin Feng ignored Zhao Xiao’s punches and the lightning in the sky. He just threw a punch at Zhao Xiao.

Zhao Xiao’s punches crashed on Lin Feng’s chest, while Lin Feng punched him straight in the face. Zhao Xiao’s head exploded. Red blood and white fluids splashed everywhere, but didn’t stain Lin Feng as he flashed back in a timely manner.

Lin Feng had blown Zhao Xiao’s head apart! Zi Jing Xiao was completely astonished.

Lin Feng had the strength of the fourth Great Supreme God layer, and had made the head of a cultivator of the fifth Great Supreme God layer explode!

“Uh…?” Kun was dumbstruck. Lin Feng was so cruel and aggressive. How scary! He was a Raging Bull, so he thought he was brutal, but Lin Feng was even harsher than him it seemed!

Lin Feng was terrifying! He had exploded his enemy’s head to kill him!

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