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Chapter 1056: Yan Di Is Imprisoned! 

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“Ah? Yan Shan Ming?”

Lin Feng was astonished. He had heard that name many times before, and now he was in front of him. Yan Shan Ming!

In the Celestial Evolution Holy Dynasty, Ancestor Yun Shan Ming was Yan Di’s uncle, and Yun Shan Ming’s real name was Yan Shan Ming. Now he was in the Ancient Yan Clan. Back in the days, he could compete with Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor and Tian Di.

Unfortunately, Tian Di was dead, but Lin Feng would bring him back to life. Ever since Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor had left the Continent of the Gods, Lin Feng hadn’t seen him again. He didn’t know where he was, but Lin Feng was convinced Xuan Yuan wouldn’t leave the matter at that. Zhen Mo wouldn’t, either.

“Lin Feng, little boy, you’re the foremost cultivator of the Continent of the Gods these days, and Tiantai is also the most powerful group there. Great!” said Yan Shan Ming, sticking his thumbs up. He looked at Lin Feng in admiration. 

Lin Feng was surprised and asked, “How are things in the Continent of the Gods, Master?”

“Very good, Tiantai maintains public order there. Don’t worry,” said Yan Shan Ming, nodding reassuringly. Lin Feng was relieved. He hadn’t had time to go back since he had left.

“Master, I’ve heard about you so many times in the Continent of the Gods, and today we finally meet!” Lin Feng smiled.

“Ah come on! Yan Di told me everything about you and Xuan Yuan and Tian Di. You did the right thing,” said Yan Shan Ming seriously.

Lin Feng asked hastily, “Where is Yan Di, Master?”

“Haha! I knew you’d ask, but…” Yan Shan Ming burst into laughter, but then he abruptly stopped. He suddenly looked quite grave. Lin Feng was worried.

“What’s wrong, Master?” asked Lin Feng worriedly.

Yan Shan Ming said, “Yan Di is in a dangerous situation.”

“Why?” asked Lin Feng. Since Yan Di was in a dangerous situation, couldn’t Yan Shan Ming save him? He waited for an answer. 

Yan Shan Ming remained silent. He took Lin Feng to Yan Di’s place. Three road junctions later, they arrived in a dark place. There, Lin Feng saw the only building which had no red and didn’t feel scorching hot. It looked like a normal place for the outside world.

But Lin Feng saw a gigantic stone plate, on which was written REEDUCATION CAMP.

“Re-education camp? Why the…?” shouted Lin Feng, clenching his fists. His stomach hurt suddenly. Why had his friend been imprisoned in the Ancient Yan Clan?! What the hell was going on?!

Yan Shan Ming knew Lin Feng had a bad temper, and hadn’t thought he’d get so angry… but he liked that kind of attitude. However, he couldn’t act too insanely in front of the re-education camp.

“Lin Feng, calm down. The re-education camp is not something too insane. Yan Di will come out in three months,” said Yan Shan Ming, hoping Lin Feng would calm down.

Lin Feng looked at him skeptically and asked, “He’s a young disciple of the Ancient Yan Clan, why don’t you save him?”

“Save? Hehe, it’s not that easy! Many people are much bigger than me in the clan. Many people have more privileges than me, too!

“I am like an uncle in the clan. It doesn’t help much. The Ancient Yan Clan’s decision is not that bad. All sects and clans have their own rules, you know. Yan Di didn’t respect the rules, so he had to spend some time in a re-education camp.”

“He violated some rules?” asked Lin Feng.

“He didn’t respect Yan Cang Tian, the best of the young geniuses, so he was sentenced to three months in a re-education camp,” said Yan Shan Ming unhappily. However, he had no recourse. Yan Cang Tian was extremely powerful and influential in the Ancient Yan Clan.

In the rankings of the young geniuses of the four great sects and clans, he was first, the second being Gong Nü. Yan Cang Tian was extremely strong, having the strength of the sixth Great Supreme God layer. Even the leader of the Ancient Human Clan had to treat Yan Cang Tian respectfully.

That was why Yan Shan Ming couldn’t do anything for Yan Di. Yan Di had no choice but to wait three months.

When Lin Feng heard that, he only got angrier.

“Haha, good, my friend is imprisoned, bullied, and imprisoned by the Ancient Yan Clan and nobody wants to help him? Fine. I will save him!” shouted Lin Feng explosively. Yan Shan Ming was startled. Everybody in the Ancient Yan Clan heard him.

Yan Di was suffering? Lin Feng had to help him! Yan Di was like a brother to him!

Lin Feng ran to the re-education camp. Some guards tried to stop him, but Lin Feng was too strong. Those guards only had the strength of the first or second Great Supreme God layer, some even had the strength of the Half-Great Supreme God layer. Lin Feng flew by and destroyed the big stone plate at the entrance displaying RE-EDUCATION CAMP.

Yan Shan Ming’s expression was comical. Yan Cang Tian had carved the stone plate himself. Nobody was allowed to touch it and Lin Feng had outright destroyed it. How aggressive! Yan Shan Ming felt like Xuan Yuan and Lin Feng were very similar, but they were enemies…

Lin Feng kicked a dozen disciples out of the way and entered the re-education camp, which should have been called a prison. It was dark inside, but Lin Feng could see everybody’s face.

The prisoners were astonished. Someone had broken into the re-education camp?! Many people’s were very upset. Yan Cang Tian had created the re-education camp himself, and someone dared enter by force? 

Lin Feng dared because he wanted to save Yan Di, no matter what!

Yan Di was seated on his bed at that moment. He didn’t think too much. Nobody saved him, so he had to wait for three months. He was only a bit angry that Yan Cang Tian was like that.

Unfortunately, his uncle couldn’t do anything for him.

Yan Di suddenly heard some fighting outside. He heard a familiar voice, too!

“Hehe, little boy, is that you?” Yan Di smiled. Everybody was worried, but not Yan Di. It was because he understood Lin Feng. Lin Feng was fearless!

“What do you think?” Lin Feng asked before Yan Di was even done speaking.

Lin Feng stood in front of Yan Di’s cell, looking grim. Yan Di smiled and stroked his beard. He knew Lin Feng might be angry because he had left without saying anything, just leaving a letter, so of course Lin Feng wasn’t happy.

“You risked your life to find the Ancient Yan Clan, and now you’re imprisoned, eh?” Lin Feng mocked him.

Yan Di replied disdainfully, “Save me or piss off!”

“Hehe, good, you bastard! I’m off! Saving you is useless!” Lin Feng frowned. He turned around and got ready to leave. 

When Yan Di saw that he got a little anxious and smiled, “Hey, little bastard! I’m just joking! Hurry up and save me!”

“Hehe, you old bastard! You are a slave of your own temper! Wait,” Lin Feng grinned, turning around. The cells weren’t just isolated by a small world, they were also tied with gigantic chains. That was why Yan Di couldn’t leave so easily.

Yan Di had been in the Ancient Yan Clan for half a year, and now had the strength of the first Great Supreme God layer. Of course, that was not comparable to Lin Feng, but he knew that his friend didn’t care.

“Wait, I need to destroy that fucking isolated world,” Lin Feng swore. He took out his Sword of Remote Times and slashed.

“Lin Feng, stop right now!” shouted Yan Shan Ming when he saw that, cringing. He looked at Lin Feng imploringly, but Lin Feng had already moved. There was a metallic sound and sparkles, and the isolated world collapsed as well as the chains.

Lin Feng kicked the door of the cell open and grabbed Yan Di’s sleeve, dragging him out.

The other prisoners’ eyes were all bloodshot on seeing this…

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