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Chapter 1053: Consecutive Victories! 

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“He will come back to life,” said You fatalistically. It was impossible to know whether You was male or female.

“So what? Even if he comes back to life, he’ll come after me to get his revenge,” Lin Feng smiled. He wasn’t worried. Even if Zhao Xiao relied on his soul jewel to come back to life, Lin Feng would just kill him again!

But Zi Jing Xiao was dumbstruck. He was convinced that if Zhao Xiao hadn’t used a needle to attack him by surprise, both sides would have suffered damage, but Lin Feng had killed him outright. Even though it was because Zhao Xiao hadn’t reacted in time, Lin Feng had still killed him. It was a fact!

Zi Jing Xiao didn’t consider Lin Feng someone weaker than him anymore. Now, he was stronger! It was difficult to imagine, but it was a fact.

Lin Feng’s strength increased like a rocket. Zi Jing Xiao couldn’t compete with him anymore. Lin Feng had only needed two months to catch up with him! Two months from now, he would be too far away in front of him!

“Lin Feng, it’s your first victory. You had a draw against Jiao Kui, so you have one draw and one victory so far,” said Zi Jing Xiao. Lin Feng had made great efforts to get where he was now. Zi Jing Xiao wasn’t jealous; he admired people like that. Now, if he wanted to surpass Lin Feng again, he needed to break through to the fifth Great Supreme God layer!

To break through to the fifth Great Supreme God layer, he had to secure a spot to the World of Battles. Otherwise, he would fail and wouldn’t catch up with Lin Feng. 

Lin Feng didn’t know what Zi Jing Xiao was thinking. But Lin Feng understood the Competition wasn’t easy. In order to win points, he had to work hard, and death was a possible outcome!

“Lin Feng, you killed Zhao Xiao; the Zhao Hall will not let you off,” warned Zi Jing Xiao glumly. Zhao Xiao was the strongest of all young geniuses of the Zhao Hall, the one who had the highest potential to go to the World of Battles!

Now, Zhao Xiao could come back to life, but it would take at least a month and the Competition would be over, so it would be too late. The Zhao Hall and their ordinary disciples would all hate Lin Feng.

Lin Feng’s expression didn’t change. He wasn’t worried. Even if he hadn’t killed Zhao Xiao, he would have never become friends with him, because of Song Country and the nine cultivators of Song Country. The nine cultivators of Song Country were his benefactors!

Because of the nine gods of Song Country, Lin Feng couldn’t become friends with Zhao Hall.

“Brother Zi, whom should I challenge next? Any suggestion?” asked Lin Feng, changing the topic.

Zi Jing Xiao shook his head. He didn’t know whether Lin Feng was strong enough to fight against the cultivators of the top ten. If Lin Feng challenged the cultivators of the top three or top five, it might be extremely dangerous, including the fifth place, Zhao Yun Xiao. 

Fourth place was Tian Chen. Third was Tian Cang. They respectively had the strength of the fifth and sixth Great Supreme God layers. They were also incredible fighters.

If Lin Feng wanted to win, challenging them wasn’t a good idea. What Lin Feng had to do was easy, he had to defeat all those who were tenth and under. That way, he’d be sure to finish in the top eight!

Lin Feng thought the same as Zi Jing Xiao. He couldn’t challenge the young geniuses of the top five yet.

“Alright, I’m off! I’m going to look for new opponents,” Lin Feng declared, with a nod and smile, and made ready to leave.

“Hey, slowly,” said Zi Jing Xiao, stopping Lin Feng, and looking at him gravely. 

Lin Feng asked curiously, “What’s wrong?”

“Defeat me so you’ll have two victories,” said Zi Jing Xiao resolutely. He wasn’t joking.

When Lin Feng heard that, he looked uncomfortable. He shook his head and said, “No. I can’t make you lose for a victory. I can’t drop stones on someone who has fallen into a well. You already lost once against Zhao Xiao. If you lose again, ending up in the top eight will be too difficult for you.

“So, I can’t do it. Forget it,” Lin Feng said. He wasn’t greedy. He got ready to leave again, but Zi Jing Xiao said grimly, “Lin Feng, I will definitely not finish in the top eight, so let me help you.

“Even if I don’t finish in the top eight, I may have the possibility to go to the World of Battles, because you could bring me there. You can bring as many people as you want.

“Losing against you is an opportunity for me. If I help you, then you can bring me there. After that, I’ll do my best to break through to the fifth Great Supreme God layer.

“Come on, listen to me,” said Zi Jing Xiao. He stretched out his hand, grabbed Lin Feng’s hand and snapped it towards himself.

Boom! Lin Feng’s hand pushed Zi Jing Xiao away. Zi Jing Xiao didn’t use pure Qi to stand firmly. He crashed into a courtyard violently and lost instantly. Now Lin Feng had two victories!

Lin Feng had won twice consecutively, while Zi Jing Xiao had lost twice consecutively. Now, even if he won other duels, it would be almost impossible for him to finish in the top eight.

Lin Feng lifted Zi Jing Xiao back up, feeling guilty. No matter what, it was a cheap win, but Lin Feng now had two victories and Zi Jing Xiao had explained his desires clearly. If Lin Feng won, he would be able to bring Zi Jing Xiao to the World of Battles.

Now, Lin Feng had even more pressure to win!

He didn’t say anything. He was about to leave the Ancient Human Clan to go and challenge young geniuses from the other three great sects and clans. 


As Lin Feng left the Ancient Human Clan, in the mountains of Tian Dong City, Chu Chun Qiu was seated on the ground puffing and blowing. He was extremely pale and soaked in blood. He looked miserable, but luckily, it was for the best; he had won and nobody would believe who he had challenged!

I defeated Yan Miao who is seventeenth, and Zhao Qi, who is ninth. Two consecutive victories. I need three more victories and I’ll be in the top eight, thought Chu Chun Qiu gravely. He got ready to leave the mountain range to go to other sects and clans, but his injuries hurt. He took a deep breath and decided to take a short rest.

He had nine days left, so he wasn’t in a rush. However, he needed a good strategy; the other young geniuses weren’t going to wait in their respective sects and clans foolishly. They had to find each other. Some young geniuses of the Ancient Human Clan might be in the Tian Ji Sect, and young geniuses from the Tian Ji Sect might be in the Ancient Yan Clan. Nobody could be sure.

Therefore, Chu Chun Qiu couldn’t solely rely on the list of contestants. It was just a tool.

Lin Feng, the Ancient Demon King and I are not on this list which means we have an advantage. So I can act in the darkness, thought Chu Chun Qiu. Lin Feng and his own location were not on the list which meant the other participants didn’t know Lin Feng, Chu Chun Qiu, and the Ancient Demon King were participating.

It was an advantage. That way, winning was easier for them!

“Next location, the Tian Ji Sect!” decided Chu Chun Qiu. After healing, he would leave the Ancient Yan Clan and go to the Tian Ji Sect. There were lots of young geniuses to challenge there, so he would have more chances to obtain victories.

Nobody organized the duels, so they were free to develop their own strategy. No matter how they won, nobody would punish them!

The only issue was the long term, because tensions would arise between the young geniuses’ respective groups.

Chu Chun Qiu left the Ancient Yan Clan and flew towards the Tian Ji Sect. Coincidentally, Lin Feng was flying towards the Ancient Yan Clan… because Yan Di might be there!

Yan Di had left San City half a year before. He was probably in the Ancient Yan Clan already. Lin Feng flew for a few hours to find Yan Di and win a few duels.

He coincidentally bumped into Lun Hai from the Tian Ji Sect, nineteenth on the list. Lin Feng recognized him, as there weren’t only the participants’ names on the list but their pictures too!

Since Lin Feng had bumped into a potential opponent, Lun Hai, he had to seize the opportunity. Lin Feng challenged him and won easily.

With three consecutive victories, he was probably among the best already!

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