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Chapter 1055: Yan Shan Ming!

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“Who are you? Let us go! We’re disciples of the Ancient Yan Clan!” exclaimed the disciples immediately. They were already panicking, especially at the top of the iceberg. They could feel their fire Qi was weakening because of it and their pure Qi was flowing out faster and faster.

Lin Feng just stared at them and waited. He wasn’t in a rush. 

Time passed slowly. Lin Feng was fine, but the four disciples couldn’t stand it anymore. Their fire Qi was about to be crushed. That would be potentially fatal!

The leader of the group shouted, “I know! I know!”

“I also know! I also know how to get past them!”

“I also know! Please spare our lives!”

shouted the disciples in unison.

Lin Feng smiled. He was initially worried they wouldn’t talk, and would have died standing on the ice. Lin Feng would have killed them without any hesitation.

But since they were willing to talk, Lin Feng also wanted to give Yan Di face, so he decided to spare those disciples’ lives and asked indifferently, “How do you get in, then?”

“You must be a young genius from the other sects and clans and you want to challenge our young geniuses, right?” asked the leader of the group with the greatest care.

Lin Feng’s expression suddenly changed; he pretended to be angry and said, “You want to die?!”

“No, no! Please spare our lives! I won’t ask any questions!” shouted the leader of the group when he saw Lin Feng was furious.

Lin Feng smiled icily and repeated, “So, how to get into the Ancient Yan Clan?”

“Prince, apart from the fire talismans, there are a few other solutions apart from the fire talisman. Say you are a disciple of Ancestor Yan, but from another clan or sect. They won’t dare stop you,” said the leader of the disciples carefully.

“Ancestor Yan is the Ancestor of the Ancient Yan Clan. He had many disciples outside of the clan, so he said that his own disciples had to be allowed in. You say that, and they will let you pass,” said the leader of the disciples. They hoped Lin Feng wouldn’t punish them.

When Lin Feng heard that, he took a deep breath.

“When I pass the security check, I will release you,” Lin Feng promised casually. He disappeared from the iceberg. The four disciples couldn’t wait to get out.


Lin Feng reappeared in the cave. The elders were still in front of him. If he passed through, he’d be in the real territory of the Ancient Yan Clan.

Lin Feng felt less nervous now that he knew there was another solution. He walked forwards and got closer to the elders. They all looked at him alertly.

“Put your hand on the talisman,” said the leader of the elders.

Lin Feng glanced at it and shook his head indifferently. The four elders were puzzled, “What do you mean?”

“I am not a disciple of the Ancient Yan Clan. I can’t use the fire talisman to prove my identity,” Lin Feng said calmly. The four elders’ expressions hardened, and they got ready to attack.

One of them had the strength of the fifth Great Supreme God layer and three of them of the fourth. Lin Feng knew he couldn’t use force, or he could try, but now that he had a second solution, it was better not to take risks.

“I am Ancestor Yan’s disciple. I came to see the Ancestor,” Lin Feng said calmly. The elders’ expressions changed drastically again, even more than before! Ancestor Yan’s disciple?

What was going on? Two people who were Ancestor Yan’s disciples had already shown up today! They were not reassured, but they had no choice, as they had to obey Ancestor Yan’s orders.

The leader of the group said, “Since you are one of Ancestor Yan’s disciples, can you do some fire tricks?”

“I love playing with fire,” Lin Feng grinned. He used his Jia Yan’s Eyes Tao Skill, which nearly burned the elders’ robes off. Their expressions changed once again!

“As expected, one of Ancestor Yan’s disciples! Please come in,” said the four elders happily. They even looked at him in admiration.

In the Ancient Yan Clan, Ancestor Yan’s position was two positions higher than elders, one position higher than Supreme Elders and three positions higher than ordinary elders, so they had to address Ancestor Yan’s disciples as “teacher’s teacher”, or “uncle”.

Lin Feng smiled patiently and walked forwards. The four elders didn’t stop him, so Lin Feng took a deep breath and got ready to go in.

“Stop!” shouted someone at that moment. Lin Feng stopped and looked over at a middle-aged man.

The man looked like the other disciples of the Ancient Yan Clan. He was wearing a fire red robe and his Qi was explosive. He looked handsome, proud, and arrogant.

The four elders were immediately respectful. They didn’t dare look the man in the eyes.

The middle-aged man walked past Lin Feng and said to the elders, “I am one of the disciples of Ancestor Yan. Come with me,” said the middle-aged man. Lin Feng was nervous. He hoped the plan would work. He hadn’t expected to meet one of the other disciples…

The four elders lowered their heads. The middle-aged man was the first disciple Ancestor Yan had called back to do things in the Ancient Yan Clan. He had a high position.

Lin Feng looked at the man. He had the strength of the fifth Great Supreme God layer and was about to break through to the sixth. He might not be able to defeat such a cultivator.

Lin Feng turned and glanced at the four elders. If the four elders and the middle-aged man fought against him, Lin Feng wouldn’t stand a chance, and he couldn’t have Lin Ou and Shi Si Ming come out, either. That would be a violation of the rules.

Therefore, Lin Feng had no choice but to nod and follow the man. The four elders took a deep breath. Ancestor Yan’s two disciples were gone, pfew!

“Funny that so many of his external disciples came back today. We could have gotten in trouble today,” said the leader of the elders. 


Lin Feng followed the man. When they crossed the security check, they arrived in the real territory of the Ancient Yan Clan. It was gigantic and the buildings were incredible. There were big roads and beautiful fire red buildings and great palaces.

A world of flames appeared in front of Lin Feng. It was magnificent but Lin Feng wasn’t in the mood to enjoy the scenery.

The man turned around and looked at him alertly.

“I am not one of Ancestor Yan’s disciples. I am Lin Feng, one of the contestants,” Lin Feng volunteered, not waiting for the middle-aged man to ask anything.

The middle-aged man was initially furious, but when Lin Feng said his name, the man was startled.

“What did you say your name was? asked the man.

“My name is Lin Feng,” Lin Feng said, bowing hand over fist.

“Haha! What a curious coincidence! Hehe!”

Lin Feng hadn’t thought the man would burst into laughter. He didn’t look so wary anymore.

“What’s going on, Master?” asked Lin Feng curiously.

“Do you know who I am?” asked the middle-aged man solemnly.

Lin Feng had no idea, and shook his head.

“Yan Shan Ming!”

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