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Chapter 1054: Mysterious Ancient Yan Clan! 

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When Lin Feng arrived in the Ancient Yan Clan, it was already nighttime. Only eight days were left before the end of the exam. It was becoming more and more difficult to win duels because the young geniuses had already left their respective sects and clans.

The Ancient Human Clan and the Ancient Yan Clan’s territories were on opposite sides. One of them was in the eastern part of Tian Dong City, and the other in the western part. When Lin Feng arrived in the territory of the Ancient Yan Clan, he was surprised because their territory seemed way too simple. It was a small village, and there were no lights.

Lin Feng had thought the four great sects and clans would have incredibly developed territories, but in the Ancient Yan Clan there were only thatched huts. It was unbelievable.

Lin Feng remained cautious when he noticed that. No sect or clan could be so simple, especially the one of the four great sects and clans!

Lin Feng got closer. The temperature gradually increased. It wasn’t very pleasant, but it definitely meant it was the territory of the Ancient Yan Clan. At the entrance of the village was a fifty-centimeter stone plate on which it was written ANCIENT YAN CLAN.

However, Lin Feng detected a fire Tao skill in those letters; they had been carved using fire!

When Lin Feng looked at the word YAN, it felt as if there was an ocean of flames inside, and the temperature in the carving was as high as in the Ground Penetrating Ocean of Flames. Lin Feng preferred being careful, so he quickly stopped looking at the words.

The village was simple and old, but it was organized. On both sides of the main road were ordinary dwellings made of wood or thatch. The main road was also quite clean, there was just a powerful fire Qi.

Lin Feng held his Sword of Remote Times, but didn’t unsheathe it. He just walked slowly through the village. There didn’t seem to be anybody in that village. He couldn’t sense any human Qi. Where was everybody?

Lin Feng accelerated a little. He arrived in front of a pavilion only a hundred meters high, but still higher than all the other buildings in the village.

Lin Feng got closer, and then opened the door and entered. He was disappointed again, seeing nobody. The pavilion looked lofty in comparison to the other buildings, but still, nobody inside.

Where is everybody?, thought Lin Fen, intrigued. What kind of clan was the Ancient Yan Clan? They were usually discreet and few people knew about them, but they were still part of the four great sects and clans. Very strange…

“Lin Feng, I can detect activity under the village,” said Lin Ou’s voice telepathically. Lin Feng was stupefied.

“Master, you mean that…?”

“They are underground,” replied Lin Ou firmly.

“Under the ground? But isn’t that the Ground Penetrating Ocean of Flames?” asked Lin Feng for verification. Were the Ancient Yan Clan connected to the Ground Penetrating Ocean of Flames? They were also fire cultivators and the Fire Spirit was a Genesis Primordial Spirit; she could be considered the Ancestor of the Ancient Yan Clan!

Lin Feng walked to the door with the greatest care, but he didn’t go leave. He saw what looked like a cover, but it was sealed so nobody could open it.

“Even though I’ve never met people from the Ancient Yan Clan, I’m very old, so I’ve heard about their achievements. They are very discreet, so they live underground normally. Otherwise, people would have found them easily,” said Lin Ou. Lin Feng nodded.

“Someone is coming! Hide!” said Shi Si Ming suddenly. Lin Feng also felt someone’s presence. He flashed aside and hid, concealing his Qi too.

Creak... the door opened. A few people came in. Even though it was dark, Lin Feng could see their clothes were red, and they even flashed like fire.

“Young geniuses from other sects and clans will come to challenge our young geniuses, so we have to take appropriate measures. The leader said they couldn’t get involved, so we have to solve the issue.”

“But at noon, Chu Chun Qiu defeated Prince Yan Miao. We can’t let such a thing happen again.”

“The passage to the underground is sealed, only our young geniuses can come in. Don’t let the external young geniuses come in. Understood?”

The few disciples talked. Lin Feng heard everything. He also learned something about Chu Chun Qiu.

“Go. Let’s inspect the houses to avoid problems,” said the leader of the disciples at that moment. The disciples walked in different directions and looked for people. Of course, a disciple came into the room where Lin Feng was as well.

When the disciple entered, Lin Feng put his arm around the disciple’s throat and then he slapped his chest. The disciple lost consciousness. Lin Feng put on his clothes and went out.

“Is there a problem?” asked the leader of the group, glancing at Lin Feng.

“No,” Lin Feng said in a low voice. The three other disciples also came back and shook their heads. They didn’t notice anything.

“Alright, let’s go back underground. Nobody can come in,” said the leader of the group. Then they all went out, walked along the main road for a few kilometers, then arrived in front of a gigantic hole out of which flames emerged. There was also a small fire talisman there.

“Everybody put your hands on it,” said the leader of the group, pointing to the talisman.

Lin Feng’s expression fell. He didn’t know what it meant, but he had no choice. He did like the other disciples and also put his left hand on the fire talisman.

But when Lin Feng put his hand on the left talisman, it started turning blue, then emitted a strange sound. All the disciples’ expressions changed drastically.

“There’s something wrong! Go and report to the elder!” shouted the leader of the group furiously. Lin Feng didn’t wait, he kicked all the disciples away, then punched the leader of the group and blew him away. He flashed into the hole as quickly as possible.

“Chase him! He must be a young genius from another sect or clan!” shouted the leader, struggling to get back up. He also flashed into the hole. 


Lin Feng quickly landed on the ground. Everything was red and there were flames everywhere. The temperature reached thousands of degrees, but it wasn’t the Ground Penetrating Ocean of Flames like Lin Feng had thought.

Even though he didn’t know what kind of cave this was, he was already inside so he would stay for a few days. He needed three more victories and then he could leave… and he also wanted to see Yan Di.

Lin Feng started walking inside. After a short time, he arrived in front of a few old men who were holding fire talismans, using them to check people’s identity.

Lin Feng looked grave. They were going to find out he was an intruder. He wouldn’t see the young geniuses of the Ancient Yan Clan and wouldn’t have the opportunity to fight against them.

He heard steps behind him. The disciples had clearly caught up with him. Lin Feng knew he couldn’t  make a mistake, otherwise they’d all crush him and throw him out.

The elders who were guarding the corridor all had the strength of the fifth and sixth Great Supreme God layers. Using force to get through was impossible, so Lin Feng had to find a solution.

Oh, right, I know!, Lin Feng grinned. His eyes gleamed. He turned around and ran towards the disciples who had almost caught up with him. Then, he took advantage of the fact that the four disciples couldn’t see clearly yet; he released space and time strength and put them all inside. Lin Feng also disappeared.

In his spirit world, the four disciples landed on the iceberg. They all paled and looked dispirited.

Lin Feng was floating in midair and looked at them. “Tell me how to pass the security checks!”

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